Top 10 Cooling Eye Masks

Nobody likes waking up to puffy eyes! It can be a dreadful experience for people of all ages. Despite having over 8 hours of solid sleep, some of us end up looking like we’ve cried all night, or have a bad allergy that gives us that swollen look. If you are looking for quick fixes, stop fretting about it. We have just the solution that you might be looking for. So read on and choose which of these cooling eye masks will best work for you. Who knows, you might even like a few of these!

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Top 10 Cooling Eye Masks of 2020

1. Ticlo’s Gel Cooling Eye Masks

Cooling Eye Masks: Top 10 of 2020

Ticlo’s cool compress gel eye mask is one of the most well-revered cooling eye masks in the market, due to its versatility. Not only does this mask help treat puffy eyes and dark circles, but it also alleviates headaches resulting from sinus allergies.

  • You will be able to diminish swelling on certain parts of your face such as eyes, nose, and forehead.
  • The cooling mask is wide enough to come in contact with the entire upper portion of your face.

2. Cold Therapy Clay Eye Mask by FOMI Care

Cold therapy is one of the primary means of curing severe swelling around your eyes and forehead. If you want a quick pain relief after an accidental injury or allergic reaction, you should try using the popular Clay Eye Mask by FOMI Care.

  • Many users have praised it for effectively treating spasms, muscle pain, and soreness.
  • The mask contains gel beads that can retain a cold temperature for a prolonged period after being placed in a refrigerator for some time.

3. PerfeCore Cooling Eye Masks

The PerfeCore Eye Mask works great against muscle spasm, swelling, and general puffiness of the eyes. In contrast to other brands, this cooling eye mask comes with a fleece cover to allow the cold to gradually reach your face.

  • The eye mask prevents uneasiness from direct contact and makes the cooling eye mask very comfortable to use.
  • The eye mask has been made from FDA-approved eco-friendly gel beads.
  • The manufacturer refrains from using harmful substances such as BPA and phthalates.

4. Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches

Produced by a renowned French pharmacy, Klorane Smoothing, and Relaxing Patches is one of the best remedies for eye swelling and puffiness. This amazing cooling eye mask is great at healing and moisturizing dark circles, giving you a youthful look.

  • Soft and smooth materials were used to maximize comfort while using them.
  • The blend of chamomile and cornflower coating on the eye mask will help you relax and be at ease.

5. Fran Wilson Nourish eye pads

Cooling Eye Masks: Top 10 of 2020

Composed of a combination of chamomile, cucumber, and green tea, the Fran Wilson Nourish My eyes pads has become a beloved cooling eye mask among people who frequently experience puffiness of eyes, dark circles, and muscle spasm.

  • These ingredients are great at treating swollen portions of your face.
  • Mulberry root and licorice leaf extracts have been infused as well to prevent signs of fatigue and exhaustion.

6. Kimkoo Gel Cooling Eye Masks

Cooling Eye Masks: Top 10 of 2020

Unlike most masks, the Kimkoo Gel Eye Mask is made especially for those who want to get the most out of their resting time. Since this mask is a thin and light gel, you won’t feel it while it sits evenly on your skin.

  • The cooling eye mask is well-liked for its flexibility. You can watch videos, read, or simply scroll your phone while wearing it.
  • The mask won’t slip off your face when you are on the move.
  • Kimkoo offers a lifetime warranty, which will immediately replace it once you let them know.

7. Unimi Eye Mask

Cooling Eye Masks: Top 10 of 2020

If you are looking for a fully enclosed cooling eye mask that does a spectacular job of blocking the light, make sure to check out the super comfortable Unimi Eye Mask. This mask is a blessing for those who suffer from headaches, migraines, and sinus pain.

  • This mask does effectively diminishes puffiness.
  • It also comes with a band that you can adjust just as you like.

8. Therapeutic Spa Gel Bead Eye Mask

Cooling Eye Masks: Top 10 of 2020

Are you looking for cooling eye masks that do not completely block your view? Therapeutic Spa Gel Bead Eye Mask has perfectly aligned cut-outs for your eyes and works well in terms of healing headaches, muscle spasm, puffy eyes, and so on.

  • You will be able to easily move around your entire household wearing this mask.
  • It relieves people suffering from chronic migraine, allergic reaction as well as sunburns.
  • This eye mask can also be used as a heat pack to treat some common injuries.

9. THRIVE Brand Gel Bead Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Cooling Eye Masks: Top 10 of 2020

Although the Thrive Gel Bead eye mask seems like just any other cooling eye mask on the surface, users have claimed to use it for a vast number of body injuries. This popular eye mask is very versatile and can be used for both heat and cold therapy.

  • The eye mask has a soft material on its surface to enhance the comfort of usage and roughly measures 4.25 inches.
  • It is often recommended by physicians and chiropractors for alleviating common injuries such as bruises, bumps and insect bites.

10. NEWGO Cold Eye Mask

Cooling Eye Masks: Top 10 of 2020

Measuring around 7.87 × 3.93 inches, the NEWGO Cold Eye Mask offers dual temperature adjustment and is great for therapy. This FDA-approved mask has a solid build and remains leakage-free even after long-term use.

  • You will not regret purchasing this mask to heal swollen eyes, bruises, and sinus discomfort.
  • The cooling eye mask is free of toxins such as lead and BPA.
  • It can retain a certain temperature for about 25 minutes and can be refrigerated or microwaved.


There is a vast selection of cooling eye masks available in the market that differ in functionality and price. The eye masks that offer dual temperature use are very versatile and highly recommended for purchase. This list should help you decide which eye mask would suit you best!


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