10 Best Things To Do in Daly City | California

Daly City is one of the lesser-known travel destinations in California, which makes it even better if you want to discover some hidden gems unknown to the seasonal tourists. Located in the Bay Area, this small city offers an abundance of relaxing and thrilling activities. Shopping, dining, capturing the best scenarios- you can do a whole lot of outdoor activities while strolling in the city.

Want to know more about what the city has to offer? Continue reading as we slowly reveal the 10 best things you can do in Daly City, California.

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Best Things to Do in Daly City, California

1. Upgrade Your Wardrobe from the Serramonte Mall

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What’s a vacation than some brand new summer clothes fit right for the city life? If you feel like going on a shopping spree before you officially begin your vacation, a quick trip to the Serramonte Mall may be a great choice for you. Along with some of the most hyped-up fashion brands, the mall houses some of the local boutique houses to cater to your needs. There are also some dining options so that you can sit for a 3-course meal or grab a healthy drink on the way out.

2. Satisfy Your Taste Buds at “Off the Grid”

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Stocked with some of the best food items you will ever try, Off the Grid is a traveling market consisting of food trucks. Instead of traditional restaurants, American culinary excellence can be found under the open sky as you sit on the roadside chairs and converse with friendly locals. Although the overall experience in this semi-restaurant environment is all-good by itself, you may want to pay a visit during the evening to enjoy the bustling, well-lit nightlife at Off the Grid.

3. Enjoy the Live Events at the Cow Palace

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Located right at the corner of the city, The Cow Palace in the heart of music events, concerts, and live shows. As it is easily accessible from San Francisco, the Cow Palace occasionally remains crowded with the neighboring visitors. Music, food, drink, and laughter- the establishment is perfect for a friendly get-together. However, if you want to enjoy a particular event, be sure to check the event listing before you hop in the car.

4. Enjoy the Nightlife at The Hideout

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After you have experienced a fabulous daylong tour around Daly City, you may want a glimpse of the entertaining nightlife. Although there is an abundance of pubs and bars here and there, you may avail of the premium quality service at The Hideout. Along with top-notch cuisine, drinks, and refreshments, The Hideout offers live music, DJ, live screening of sports events and so on. No matter how amazing the day went, an evening at The Hideout should be like a cherry on top.

5. Hike in the Thornton Beach State Park

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If you enjoy hiking while enjoying a tranquil view of the California bay, Thornton Beach State Park may be right up your alley. Already popular among the locals for its small beach, warm white sand, and natural dunes, lately the place is receiving tourist attractions for its hiking facilities. The walking trail running along the park goes as far as the south of San Francisco. Pack a water bottle, put those headphones on, start hiking in the Thornton Beach State Park and lose yourself in the awe-striking beauty of nature.

6. Watch a Movie in the Century Theatres

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Just as the name suggests, Century Theatres may be your go-to movie theatre if you want to enjoy a romantic date. If you are on a solo trip, you can still enjoy the best offerings of this classic movie theatre. Spread across a large area of land, Century Theatre can screen 20 movies at once. It is also known for its comfortable seating adjustments, superb audio system, and refreshing foods and drinks.

7. Try out Horseback Riding

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If you want to test your riding skills or simply want to try something new, check out the Mar Vista Stables. Located on the Northern California coast, this fabulous establishment is a complete source of outdoor activities. You can enjoy a walk along the trail, give horseback riding a go, try out the summer camps or simply enjoy the breathtaking view.

8. Enjoy the Greenery in the Mussel Rock Park 

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Presenting a beach view along with clusters of greenery covering the sandy ground, Mussel Rock Park is a nature lover’s dream place for vacationing. If you are looking for a quick escape from the urban life, head towards the park where you can enjoy a plethora of activities free of charge! Along with some picnic grounds and gaming spots, there is also a small kid-friendly playground. Regardless of the preference of your friends or families, there is one thing or another for everyone to keep entertained for the day.

9. Spend an Evening in the Bowling Center 

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Rich in its natural attractions, Daly City also has a few tourist hubs where you can enjoy fun-filled quality time with friends and families. The Bowling Center which is one of the major attractions, both among the locals and tourists, comes with an impressive 60-lane bowling space. It also has a few arcade games, a sports bar and a small café offering a variety of culinary options. Whether it is the early hours or the late hours of the night, you can always expect an entertaining experience at the Daly Bowling Center.

10. Shop from the Farmer’s Market

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As your highly anticipated Daly City trip comes to an end, take a short tour at the Farmer’s Market. Piled with fresh produces, the Farmer’s Market is more than a historical spot for the locals and the visitors alike. In addition to the seasonal vegetables, farm-fresh baking items, and crisp fruits, the market located outside Serramonte displays some of its traditional musical and artistic activities. If you are planning to pay a visit, we recommend that you check with the locals first as the market sits only twice a week.

Now that you know about the 10 best things to do in Daly City, we hope that you can easily plan your next vacation in this small part of Northern California.


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