Diwo Gallery, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Diwo Gallery, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Cambodia hosts some of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant and rich cultures and art. Throughout the past of Cambodia, the arts were driven and influenced by religious principles. The fusion of local animistic traditions and the initial Indian faiths of Hinduism and Buddhism created a unique Khmer form. The veins of the Cambodian nation moved deeply through dance, song, theater, and films. From the stunning cave paintings of the Angkor century to elegant silk weaving, Cambodia or Khmer heritage is by far one of the world’s richest cultures in variety. Cambodia art can also be seen not just in ruins, temples, and exhibitions, but also in typical galleries that provide a fun and engaging experience for tourists who want to learn more from Cambodian crafts and arts.

Thierry Diwo, who was a French artist as well as author based in Cambodia, had been exploring the Temples of Angkor since he first traveled to Cambodia to look at research for a medicinal Organization and UNICEF in 1992. He actually chose to stay in Cambodia and had married a woman from Cambodia. He pursued his obsession with the remains of the former Khmer Kingdom, contributing to a visual filmography mostly in monochrome, some of which featured in novels and postcards afterward. Thierry founded a photography section in 1994 at the Royal University of Fine Arts while he was operating as a teacher there for 3 years. He started a publishing business now recognized as Diwo Publisher in 1997, manufacturing posters, postcards, magazines, and photographs. Local agencies said French immigrant gallery owner Mr. Thierry Diwo died on Sixth August 2018 at the Royal Angkor International Hospital.
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Thierry Diwo’s Publications

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Thierry researches of Angkorian culture and ethnicity proceeded to novels on the 4 vital holy places: Angkor Forever, Les Gens d’Angkor, Sacred Stones Forever, Bayon Forever, and the notebook of birthdays in Angkor. He once told that writing books and doing new pictures for the individual holy places have been a meticulous task for him to do. He wanted to share his devotion and obsession regarding those stonework and the humans. His historical advisor was Ecole Française who was active in the liberation period of Angkor.

Diwo’s Photography

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Cambodian photos of Diwo were since the year of 1992 till 2018. He has a compilation of images of vacant Temples that can’t really be seen now because the temples have been filled with tourists for several years. Would you visualize the Angkor Wat without crowds! Thierry has pictures of the mausoleum from the inside of the building and the helicopter! Nowadays the vendors of the children cannot reach the monastery, though Thierry created several images with the priests, the elder, and the children praying in the ground. “I asked them to stand with the sculptures, I was struck by the resemblance that emerged among these vibrant features of humanity and displays of the concrete in the land’s past” he said.

Sepia Tone at Diwo Gallery

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Diwo used to add a hue of paint in his images of Angkor and that really made them stronger to the real coloration of the ruins that are mostly greenish-gray, some pictures are made silver, some of them are mossy brown and also have a yellow undertone. The books, postcards, and photos, of the Thierry Diwo, are available for sale in shops in five-star hotels of Siem Reap and even at the airport’s book store in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

The Diwo Galleries

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Thierry Diwo, photographer & the publisher founded the “Diwo Gallery 1” together with his partner in 2010, then opened the “Diwo Gallery 2 the store” in Angkor Siem Reap in 2011.

Diwo Gallery 1 includes a collection of the finest Khmer idols as well as Buddha’s. It exhibits books, home decor options, as well as a permanent art collection by Thierry Diwo. It is located just 5 minutes away from Siem Reap town center, and the gallery has double terraces, along with a lovely garden. Diwo Gallery 2 the store, is located on the side of the river, just next to the city market, between Ta Prohm Hotel and Monument Books in a very convenient shopping spot.

The venue is an amusing home-cum-gallery where traditional local craftsmanship is kept. This spot is located close to the riverside in the city center and offers you a very warm and comfortable atmosphere. There’s no salacious stuff to find in this market. Diwo Gallery is made of alluring works in stunning and vivid colors. If you like browsing, then it’s the ideal place for you. You can find several decorative things here, that you can use as showpieces in your house.

Key highlights of must-see items to explore in the gallery include amazing sculptures, home décor stuffs, wall paintings, Buddha Statues, Bronze Statues, Wood Statues, Books, lovely garden and exhibition throughout the year. 

Once you get into Siem reap you can take a tuk-tuk or maybe ask someone local to help you finding the Diwo Gallery. Usually, it remains open from 12 pm till 4 pm. Although, you should still enquire about the timing before visiting the gallery.

Statue, Home Décor & Photo Exhibit

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The Buddha and also other sculptures that are displayed in the Diwo Gallery are in amusing art form and built with precious gold, copper, silver, and stones of the Angkorian era. The gallery showcases silver, lacquer, wood, silk, jewelry, and ceremonial items. An impressive series of photos of temples except for visitors on Angkor, and with youngsters, monks, the elder, where all the printings are in sepia and have been displayed in the photo exhibition center.

To sum it up, Siem Reap is Cambodia’s most famous city because it contains a very large number of important heritage as well as attractions. People who visit Angkor Temples to get real vibes about the Khmer Empire should go across art galleries to learn the specifics about the native people’s culture, architecture, and life also.


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