10 Best Ecotourism Experiences in Malaysia

Malaysia has recently garnered more fame among Eco-tourists all over the world for ecotourism . This beautiful country possesses untouched rainforests, a diverse set of endangered species and numerous native wildlife. Other than that, there are a handful of marine parks where you can learn about different fish species native to the country. Without further ado, let’s look at 10 best ecotourism experiences in Malaysia.

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10 Best Ecotourism Experiences in Malaysia

1. Interact with an Orangutan

Interact with an Orangutan
Source: Dawn Armfield

Native to Borneo and Sumatra, Orangutans have recently become one of the most threatened species in the world. This can be attribute to the destruction of their natural habitats. Fortunately, a few facilities in Malaysia have actively started collecting and rehabilitating these clever primates.

Some notable organizations acquiring young Orangutans include Sabah’s Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and Sarawak’s Semenggoh Wildlife Center. If you love the orange-haired creatures, make sure to drop by these two refuges.

2. Explore the amazing National Parks – Ecotourism in Malaysia

Explore the amazing National Parks - Ecotourism in Malaysia
Source: Iqx Azmi

Malaysia is well-recognize for boasting upwards of 25 national parks, ecotourism sites and nature reserves. The government of Malaysia has allocated a major portion of their budget to safeguard a great number of plants, wildlife, and marine life forms.

If you want to experience this untapped wilderness, you may have to give up on Wi-Fi and cellular network for a brief period. These nature reserves are home to a plethora of remarkable species such as orangutans, pygmy elephants, and so on.

3. Check out the foul-smelling Rafflesia and insect-eating pitcher plants

Check out the foul-smelling Rafflesia and insect-eating pitcher plants
Source: David Clode

Malaysia is known for its diverse selection of plant species. The most notable ones that a great number of tourists look for include the ill-scented Rafflesia and the carnivorous pitcher plant. As its name suggests, Rafflesia has become well-known for its strange odor that resembles rotting flesh. Although the flowers of these plants

only sprout for a limited time annually, you will still be able to take a tour of different nature reserves to discover them.

The insect-eating pitcher plants can attract a variety of insects with their unique scent. As soon as insects land on the surface, these plants can absorb and digest them in a short period.

4. Look for Malaysia’s most famous flower- Ecotourism in MalaysiaLook for Malaysia’s most famous flower - Ecotourism in Malaysia

Source: Tim Mossholder

Malaysia is hailed for its vast number of orchids found throughout its sprawling wilderness. These popular tropical flowers have different colors and textures, complementing the dense green vegetation where they are normally found. In Malaysia alone, you will be able to stumble upon 800 types of orchids in the various rainforests.

Hike across any trail in a nature reserve or park to observe these vibrant flowers. Surprisingly, some of the urbanized cities of Malaysia are known to shelter purple bamboo orchids.

5. Hike across numerous lengthy trails

Hike across numerous lengthy trails
Source: Adzim Musa

If you love hiking, then Malaysia has numerous scenic trails for you to explore. Experience the beauty of dense jungles and fascinating national parks as you trek across an unending boardwalk.

If you are up for a challenge, you can even sign up for hiking expeditions spanning a few days, or scale a mountain with varying terrains. The most popular regions to visit for hiking include Sabah and Sarawak.

6. Discover new marine life forms – Ecotourism in Malaysia

Discover new marine life forms - Ecotourism in Malaysia
Source: Céline Haeberly

Along with providing spectacular rainforests and nature reserves for tourists to explore, Malaysia is also applauded for its numerous amazing diving sites. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an expert, you will find plenty of diving and snorkeling sites to explore in Malaysia.

Some of the well-recognized ecotourism sites are situated in Langkawi, Perhentian Islands, and Borneo. Furthermore, you can also traverse the challenging waters of Sipadan and Lankayan Islands.

7. Try island hopping – Ecotourism in Malaysia

Try island hopping - Ecotourism in Malaysia
Source: fototrav

Any new tourist would feel overwhelmed when they come to know of the number of Islands they can potentially visit in Malaysia. In Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia combined, an estimated 900 islands exist. Although a handful of islands, like Langkawi and Penang, are frequente by most tourists, there are plenty of untapped islands to discover.

However, there are a few islands that aren’t open to the public such as Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and Sipadan Island. All these islands are known to possess a separate eco-system. You will need to hire a boat for a prolonged period to hop between islands.

8. Capture a snapshot of the exotic hornbill

Capture a snapshot of the exotic hornbill - Ecotourism in Malaysia
Source: Mathew Schwartz

Hornbill is the kind of bird that can found only in tropical regions such as Malaysia and the Philippines. These iconic birds have unique characteristics that make them seem unreal. Some of the common features include large eyes as well as a long and thick beak.

Among the 54 species of Hornbills found globally, only 10 are known to reside in Malaysia. If you want to take a picture of these colorful birds, plan a trip to Sarawak upon visiting Malaysia.

9. Paddle at high velocity on Kampar River

Paddle at high velocity on Kampar River
Source: ozgurdonmaz

Rafting in the famous Kampar River near Perak isn’t for the faint of hearts! This beguiling river is known for its numerous rapids that can pose a challenge to frequent paddlers. If you’re new to rafting, make sure to take a rafting class beforehand.

In addition to that, novice rafters will also obtain assistance from instructors with years of experience. The rapids are generally divide into different levels. If you are adept in this watersport, you can choose to pursue an exhilarating level three rapid.

10. Observe the wild habitats atop astonishing Mount Tahan

Observe the wild habitats atop astonishing Mount Tahan - Ecotourism in Malaysia
Source: Shukor Saad

At a height of 2187 meters, Mount Tahan is consider to be the tallest mountain in the state of Pahang. Scaling this gigantic mountain is no easy task, and the journey can easily span 4 days. As you trek across the mountain you will experience a variety of habitats and terrains. The mountain trail starts from the lush rainforest and slowly makes its way past numerous rivers and ridges. On your way to the summit, you will observe a diverse selection of plant and animal species.

This list only consists of a handful of ecotourism experiences you can have in Malaysia. There are plenty of other opportunities that you need to explore yourself to discover. So, what is holding you back? Spend your next vacation in Malaysia and become one with nature.

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