Eden Garden Phnom Penh | High-End Stores and Restaurants

Thinking about high-end food and beverage in Cambodia, Phnom Penh has a number of malls, restaurants, and food courts where you can find different types of foods with different atmospheres. While going to the malls or specific restaurants could be boring, dining in an open space would be a terrific alternative.

Near and dear to the heart of Phnom Penh, Eden Garden is genuinely a one-stop destination of exclusive high-end restaurants and beverages spree. It is an exceptional choice for you to explore diverse foods and beverages you can choose from. There are Thai food, Chinese food, Western food, seafood, snack and a great choice of beverages on offer.

Like its name, Eden Garden, it has a spectacular space with the setting of trees and big umbrellas along with lovely lightings. You may enjoy dining with the natural green surroundings and the features of water art like in the real garden. Here are the top high-end food and beverage places you should not miss at Eden Garden Phnom Penh:

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Eden Garden Phnom Penh | High-End Stores and Restaurants


Source: Facebook | S&P Cambodia

One of the most unique high-end Thai restaurants you can find in Phnom Penh. It is located in the middle of the Garden. If you love or want to try Thai food, this restaurant presents the authentic Thai menu and taste that will bring you to Thailand. On top of that, the atmosphere is designed for a relaxing look which goes well for breakfast to start a good day, great lunch with family and colleagues, and elegant dinner in a pleasant setting.

The restaurant offers a particular type of Thai food, international food, beverages, desserts and traditional Thai desserts. In their menu, you can order as a family set or an individual dish. Nevertheless, you should not miss their signature dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yam Goong, and Deep Fried Sca Bass. For traditional dessert, the customers’ all-time favorite is Durian sticky rice in coconut cream. Moreover, the best drink there we recommend is herbal tea. The taste is very refreshing for a hot sunny day. Do not forget to try any one of these!

The price is in the range of $7-$20 a dish depending on the dish you order. However, it starts from $26-$39 for family sets.


Source: dimsumemperors

If you are looking for high-end Chinese food, Dim Sum Emperors won’t disappoint you. As you walk into the restaurant, the smell will take you straight to China. It is recognized as one of the best restaurants where presents the original taste of China. They provide a whole list of freshly homemade succulent and juicy dim sums and Cantonese cuisines.

The menu extensively focuses on solely ready to eat dishes including dim sums, roast chicken and duck, bbq chicken and pork which serve with either rice or noodles. Plus, they serve nice drinks and desserts too. Each dish rates high in flavor and authenticity compared to the other Chinese restaurants in Phnom Penh. Their signature dish is, of course, dim sums. Dim sums are customers’ all-time favorite. They are loved by their juiciness and homemade freshness.

The environment is very casual and refreshing. Most of the time, the restaurant is filled with workers and families. Additionally, the price is reasonable considering the quality of food served. The usual collection of steamed dim sums and buns are $2.60 a tray.

As you walk through the Eden Garden entrance from the backside, the Dim Sum Emperors sit right in front of you.


Source: Facebook | The Lobster Bay Eden Garden

If you love seafood, The Lobster Bay ought to be on the top list. It sits in front of the main entrance of the Eden Garden. This place is quite different from any other restaurant in Phnom Penh. The environment and atmosphere are very unique. It feels like you really are somewhere by the bay with its nautical vibe. Surprisingly, the restaurant offers plastic gloves and bibs for you to enjoy your food. This makes the environment as well as your dining more enjoyable and delicious. The Lobster Bay provides different recipes of most kinds of popular fresh sea life including lobsters, prawns, crabs, shrimps, cockles, squids, octopus and many more.

Each dish comes with various levels of spiciness. Therefore, you may choose your desired spicy level. The taste is very unique with its secret ingredients-infused Cambodian version. It’s finger-licking delicious. You’re gonna love them!

Oddly, the price simply follows the sea-faring theme. That means you mostly have to order in portions, which is good economically and financially because you can decide how much you want to avoid food waste. For example, the raw oyster cost about $2.50/100 g.


Source: Facebook | Mike’s Burger House -Cambodia

Who wouldn’t love burgers? Though trying different cuisines from different cultures is the main part of traveling, for westerners or most seasoned travelers most of the time craves the taste of something familiar. The good news is Mike’s Burger House is known as the Phnom Penh’s In-N-Out inspired fast food joint. There is a number of items on their menu including House Special Cheese Burger, Classic American Bacon Cheese Burger, Cheese fries, etc. They also have other food items other than burgers available such as quesadillas, burritos, French fries, sandwiches, etc.

The taste of Mike’s Burger House is too good that will surprise you. It’s very flavorful and hearty. No wonder why because the burger is served in American style and American taste. More importantly, it is quite difficult to find the right sandwich in Cambodia. However, Mike’s Burger house offers a freshly homemade sandwich that makes you feel like home.

The price of the burger starts from $4 to $7 according to the one you order.

Mike’s Burger House is in the center of the Eden Garden. The environment is fresh and fun since it is spacious.


Source: kbcambodia

There was no easy way to find great donuts here in Phnom Penh until Big Apple Donuts and Coffee finally placed in Cambodia. They have a huge selection of flavors including cheese donuts, coconut donuts, tiramisu donuts, chocolate donuts, and many more. You get to try fresh donuts every time you go there. What’s more special is that you can even get to see how they were made through the big glass window.

The donut itself is very fluffy and light. The taste of the plain donut is softly sweet and a little salty with the smell of butter which makes the best combo with its different yummy toppings/fillings. The deliciousness will expose once you take a bite, and that will change your entire mood. It probably is one of the best donuts you’ve ever tried in Asia.

With its high-end taste, you might think it will cost as high. Fortunately, no. It costs only about $1 for a single donut. It’s even cheaper if you buy them in a set box (4-12 donuts).

Besides donuts, they offer great beverages as well. They have from coffee, tea, ice blended, and icy special. You can get a cup of good coffee with yummy donuts at the same place. What a satisfactory experience!

It has a very relaxing environment and comfortable seats. Since they have a glass wall, you can have donuts and enjoy the garden view outside the window.

Just take a walk from the backside entrance of Eden Garden, go straight to the garden and look at your left; there you see the Big Apple Donuts and Coffee.


Source: foodbuzz

If you love cheese, this place is recommended! The Hokkaido Cheese Toasts features cheese toast was made with natural ingredients from Hokkaido. Every element is authentic. They have their own secret recipe toast, Hokkaido Cheese and their special cheese sauce recipe. The toast is coated with butter, then pan-fried to a sun-kissed golden brown. They currently offer 6 flavors including original, Oreo, chocolate, charcoal, strawberry and matcha cheese. This combined butter taste and softness of bread make this snack a great alternative if you love light snacks.

It’s cute yellow packaging, toasts of different flavors, and that stretchy cheese makes this cheese toast an unmissable thing to try when you are in Eden Garden. Additionally, it’s rather fun while trying to stretch the cheese as far as possible while trying to take a boomerang or selfie on the other hand and share it with your friends.

You can find Hokkaido Cheese Toasts as you walk through the main entrance of the Eden Garden from the backside, go straight then it is on your left. The environment is in the same yellow theme which makes the atmosphere chill and fun.

The price is $2.50 each.


Source: Facebook | Eden Garden Phnom Penh

Now the coffee that everybody talks about. You can find the global favorite widely known coffee shop here at Eden Garden. Like any other Starbucks Coffee you’ve tired at the different part of the world, Starbucks Coffee Phnom Penh serves high-end beverages and food. The taste remains authentically unity.

It is very relaxing to enjoy a cup of excellent coffee in an elegant atmosphere. In the meantime, you get to enjoy the surrounding area of the garden which is very healthy for your mind. This is why there are so many people come here and work on their stuff because the refreshing environment makes them more creative and productive.

The price range of the coffee starts from $3.50 which is worth its unique and authentic taste with high-end quality.

Starbucks Coffee is located in front of the backside main entrance of Eden Garden.


Source: foodbuzz

Milk tea or bubble tea is a very popular beverage in Asia; including Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Its sweet yummy taste makes it loved by many. Inside Eden Garden on the right side sits a local favorite high-end quality bubble tea which was originally from Taiwan. Koi The serves great choices of flavors and toppings. More than milk tea, they have from flavored tea, Tea latte, juice, chewy tea, signature macchiato and café. Furthermore, you can order your preferred sugar level and cup size. It has a nice environment but not quite big that you might want to take it away and continue your walk in the garden. The price starts from $2.50 or more according to the toppings you choose.

As Koi The is recognized as a well-known place serving fantastic bubble tea in a unique ambiance, you will experience the memorable refreshing bubble drink in your journey to Asia.

It is the best place to switch to if you’re tired of the bustle and hustle big malls to seek different high-quality restaurants. Eden Garden sits right in the center of the capital city, Phnom Penh, is the semi-outdoor area that you can kill ten or more birds with one stone meaning you can try many local favorite high-end food and beverage at just one place. Additionally, there is a small playground for your little ones. On top of that, Eden garden is a gem and loved by many tourists with its great choices of diverse food and beverages. Other than high-end food and beverages, they have literally everything. Along with that, you can find a supermarket, pharmacies, cinema, and club there.

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