Visit Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters – get a relaxing time

Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters

Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters is one of the coffee shops that prioritize the customers’ health the most. By providing the most superior quality and organic coffee beans, the roaster makes sure everyone gets the best coffee and food also while being healthy at the same time. In addition, its menu has a mixture of Western taste and Cambodian taste like coffee, cakes, burritos, breakfast and so on. Therefore, the locals can go there and try the new amazing flavor that also fits with their preference perfectly. Moreover, Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters produces a weekly special for their customers that you will always be amazed by new product and new taste every week. Most importantly, the cafe has the vision to support local products; thus, many local farmers do have benefit from this.

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Frond look of the cafe
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  • Pleasant Environment:

To begin with, the location of the cafe is not hard to find. It would take you around 4 minutes walking from the Independence Monument. Upon arrival, you will feel fresh and relaxed with the small garden full of green plants to greet you. Moreover, the environment is extremely welcoming along with the aroma of the freshly roasted beans that calm you even when you have not stepped inside yet. The sight is perfectly delightful that you have this urge to walk inside and try what they have to offer.

Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters
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On top of that, the atmosphere inside of the Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters will manage to take your breath away with how aesthetic it looks. Many framed photos of the satisfied customers have been put on the wall, which makes the vibe inside become excellently artistic. Therefore, you cannot help but praise how thoughtful and talented the designers are.

Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters
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  • Uniquely Top-notch Food

Most importantly, the coffee, cakes and the food from the Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters are very tasty that you cannot help to feel very addicted to how delicious they are. Both Western and Asian tastes combined develop such a pleasant taste that you should not miss.

Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters
Source: TripAdvisor

  • Price Range: $1 – $6
  • Business Hour: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Type of place: Fancy/ Luxury
  • Location: 11B, Street 29, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh
  • Type of cuisine served: European/Asian

In summary, you should consider visiting Feel Good II Café and Coffee Roasters. Foremost, the taste of the coffee from the freshly roasted beans would satisfy your taste buds. Also, the food and cakes that are mixed with both Western and Khmer styles will provide you a new experience about food that you cannot forget. Lastly, the environment enables you to receive a sense of serenity that you will forget all of your worries.


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