Best 10 Foldable Bike Helmet In 2020 | A Must-Have For Bikers

Foldable Bike Helmet

Foldable bike helmets boast of future innovative collapsible designs that are easily stowed in backpacks and still protect you. Whether you are looking for nesting style or the accordion-style or the one that can perfectly fit comfortably, you are about to explore these classic designs. If you’re riding your bike to any place, I am sure you would always want to stay away from the dusty, sweaty, and dirty helmet. The primary helmet function is to protect your head, and most importantly, it should meet the safety requirements standards.

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Top 10 Best Foldable Bike Helmet in 2020

10. Wantdo Specialized Bike Helmet

Wantdo Specialized Bike Helmet

This sports safety helmet is designed for both men and women. It has removable visor making the helmet adjustable to any multi-sport event, be it skating or mountaineering. It has an adjustable buckle belt that is even convenient for one-hand operation

Wantdo helmets can adjust to a head circumference of 56-67cm. The flexible system with a strap makes this helmet fit any head size and meets the needs of most cycle riders. It also has fifteen vents that allow for better aerodynamics; the vents enable the flow of air for proper ventilation and help reduce air resistance. The detachable liner paddling is easy to wash and is removable. It is made from breathable fabric that provides comfort and protection.

  • This Foldable bike helmet has a Comfortable chin pad
  • Removable protective liner
  • This Foldable bike helmet has 15 air vents

9. Brooks England Foldable Helmet

Brooks England Foldable Helmet

The Brooks England helmet is created with a retro-modern touch with collaboration from Italian helmet-makers. Well, this mask is designed with a wide range of weatherproof textiles, giving it that modern look. This helmet can be squashed and folded to a small piece to fit in lockers and bags.

The helmet is designed with Brooks’s leather that keeps the helmet collapsed and safe when not in use. This helmet is secured with an elastic Velcro fastening, with padding that is washable and easily removable, the filling is also trimmed with allergenic from the interior making it comfortable. The helmet has impact resistance meaning its certified and safe to use in Canada, USA, and Europe.

  • This Foldable bike helmet has a Collapsible design
  • Full-service ventilation
  • The Foldable bike helmet has Brooks leather strap

8. Override Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet

Override Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet

Plixi Fit is an evolution helmet that will give you maximum comfort. It has lockable dividers that are adjustable and designed to fit together. It comes with a carrying pouch that is fabric and easy for transportation.

The cover on the Plixi Fit helmet is removable and easy to hang, with a Plixi Fit umbrella that protects you from rain. Plixi flat is the most practical helmet due to its unique design and folding system. The helmet is designed for urban mobility, and with reflective stickers will help you become more visible, improving your safety. It fits into a small bag, purse, or a backpack.

  • This Foldable bike helmet does have a Reflective stickers
  • Foam chin strap cover
  • The Foldable bike helmet is Safe and comfortable

7. Wantdo Bike Helmet

Wantdo Bike Helmet

Wantdo is the leading premier supplier of technological and innovative apparel and advanced outdoor activities. This helmet is from classic designs that every bicycle rider wants for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.

The detachable magnetic goggles protect your eyes from wind, sand, and intense ultraviolet lights. The glasses are secure flap with one finger letting you enjoy your pleasant ride. The 19 vents are crucial for ventilation, allowing for better aerodynamics, thus reducing sweat and wind resistance. The inner padding is detachable and easy to wash; it is also made from breathable fabric, giving you comfort and safety.

  • This Foldable bike helmet does have Removable goggles
  • Detachable liner padding
  • The Foldable bike helmet has an Adjustable head size

6. Override Plixi Foldable helmet

Override Plixi Foldable helmet

This helmet is certified for safe riding, for it conforms to all safety standards. It can be folded easily up to 33% of its original size in seconds thanks to its patented folding mechanism. The helmet is available in different colors to suit various preferences of both males and females.

The safe helmet is your travel companion, and it folds easily to give you a lightweight package. To wrap it, start by pinching in the clips at the backside of the helmet. When the sides released by the clips slide forward, the sides will also collapse, and the third middle folds. The helmet has fourteen holes that help in ventilation while at the same time, giving you comfort and guaranteed safety.

  • The Foldable bike helmet has 14 holes for ventilation
  • Hardshell faceplate for protection
  • This Foldable bike helmet does have Three pad sets that adjust to different head sizes

5. KINGBIKE Bicycle Helmet

KINGBIKE Bicycle Helmet

With KINGBKE helmets, safety comes first. It has a multi-color detachable lens that will shield your eyes from the intense ultraviolet lights and radiation. It comes with a rear tail light that will make you visible at night with different setting modes ensuring you safe riding even at night.

The 26 air vents are arranged to give you a comfortable and relaxed ride, and the helmet is also lightweight so that you won’t feel any additional weight at your head. The rear backlight enhances your safety while the detachable glasses protect your eyes from dust, sun, and wind. The lens has a silver flash and gray tint that provides an unobstructed and clear field of view. The bike helmet is adjustable to a head circumference of 55-65 CM.

  • The Foldable bike helmet does have a Detachable googles
  • Rear tail light
  • This Foldable bike helmet has an Adjustable size

4. Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet

This helmet is a vintage design that you will want to wear. It has a Poplock with a thread where you can hook it with your bike, and it is thief promise in that if it goes missing while locked to your bike, the company will replace it.

It has vegan microfiber straps made from leather that is sweat-free and a magnetic buckle, ensuring that you stay comfortable. The helmet is available in three different sizes-small, medium, and large, making it suitable for kids and adults. It has seven internal vents that keep rides comfortable and relaxed.


  • This Foldable bike helmet has a Magnetic fastener
  • Environmentally conscious
  • The Foldable bike helmet has Vegan leather straps [/su_spoiler]

3. Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet

Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet

The Zacro lightweight bike helmet is the right choice; it uses a simple quick-release buckle and unbuckles without any adjustments. The headpiece adjusts to 52-62 cm, meeting different preferences of cyclists.

This helmet is relaxed and comfortable, thanks to the unique aerodynamic design that ventilates the air into the mask. The mask has an EPS foam material that helps decrease the impact of collision forces, making keeping the helmet in shape and safe. The helmet comes with a collection of water and dust seat cover and an instruction manual.

  • This Foldable bike helmet has an Instruction manual
  • Adjustable size for adults
  • The Foldable bike helmet does have Water and dust resistant seat

2. BaseCamp Adult Bike Helmet

BaseCamp Adult Bike Helmet

Base Camp bike helmet comes with a rear light back, making it ideal for urban commuting. It is adjustable to head circumference of 55-61 cm.

Proper helmet fit is a crucial safety measure for a relaxed and comfortable ride. This helmet has an adjustable chin strap with a rear dial secure system that is comfortable and fitting. It has nine air vents for proper ventilation and comfort.

  • The Foldable bike helmet does have a Detachable comfortable padding
  • Rear light
  • This Foldable bike helmet has Nine vents for ventilation

1. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi-Sport Helmet

The CM-1 is a classic design helmet that provides unwavering protection. The ABS protection from the outside absorbs impact from the inside and shocks. It comes in different sizes that suit diverse preferences and provide unsurpassed comfort.

CM-1 helmet has a classic skate design that handles almost all your sporting shenanigans. It has ten vents that are strategically drilled to offer proper aerodynamics and optimal airflows. The helmet comes with a set of two inner pads that are thick and customized to fit and optimize your comfort.

  • Classic skate design
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Adjustable

Comparable Table

Is it available in different colors? Padding Vents for air circulation
Wantdo Specialized Bike Helmet Yes Yes Yes
Brooks England Foldable Helmet Yes Yes
Override Plixi Fit Foldable Bicycle Helmet Yes Yes Yes
Wantdo Bike Helmet Yes Yes Yes
Override Plixi Foldable helmet Yes Yes Yes
KINGBIKE Bicycle Helmet Yes Yes Yes
Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Bike Helmet Yes Yes Yes
Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet No Yes Yes
BaseCamp Adult Bike Helmet No Yes Yes
Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Yes Yes Yes

If you are a frequent bike rider who hates bulky headgear, this top ten list just dropped at the right time. Each option has a classic innovative design that allows it to compress down for easy packing and adjustable to fit different sizes. I hope we help you choose the right gear for your ride.

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