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5 Amazing Food Delivery in Phnom Penh | Easier way to get your food
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5 Amazing Food Delivery in Phnom Penh | Easier way to get your food 

Here are the 5 food delivery in Phnom Penh you can try out for their quick and convenient delivery services. With all of these problems like traffic congestion, bad weather (too hot or heavy rain), or your packed schedule, these food delivery services can make your life a lot easier when it comes to food. Not just for yourself, you can also use these services to deliver tasty food to your friends or loved ones.

Furthermore, they also offer a vast range of different types of food available in various restaurants in Phnom Penh. Hence, if you don’t know what to eat and want to try new food, these food deliveries are for you. The menus on their platforms/apps are excellent sources for you to look for amazing food available throughout the city. Like never before, you can now have your favorite food appear at your doorstep using these amazing food delivery in Phnom Penh.

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Food Delivery in Phnom Penh

Muuve – Food Delivery in Phnom Penh

- food delivery in phnom penh
Source: Facebook “Muuve”

Customers can use Muuve app and do not have to worry about calling the restaurant or the delivering company. Adding to this, you can open the app, choose the restaurant, the food, and then click order. The best feature is that you can set the location you want the delivery company to deliver. So, it is best for people who don’t like making phone calls and want to avoid the complication with direction.

Also, you can track the location of the driver and receive the arrival time of your ordered food. Since the app displays a variety of menu, customers said it makes things easier for them to choose what they want to eat and help them save time. Also, you can either order food and get it delivered for yourself or others. For services, most customers said the waiting time is ok, but a few said the service is slow.

  • Working Hours: 8 AM – 10:30 PM

  • Tel: +855 15 949 404

Instafood KH

- food delivery in phnom penh
Source: Facebook “Instafood KH”

Another food delivery in Phnom Penh you can look into. Instafood KH focuses largely on providing several delicious menus for foodies who love to eat and explore new food. Customers can order food by using their mobile app called “InstafoodKh”. With this application, you can very easily find what you want to eat, and the process is quite self-explanatory. The company tries to get it delivered to your location the fastest as they can to ensure that you are happy with their services. Interestingly, some customers praised that the delivery is very fast and satisfying, while some said the opposite.

  • Working Hours: 7 AM – 9 PM

  • Tel: +855 11 663 668 /15 663 668

Nham24 – Food Delivery in Phnom Penh

Source: Facebook “Nham24”

The same as most food delivery company in Phnom Penh, Nham24 connects with customers via their mobile app. You can start by selecting a restaurant, then look into their menu, and select the food you want to order. After that, you will see the amount of money you need to pay and you can click order. Notably, many customers have complained about the slow delivery service, but many said the service is good. It is common for delivery service here since it is not easy to satisfy all customers at once. Also, we can’t forget the fact that the traffic in Phnom Penh can get terrible, and the fact that some restaurants are packed with many orders.

  • Working Hours: 7:30 AM – 9 PM

  • Tel: +855 15 642 624

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The Speed Delivery

Source: Facebook “TheSpeed Delivery”

Another food delivery in Phnom Penh that you can place your order via their mobile app. Once again, Speed Delivery order process is quite similar to other delivery platforms mentioned above. First, you select a restaurant and then choose any food you like from their menu. Interestingly, you can also add your location & delivery time, any comment, and choose your payment method before finalizing your order. Unfortunately, there are not many users’ experiences or feedback we can find for you, but the overall rating is not bad.

  • Working Hours: 7:30 AM – 9 PM

  • Tel: +855 96 338 8899/ 76 338 8899

FoodApp – Delivery

- food delivery in phnom penh
Source: Facebook “FoodApp – Delivery”

FoodApp is another delivery service in which you can order food using the app. You will find many choices of restaurants as well as all the interesting food here. Additionally, they offer different food categories, from Khmer to Western food, breakfast to dinner, to make it easier for you. The most interesting feature of this app is the language as it provides 3 choices of language including Khmer, English, and Chinese.

  • Working Hours: 7 AM – 9 PM

  • Tel: +855 10 566 333

Here you are, a list of 5 amazing food delivery in Phnom Penh. Most of them connect with customers via mobile apps. Hence, for those who find it more comfortable using the app, you know where to go. However, if you find yourself not so tech-savvy in using the app, you can also make a quick phone call and drop your order.

Unlike before, you no longer need to travel and buy food for yourself anymore, not to mention having any difficulty in finding and deciding on what or where to eat. These food deliveries in Phnom Penh will assist you in getting your favorite food all over the city to your location. Most importantly, please bear in mind that problems happen sometimes and the service may not be as good as you expect.

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