Food Loft Central Chidlom Department Store, Bangkok | Thailand

Food Loft, Bangkok | Thailand

Food Loft, Bangkok is not a restaurant, instead it is located on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom Department Store, it is more of a cafeteria/food court style (Central Chidlom, 1027 Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand). There are multiple dishes and cuisines offered at Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand. They are mostly Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese and Indian food. In addition, Food Loft Bangkok also serves Italian cuisine. Although it is a food court style, Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand is a popular place for visitors and locals to grab their quick, delicious and relatively cheap meals.

Food Loft, Bangkok | Thailand

Food Loft Bangkok

Business Hours and Price Range

As Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand is a food court that operates in Central Chidlom Department store, they have to abide by the department store’s rules and regulations. Therefore, their operating hours starts from 10am which is the typical type that malls in Bangkok opens and then ends at 10pm (their closing time). People usually spend from 100 Thai Baht to 300 Thai Baht at Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Why is it popular?

One of the reasons why people like Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand, is due to their convenience and price: it is fast, quick and efficient. Although they don’t get served as compared to when they dine at restaurants, Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand offers many varieties of local cuisines which is popular amongst visitors. When travelling with people who have different tastes, Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand is a must go to place because everyone can eat whatever they like!

Food Loft Bangkok

Vibe of Food Loft Bangkok

Due to it being a food court, Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand is always bustling with noises, people and the smell of delicious food are cooking. The overall vibe that sums up Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand can be said to be casual, laidback and relaxed. Visitors can wear casual clothes or everyday clothes to go dine there which is also convenient for them.

Food Loft

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Writer’s Opinion

We quite like Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand because the food that is clean and delicious, not to mention it is also affordable. In addition, the food courts in Bangkok are very well looked after and clean, so do not worry about getting a sick stomach. Furthermore, Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand is located at Central Chidlom which is a place that many foreigners go to so it is not quiet and is always bursting with energy. Not to mention, the way to pay for food at Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand is through a card and it is quite hygiene because no money is not involve and therefore, visitors can eat without worrying about the germs that might have stuck from the contact with money. Overall, Food Loft, Bangkok, Thailand is one food court that is in the list of popular food courts in Bangkok.

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