Exploring Gaa Restaurant for a perfect place to dine in Bangkok

Gaa restaurant

Leading by chef Garima Arora, Gaa restaurant in Bangkok has officially opened since April 2017. Gaa is definitely a uniquely fascinating Indian restaurant. To start with, chef Garima of Gaa restaurant focuses on bringing something new and different. As a head chef at Gaa, Garima has brought her knowledge in cooking into pictures. Combining the Indian and modern techniques together, Gaa has many creative cuisines to offer to the customers.

Moreover, what makes Gaa restaurant different from other places is the fact that you get to create your own bite and eat with your hands. You do not have to worry about the quality of food at Gaa since the team of Chefs there cooks the food with caution and passion. Also, each ingredient, vegetable and meat provided are in a first-class level. Hence, you will experience the fancifulness of the cuisines at Gaa that will make you wanting for more. Most importantly, if you are a vegetarian, Gaa also offers a vegan option to you as well. The chefs at Gaa make sure everyone receives the same privilege when experiencing the taste of the food.

Gaa restaurant, Bangkok | Thailand

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Gaa restaurant takes you into another level of artwork. First of all, Gaa provides a luxurious vibe. Each decoration inside is a work of art that reminds you of the prosperous civilization during Greece era. Most importantly, the impressive architecture of Gaa causes a sense of nostalgic inside of you that you cannot help but respect the effort that the designers of Gaa put into building this place. Furthermore, the brick-liked wall along with the pictures on the wall at Gaa enables you to feel like you have just traveled back in time to the past.

Gaa restaurant
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In short, Gaa is very magnificently elegant. The classic vibe it presents itself to the audience is able to take your breath away. Not only that the environment is gorgeous, but Gaa also offers a private room for those who prefers to enjoy their time in privacy which is definitely a perfect place to dine.

Gaa restaurant
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Additional Information:

  • Price Range: $95+ per person
  • Business Hour: 6:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Type of place: Luxury
  • Location: 68/4 Sarasin Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok
  • Type of cuisine served: Indian

In summary, Gaa restaurant is beyond your standard. Starting from the cuisines to the environment, Gaa is an excellent place for you to have your dinner. Each cuisine at Gaa is made with care and cautiion from the passionate chefs to ensure that every customer is having a great time of their life. Most importantly, the great interior design inside of Gaa can make your time dining even more enjoyable. The romantic atmosphere is simply perfect for those who want to dine with their loved ones. On top of that, the topnotch service at Gaa only makes you like this restaurant even more. You will not disappoint with what Gaa has to offer you. To make it short, we only have great things to say about Gaa. Therefore, we totally suggest you to visit this restaurant.

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