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Singapore hosts many tourists every year, and they have the attractions for it too. One of those attractions is the Garden by the Bay. The Garden by the Bay is the outcome of Singapore’s vision of “City in a Garden”. The appeal is located at Marina Bay- the heart of the new downtown. The Garden by the Bay comprises three waterfront gardens. You can see Singapore’s abundant horticulture and artistry of Garden at the Garden by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay


Singapore is known for its glamorous city and shopping malls, and fast metros. But in 2005, Singapore introduced to the world an “Urban Jungle” by the Marina Bay. Hence the name, “Garden by the Bay.” Singapore is very futuristic, but they wanted to change that and show the world that it can be filled with greenery too. The Garden by the Bay is the success of their “City in a Garden” vision. Despite being a garden, it is still very futuristic. That’s their way seamlessly integrating mother nature with modern architecture. The Garden by the Bay gives you the taste of walking through nature without the trek. The placing of the Garden by the Bay could not be more convenient. It’s situated in Marina Bay. Marina Bay is filled with tourist attraction spots and the Garden by the Bay is one of them.

The Garden by the Bay has many exciting attractions for its visitors. One of these is the Flower Dome that features the largest greenhouse in the world. Then comes the Cloud Forest. The Cloud Forest features the world’s tallest human-made indoor waterfall. This place is a crowd favorite for the mountains and waterfalls.

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What to Find

The Garden by the Bay has many attractions for tourists.  Cloud Forest in a great place to start seeing the attractions. Inside the Cloud Forest, you will see the world’s tallest human-made indoor waterfall.  Cloud Forest offers several levels to stroll and enjoy the fantastic view. Besides the scenery, you can enjoy the plants. It creates a surreal feeling of being in a movie. To fully enjoy the Cloud Forest, you mustn’t rush. It can take up to a maximum of two hours to fully appreciate what the place has to offer.

What to Find
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Another popular attraction place at the Garden by the Bay is the Flower Dome. As the name suggests, the area is packed with flowers of different species. If you love flowers, then it is a haven for you. The Flower Dome is a must-visit if you’re in Singapore. The place features flowers of different species from different continents. You will enjoy the variety of flowers on display over there. For an average person, it will take about an hour to finish enjoying the space. But if you’re into flower photography, it can take you several hours to fully experience the place.

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The OCBC Skyway and the Supertree Grove is a must-visit if you’re in the bay area. The highway is twenty-two-meter-high from the ground, and the walkway is one hundred and twenty-eight meters long. By paying just a mere SDG 8, you can experience this beauty. The OCBC highway offers a fantastic view, and you get to spend some time with the SuperTrees. You can finish the walk within five minutes, but most people take about twenty to thirty minutes to complete the trail.

You can walk the whole SuperTrees grove within ten minutes if you want to. However, if you’re going to take photos, it can take up to half an hour to an hour max. After going around the daytime, you can enjoy the Gardens by the Bay light show at night. The show starts at 7 pm, and the light show takes place at SuperTrees grove. The attraction is free to see too.

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The first show begins at 7:45 and the second at 8:45. So if you miss the opportunity to catch one, you can always catch the second one. If you want to enjoy the show from the right spot, then go there ten to fifteen minutes earlier. Each light shows lasts for fifteen minutes.


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It’s easy to reach the Gardens by the Bay. You can call a taxi or hire a car or use public transports to go there. Uber is cheap in Singapore, so unless you are staying near Marina Bay, you should take an Uber. Gardens by the Bay is on 18 Marina Garden Drive, which is just fifteen minutes’ drive from the Singapore city.


The outdoor gardens are open to all 24/7. However, you will need tickets to enter the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The tickets cost $17 per person. Furthermore, you need to pay SDG 8 for adults and SDG 5 for children, if you visit the OCBC Skywalk. The Gardens by the Bay stays open from 9 am to 9 pm every day. However, the Water Play area, the children’s Garden is closed on Mondays. It will be closed on Tuesdays if there’s a public holiday on a Monday. The Garden by the Bay remains open on public holidays.

Other Information

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You can visit the Gardens by the Bay in a wheelchair without worrying. The place is wheelchair and pram friendly. For SDG 2, you can rent a pram. If you’re hungry, you can check out the food outlets at the front entrance and the children’s Garden. Remember to carry snacks, hats, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and water bottles with you. Since it is a long walk, you should wear comfortable shoes when you visit.

The Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s take on how the modern world can live side by side with mother nature. The gardens are a great place to visit and its fun for people of all ages. You must visit the area if you’re in Singapore.


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