Best Resorts In Mondulkiri | Eastern side of Cambodia

Domnakneak Resort

Mondulkiri is a charming province located on the eastern side of Cambodia. This hidden gem surrounded by nature. As one of the most famous destinations for nature lovers, Mondulkiri is a quiet town full of thickly forested mountains, green rolling hills, and tremendous waterfall. Unaffected by the mass tourism, this place allows visitors to explore the surrounding nature’s beauty. There are many fun activities you can do in Mondulkiri.

You can trek into the deep forest with elephants, camping in the deep forest, swimming in the natural swimming pool under waterfalls, etc. Although it is a small town, they provide a variety of accommodation for travelers. You can choose easily to find Mondulkiri hotels to stay according to your taste and budget. Your experience staying in the Mondulkiri hotels will be as comfortable as the one you can find the city. Below is the list of Mondulkiri hotels to help you plan your stay in this charming town better.

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Best Hotel In Mondulkiri

1. Le Phnom View Motel

Le Phnom View Motel
Source: tripadvisor

Le Phnom View Motel contains a mixture of the ancient and modern Khmer style bungalows. It is a charming Modulkiri hotel that offers you a comfortable setting. Staying in this hotel, you will wake up to see the beauty of the nature surrounding this place. It is a very suitable place that like to stay outdoor. In addition, this hotel can also prepare group/family BBQ with fire buck for warming at the cool night.

  • Price Range:
  • Facilities + Services: Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Outdoor pool, On-site restaurant, Flat-screen TV with Cable Channel, Seating area, Private bath/shower.
  • Location: Doem Srol village,Sangkat Monorom, Sen Monorom, Sen Monorom 11202 Cambodia
  • Contact Information: 031 772 2777

2. Elephant Hill Resort

Elephant Hill Resort
Source: booking

When entering the resort, a life-sized statue of an elephant that stands guard over the property will greet you. This Modulkiri hotel built over the hill, which allows you to see the view over this town even better. This hotel is more like a bungalow type accommodation, which is great for people who want luxury and private type of accommodation.

  • Price Range: 80$ +
  • Facilities + Services: Free parking, Free (WiFi), Outdoor Swimming pool, Restaurant, Bicycle rental, Shuttle bus service, BBQ facilities, Air conditioning, Seating area, Coffee / tea maker, Refrigerator, Bath / shower
  • Location: Ospean Village, Spean Meanchey Commune, Sen Monorom 11202 Cambodia
  • Contact Information: 016 510 520

3. Reaksmey Arunras Resort

Reaksmey Arunras Resort
Source: trivago

This hotel located on the national road, so it will be easy for you to find it. It is one of the Mondulkiri hotels that takes us back in time with its traditional bungalows. Moreover, this place gives us a romantic vibe and exposes us to the green hills and fresh air that provide us a unique experience we expected to experience outside the busy city.

  • Price Range: 40$ +
  • Facilities + Services: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Air-conditioned, Kid-friendly
  • Location: 76 Sênmônoŭrôm, Mondol Kiri, Cambodia
  • Contact Information: 016 543 567

4. Greenhouse Retreat

Greenhouse Retreat
Source: booking

This one is also a bungalow type of Mondulkiri hotels. However, they also offer the dormitory, which is cheaper and suitable for those who travel on a budget. The resort is located in a peaceful and beautiful jungle surrounding. Not to mention, you will have your terrace and hummock. Imagine chilling in the hammock while listening to the noise come from nature, you will have a good time.

  • Price Range: 30$+ for bungalow

10$+ for dormitory

  • Facilities + Services: Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service
  • Location: Doscromom village, Chomka Tae commune, Sen Monorom 11202 Cambodia
  • Contact Information: 017 905 659

5. Hilltop observatory and resort

Hilltop observatory and resort
Source: booking

This Modulkiri hotel located over 900m above sea level. It is the best-secluded spot for you to escape in the greenery. The mystical rain forest and the working farm view that will definitely calm your mind, besides this place properly is the best spot for star observation due to its location. In addition, this resort also has a different type of accommodations such as bungalows, camping site.

  • Price range: 99$+ per bungalow, 60$+ per tent
  • Facilities + Services: Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Outdoor pool, Room service, Kid-friendly, Gym.
  • Location: Dakdam Street Sangkat Romonea Krong Saen Monourom Mondulkiri Province.
  • Contact Information: +855 (0) 12 911414

6. Diamond Modulkiri Resort

Diamond Modulkiri Resort
Source: visitmode

This Modulkiri hotel is also the bungalow type accommodation. Except, this hotel was build in the Modern Khmer style. However, just like the other Modulkiri hotels, this one offers you the greenery view outside your window. Moreover, you will able to relax with the fresh air and calming greenery view.

  • Price Range: 85$+ per bungalow
  • Facilities+ Services: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Outdoor pool, Air-conditioned, Room service, Kid-friendly, Restaurant, Bar
  • Location:  Doem Srol village, Sangkat Monorom, Sen Monorom, Krong Saen Monourom
  • Contact Information: Phone: 015 672 222

7. Mondulkiri Hotel

Mondulkiri Hotel
Source: cambodiatourist

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money staying in the bungalow type of accommodation, this Mondulkiri hotel probably is the best choice you have. This hotel although it is close to the center of Moulkiri and is not a bungalow kind, still offers you the nature view you could enjoy across a hill. Not to mention, they have over 60 rooms, so you don’t have to worry about not having a place to stay during high season.

  • Price range : 30$+
  • Facilities + Services: Free parking, Free WiFi, Hot tub, Fitness Center with Gym / Workout Room, Restaurant, Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly), Spa, Non-smoking hotel
  • Location: Krong Saen Monourom
  • Contact Information: 012 777 057

8. Natural Lodge

Natural Lodge
Source: agoda

This Modulkiri hotel is probably the best choice for those who travel on a budget and do not want to stay in the guesthouse kind of accommodation. Moreover, Natural lodge is a budget bungalow resort located on a hill slope. In addition, their cabin offers you the rural area and old time vibe that allow you to retreat in nature.

  • Price Range: 10$ +
  • Facilities+ Services: Free parking, Free internet, Bar / lounge, Hiking, Pets Allowed ( Dog / Pet-Friendly), luggage storage, Laundry service
  • Location: Comka Tai village, Sen Monorom 11202 Cambodia
  • Contact Information:  012 230 272

9. Mayura Hill Resort

Mayura Hill Resort
Source: booking

This is one of the luxury Modulkiri hotels. Even if, it located in the middle of nowhere, this hotel offers you all the services they offer in the city hotel. Moreover, staying this hotel allows you to experience a luxurious city life while enjoying the beauty of nature at the same.

  • Price Range: 100$+
  • Facilities + services: Free Wi-Fi, Free breakfast, Free parking, Outdoor pool, Air-conditioned, Laundry service, Room service, Kid-friendly, Restaurant
  • Location: National Road, Phum Derm Srol, Sangkat، 7, Krong Saen Monourom
  • Contact information: 077 980 980

Mondulkiri is a place that allows you to involve fully with nature away from the noise and polluted. Imagine waking up to the noise of the bird and greenery forest view. Spending a night in Mondulkiri hotels and enjoy the slow pace of life, you will have a hard leaving this little town. Even if we have mentioned a lot of Mondulkiri hotels, we are a little obsessed with the ‘ Natural lodge’. We just love the idea that we get to spend the night the little charming bungalow in the middle of the forest with such a low price that any other Modulkiri hotels could offer. Not to mention that place is pet-friendly, our trip would be even better if we would want to bring our puppies along.

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