Il Fumo Restaurant: the Portuguese restaurant in Bangkok | Thailand

Il Fumo Restaurant Bangkok Thailand

Choti and Debby Leenutaphong have been the founders of Il Fumo restaurant since the late 2015. It was formerly an Italian restaurant. However, after the arrival of the head chef Nelson Amorim who was a Portuguese, Il Fumo has developed itself into a contemporary Portuguese restaurant. On top of that, Chef Nelson is currently the supervisor at Il Fumo who created many delicious cuisines that brought a lot of recognition to Il Fumo.

The chef still embraces on his traditional authentic cuisine, but he is genuinely open for new ideas and still inspired by other cultures. As a result, each cuisine at Il Fumo is extremely appealing. The ingredient, vegetables and meat used in cooking are supremely in a first-rate level, most of which are organic. Moreover, you can equally find the greatest wine both red and white at Il Fumo. There are many types of wine that go perfectly with the food that you will not regret coming here. Therefore, if you ever want to try a new cuisine other than Thai, you know where you can go.

Il Fumo Restaurant, Bangkok | Thailand

Il Fumo Restaurant
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Il Fumo Restaurant
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Il Fumo from the outside looks just like a cozy place that provides warmth to you during winter. You catch a glimpse of Il Fumo and the next second you will have this urge to go inside and see what it has to offer you. On the other hand, the inside of Il Fumo is not so different from how comfortable it looks from the outside, except it looks even more elegant. Due to the superior and creative design inside of Il Fumo, you ought to feel nothing but cherished and valued.

Source: Facebook “Il Fumo Restaurant”

At night, the pretty light from Il Fumo makes the atmosphere even more sentimental and comforting. Not only that, Il Fumo also provides a private room that can fit up to 18 people. Like so, if you want to find an ideal private place for dining, Il Fumo restaurant can be the one for you.

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Additional Information:

  • Price Range: $40 – $100
  • Business Hour: 5:00PM – 9:30PM
  • Type of place: Luxury
  • Location: 1098/2 Rama IV Road, Sathorn, Bangkok
  • Type of cuisine served: Portuguese

To sum up, if you prefer to dine at a restaurant during special occasions or just simply enjoy a pleasant dinner, Il Fumo restaurant is the place you should visit. Not only that the food is perfectly delicious, but the ingredient to make the food is also high-quality. Along with the great wine which enlightens your dinner even more, Il Fumo could make your time there more enjoyable.

Moreover, Il Fumo respects their customers and only wants to make everyone who visits there feel comfortable. You will find yourself satisfied at how friendly and helpful the staffs are. Above that, for those who want to have a meeting in private while enjoying the appetizing cuisine, we highly recommend Il Fumo for you. Other than the perfect food, the atmosphere there is pretty comforting and peaceful. Your dinning time will be perfect to have your meal at Il Fumo restaurant.

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