10 Best Islands You Should Visit In Malaysia

There is no doubt Malaysia is home to some of the most jaw-dropping islands in the world. A large proportion of these islands are relatively untouched, and the immaculate beaches are perfect for a quick swim. There are upwards of 800 known islands all over Malaysia, offering a multitude of activities to tourists and locals. In this article, we take a deeper look at the 10 best islands in Malaysia.

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10 Best Islands in Malaysia

1. Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island
Source: SKS Airways

Some people prefer visiting islands sparsely populated. If you’re one of them, you will have a swell time at the serene Pangkor Island. Close to Perak’s coast, the beaches on this wonderful island only receive a handful of visitors.

To make things even better, the water is crystal clear and you obtain an enthralling view of the surrounding foliage. Next to the beach lies a Dutch colonial encampment. You can also visit the Sunset View Chalet to feed the adorable Hornbill birds.

2. Perhentian Islands

Perhentian Islands
Source: Booking.com

Situated in the Northeastern part of Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands are magnificent. The much-revered Perhentian Kecil and Besar attract beachgoers from all over the country. To top that off, this island has been praised for its spectacular diving and snorkeling spots.

If you are new to diving, you can also learn some basic tricks at the nearby diving schools in Kecil. Riding the water taxi to traverse between these two islands is also enjoyable.

3. Langkawi


Hailed as one of Malaysia’s most recognizable islands, Langkawi has become a major tourist attraction in recent years. This awe-inspiring island is known for its Mountains with dense foliage and white sand shorelines.

Pantai Cenang is among the notable beaches of the region, adored for its beautiful view of the horizon and soft sand. You will find numerous beachside vendors selling a variety of alcoholic beverages. Upon your visit, make sure to also explore the picturesque Pregnant Maiden Island. If you have more time to spare, rent a bike to reach the peak of Mount Raya.

4. Payar Island

Payar Island
Source: Trip.com Australia

Payar Island, located in Kedah, is another peaceful island that isn’t visited by many tourists. Unlike Langkawi, you won’t find luxurious resorts or lodges in the area, and a huge chunk of the island is deserted. Despite all this, this island has a few remarkable diving zones for novice and expert divers.

If you choose to descend underwater, you will observe several massive tropical fish species. Furthermore, you can also sign up for a guided tour that generally takes you to a shark nesting area. If you get bored of this place, you can easily make your way to Langkawi and Penang Islands.

5. Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island
Source: Asiaqua.com

Sabah’s incredible Sipadan Island is believed to be among the top diving destinations in all of Malaysia. Ever since 2002, the Malaysian government has restricted access to this island to safeguard its sensitive ecology.

However, if you gain entry, you will be able to wander the outstanding limestone pinnacle. Contacting a tour company is your only way to come to this island. If you can scuba dive here, you will notice turtles and many other marine life forms.

6. Tenggol Island

Tenggol Island
Source: jay nabawi

If you’re on the hunt for islands that are developed, then you should take a trip to the gorgeous Tenggol Island. Unlike the other affordable islands, this place specifically caters to those who are looking for a bit of luxury alongside the serene atmosphere.

The exclusive nature of this island has drawn in willing vacationers to pay more for better services. You can even rent the entire bungalows for your stay! This marvelous island also boasts pristine waters ideal for snorkeling and diving.

7. Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Island
Source: Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Island is a heavily protected island, applauded for its quiet and peaceful environment. To reach this divine island, you would have to hire a speedboat from Kuala Terengganu. So far, very few tourists have been able to successfully gain entry to this island.

This magnificent island has a sprawling marine ecosystem. Take a swim across the translucent waters to get a taste of this island’s rich biodiversity. Unfortunately, there aren’t many hotels or guesthouses on this island, and they often get booked early.

8. Tioman

Source: Wikivoyage

Tioman gained quite a bit of reputation after being featured in Time Magazine in the 1970s. Thankfully, this island remains one of the finest places to visit in Malaysia to this day. Some would even go as far as calling it an unrivaled tropical paradise. The long stretches of beaches on this island are complete with beautiful palm trees and turquoise water great for soaking.

However, due to the island’s immense popularity, it has drawn in shiploads of people from all over the world. Therefore, this may not be the appropriate place to visit if you are looking to spend quiet time with your family.

9. Redang Island

Redang Island
Source: Airpaz Blog

Similar to Tenggol Island, Redang Island is mostly popular among affluent tourists. Located near Perhentian Islands, this island boasts some of the most grandiose and deluxe resorts in the country. You will find amenities here that no other island can provide.

The coastlines are picturesque and far from crowded. You can take a scenic stroll, or relax by the different beach chairs provided by the resort. There are also interesting diving sites on the island. This island was once featured in the well-known Hong Kong movie called Summer Holiday.

10. Pom Pom Island

Pom Pom Island
Source: Packist.com

Located in Semporna Archipelago, Pom Pom Island is one of the smallest islands in Malaysia, with only a few lodges and resorts for potential tourists. Regardless of its size, the gleaming white sand coastlines and deep blue water will not fail to captivate you.

The coral reefs situated on this island are sprawling with uncountable marine species. Some of the most common life-forms you will encounter include hawkbill and green turtle. Many have stated that reaching this place can take several days by boat, but it is well worth the challenge.

Malaysia has enough islands to attract tourists from all income groups. Even if you cannot afford to stay in the expensive islands, you have plenty of options to choose from. So, what’s your excuse for not visiting Malaysia?

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