10‌ ‌Most‌ ‌Beautiful‌ ‌Islands in South Korea

Beautiful‌ ‌Islands in South Korea

Islands are like the crowning jewels of South Korea. They are fine, wide and respectfully named in character. They successfully represent South Korea as an attractive country and makes it desirable to visit once in a while. All around the year, and especially during summertime, travelers from all corners of the world come to witness the serene Korean islands in South Korea.

To help you get started on preparing a bucket list of all the most beautiful islands you need to visit, we have narrowed it down to the 10 best. We hope you get the best out of your trip every time you pay a visit to an island.

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Top 10‌ ‌Most‌ ‌Beautiful‌ ‌Island‌s ‌in‌ South‌ ‌Korea‌

1. Jeju

Jeju - Islands in South Korea
Source: CasinoBeats

How would you like to visit an island that reflects the best of the Korean nature? Jeju Island – the name itself evokes a feeling of visiting a very unique place on Earth! It screams the perfect holiday destination if you are in Seoul.

This island is a prime tourist destination because of its inheritance. It was once considered one of the seven wonders of nature with its blue waters surrounding beautiful lava walls. The weather is surprisingly cold and comfortable, and you can find flowers all year long.

2. Muuido

Muuido - Islands in South Korea
Source: Thousand Wonders

Found in Incheon, the Muuido Island is a pleasant one-day trip from Seoul. Not only does it have two wonderful beaches, but this island offers you a lot of activities such as hiking and zipline. You can make multiple stops across the island to pose for pictures with the most stunning background. Its breeze strikes your soul and as the greenery of the island keeps your heart wondering. The two main beaches are Hanagae and Silmi – which are both one of a kind each. Staying at Muuido means you are up for a fun night with friends on the sand, eating amazing food and being present in the most precious moments.

3. Ulleungdo

Ulleungdo - Islands in South Korea
Source: Nomad Within

Blue waves that bring peace to the chaotic minds of those who live in the city – Ulleungdo is all about it. It is mysterious, deviously beautiful and bewitches people on a whim. The lush greenery, a ferry-ride in the clear, crystal blue water would take your mind to a different place. Words will never be enough to describe the true essence and beauty of Ulleungdo Island.

4. Hongdo

Hongdo - Islands in South Korea
Source: Sophia Field – Trover

Take a ferry to reach Hongdo Island, an island that is rocky in the typical blue-green scenario. If you take a closer look, you will start recognizing why it is such a hyped place in South Korea. Some would say it resembles Jeju Island in terms of its beauty. Although hiking would take a lot of time, reaching the top would be worth it because of the magnificent views in this island that will leave awe-struck.

5. Sinuido

Sinuido - Island‌s ‌in‌ South‌ ‌Korea‌
Source: Modern Farmer

Imagine an island where the fields sparkle as if magic is about to happen. White crusts of sand and salt is all that you will get here. It might sound surprising but people visit there to witness its salt more than enjoying the rest of nature, let alone any sports activities. Thanks to Sinuido Island, Korea gets its highest production of sea salt.

6. Geojedo

Geojedo - Island‌s ‌in‌ South‌ ‌Korea‌
Source: Klook

Geojedo is not just any typical island with the same Korean blue water. Hakdong Mongol Beach is the best beach on this island to take long and pleasant walks. Moreover, this beautiful island has a marine garden space where you can learn all about the ancient European influence. By the end of the day, you can witness the sunset from Geoje Haegeumgang River to make your stay in the island a memorable one.

7. Oedo

Oedo - Island‌s ‌in‌ South‌ ‌Korea‌
Source: Funtastic Korea

Oedo is an island in the city of Geoje, sitting over the sea. It is surrounded by interesting formations of rocks that you can check out on a boat ride. The island has a dense vegetation and its gardens look decorated and well-maintained.

One can enjoy walking across Geoje’s botanical gardens in broad daylight, in the warm weather. A private one-day guided tour of this island would be a fantastic getaway from everything else in this world.

8. Jindo

Jindo - Island‌s ‌in‌ South‌ ‌Korea‌
Source: National Geographic

The third largest island of South Korea is Jindo from its county. The scenario and vibe of this island are two worlds apart from day to night. Tourists mostly come here for the Jindo Sea-Parting Ritual.

If you take a guided tour you can hear about the interesting historical stories of this island. This is also one of those islands where you can walk down a mysterious path that shows up specifically at certain hours.

Overall, this island offers tourists a lot to do and is astoundingly beautiful at the same time.

9. Seonyudo

Seonyudo - Island‌s ‌in‌ South‌ ‌Korea‌
Source: Francois Saikaly – Flickr

Seonyudo is an island of a converted park, tranquil and makes you want to keep exploring. You can marvel at all the internal waterways, old infrastructures and trails as you take a short walk. A walk on the walk-bridge will give you the best views of Seoul city.

Apart from that, Seonyudo is the perfect place for a private picnic with perfect grounds for kids to play along. Photographers can spend hours finding their right-click.

10. Eocheongdo  

Eocheongdo - Island‌s ‌in‌ South‌ ‌Korea‌
Source: 지니월드 – 티스토리

Last but not the least, Eocheongdo is a unique island full of discoveries. A place with the perfect harbor for vessels to stop at, a grand lighthouse facing the west providing safety for the sea around and for migratory birds to visit in season.

This means you can go spring bird-watching and spend quality time with your family.

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To sum it up, discover the beautiful islands in South Korea to experience the beautiful scenic views and the blue waters with the 10 most beautiful ones we have just recommended. Tell us about your best memories, everything you saw and all that you did in each of these islands in South Korea because we can’t get enough!

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