Issaya Siamese club, Bangkok Thailand

Issaya Siamese club, Bangkok Thailand

Issaya Siamese Club is a gorgeous setting Thai restaurant located in Soi Si Aksorn, Chuea Phloeng Road, Sathorn, Bangkok. Issaya Siamese is an old vibrant colored colonial villa surrounded by beautiful gardens. The word “Issaya” is an old Thai word and is translated as rainy season. The name is well chosen as it fits the gardens surrounding and nature environment of the restaurant.

Firstly, Issaya Siamese is opened by Thai most-famous chef Ian Kittichai. Issaya Siamese was feature on the lists of top 50 restaurants in Asia. Although most Thai restaurants are often located in a mansion similar to this. However, Issaya Siamese club’s vibe just stand out. Maybe it’s the outburst of colours in its décor, the shade of bright aqua blue, fuchsia pink, royal purple and the eccentric yellow and orange design. Interestingly, the gardens around the restaurants is used to grow some of Chef Ian Kittichai’s herbs that are used in as tai spices. A very farm-to-table Thai-style type of dining vibe is definitely used here.

Issaya Siamese club, Bangkok Thailand

Issaya Siamese club, Bangkok Thailand
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Price Range and Menu

Issaya Siamese club, Bangkok Thailand
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Moreover, not only Chef Ian Kittichai uses his own home grown herbs, Issaya Siamese sourced their ingredients from the local markets around the restaurant thus meaning the ingredients has a touch of authenticity and the products are as fresh and organic as possible. The price range of the food can vary from 700 baht per dish up to 2,900 baht. However, there’s a set tasting menu that is 2500 baht per person.

For instance, the set menu includes 3 tasting dishes, seafood broth, grilled tender beef with bird eyes chilli vinaigrette, crispy shrimp, spice rubbed baby pork back ribs glazed with chilli paste, teamed river lobster will lobster curry custard and coconut milk, Australian Veal cheek cooked with Issaya’s blended spices, seasonal stirred fried vegetable, fried rice and assorted house made desserts. Finally, desserts include pandan macarons, Ice cream, Coconut mochi ice cream and jasmine flower panna cotta.

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Business Hour and Reservation – Issaya Siamese club

Issaya Siamese club
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Issaya Siamese is a creative Thai restaurant that offers modern style Thai dishes with a touch of traditional flavours. Most importantly, Issaya also offer large private dining areas that can be booked in advanced for any type of parties or events. Nonetheless, Issaya Siamese also offers a casual and relaxing dining experience. The operating hours are from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 1:00 am, seven days a week. You should reserve Issaya Siamese since it is a bustling restaurants and are always mention in the headlines lately. It’s an absolute experience for travellers who are looking to experience an old school Thai dishes with a twist of modernity.

Writer’s Opinion

Issaya Siamese Club is a one of kind establishment that offers unique dining experience and a cool vibe. Although they off Thai food, the restaurant distinguishes itself from its competitors by adding a modern and personal touch to each of their food. We can clearly tell that much time and effort was put into the menu in order to offer the best food and services.

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