Everything You Can Do at Jewel Changi Airport | Singapore

Singapore is known for its tourist attraction spots. Recently they built a new airport in Singapore, Jewel Changi. Who knew an airport could also be an attraction spot. Jewel Changi Airport is a work of art featuring futuristic architecture.

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Everything You Can Do at Jewel Changi Airport


Jewel Changi, the new airport in Singapore, took SGD 1.7 billion to build. Almost 30,000 tourists come here every day. The airport itself is ten stories tall. Among the ten stories, five stories go underground. It has attraction spots like Canopy Park, rain vortex, and many indoor games. The airport in Jewel Changi opened in 2019. The airport has won the best airport in the world award for seven years in a row. The construction for the airport started back in December 2014. The airport can get very crowded. Besides passengers going by, you will see tourists coming and sometimes even curious locals. Despite the crowd, you will always find empty spaces.

Overview- Jewel Changi Airport

The Jewel Changi airport is free to the public. The Jewel is situated on the landslide of the airport. If you’re a passenger, then you need to clear immigration first and then experience everything this airport has to offer. You don’t need to worry about the immigration system is a hassle, as Singapore has one of the most efficient immigration processes. Even on a busy day, it will take you half an hour to clear the immigration process. The immigration process here is best for a reason. Immigration is made much more comfortable as you can do that by just scanning your passport. Before you enter Jewel, you will see terminals stating that you will need five hours flight gap to enjoy everything that Jewel has for its visitors. But if you want, you can enjoy most of the attractions in three hours.

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The main entrance to the Jewel Changi airport is through Terminal 1. Terminal 1 is connected to Terminal 2 and 3 via unique pedestrian bridges. You can go from Terminal 4 to Terminal 2 with the shuttle bus. Furthermore, if you’re in a rush, you have the option to ride the Skytrain. The Skytrain goes from Terminal two to Terminal three. You can see the whole airport from the Skytrain. Additionally, there are two Sky trains. If you’re already in Singapore, then you can explore the Jewel like any other shopping mall. If you’re going to catch a flight, then go there beforehand to explore the airport. The Jewel has early check-in services and baggage storage area.

So, you don’t have to push all that weight while enjoying the airport. You can also find hotels inside the Jewel. If you have a longer flight gap, you can either explore, or you can get a room at the Yotel Air hotel inside the Jewel. The hotel rents short term rooms. So, you can freshen up at your hotel room and then explore the many attractions of the airport.

Where to Eat at Jewel Changi Airport

Where to Eat - Jewel Changi Airport
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Besides shopping, you can dine here too. And the dining option here is vast. You have famous dining areas like Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan. Also, on other floors, you can find food courts and other dining options. The Jewel features more than two hundred and eighty stores and restaurants. The place looks more like a mall than an airport. You will find all sorts of international brands at the shopping mall. Aside from the lower floors, you can find more dining options on the top floor. Thanks to the beautiful and natural ambiance of the Jewel, it will feel as if you were dining outside.

Attractions – Jewel Changi Airport

It is incredible how an airport became an attraction spot in Singapore. The place was built for passengers and visitors. While every other country is busy minimizing traffic, Singapore has made an airport that serves both as an airport and a tourist spot. However, the airport’s main attraction is not the malls or dining areas. It is what stands in the center of the Jewel, the Rain Vortex. The rain vortex looks very unreal. It seems like an endless stream of water falling from the roof to the airport on the basin that’s on the ground floor. The rain vortex is 40 meters above ground, and it is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The waterfall is functional 24 hours every day.

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Besides admiring the beauty of the rain vortex, there a lot of other things you can do and see. The Jewel Changi airport is large enough to house a miniature forest. You can walk down several paths to get the feeling of stepping inside a forest. It is incredible how much greenery the forest holds. The forest contains more than two thousand trees and 100,00 shrubs. All of these plants were imported over three years. The environment inside the building is fantastic. Since there are plants inside the building, the place isn’t freezing like most other malls. Instead, you will find a tropical climate like feel. The environment is comfortable minus the humidity.

Most of these attractions are free, and the public can access them. However, there are attractions to which you need tickets to access. You need tickets to access. You need to buy tickets for the canopy bridge, hedge maze, and the sky nets. The canopy bridge is another attraction of the Jewel Changi Airport. The canopy bridge is located on the fifth floor of the airport. From the bridge, you can get a unique vantage point of the airport. The bridge is 23 meters above ground and is made entirely out of glass. Unlike other airports, your kids can have fun at this airport after a long flight. The Skynet on the top floors is a great place to let your kids run free. Besides the Skynet, there is a mirror maze, a hedge maze, and many other activities for children.

you won’t find another airport like this. The Jewel Changi Airport is truly a work of art and packs a vast amount of features and services. You must visit the Jewel Changi Airport.

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