Joma Bakery Café, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Joma Bakery Café

Joma Bakery Café, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

The Joma Bakery Café has existed in Phnom Penh for about five years already. The exotic taste of the coffee bean seems to be one of the attractive factors of this Café. Interestingly, Joma Bakery Café in Phnom Penh gets its coffee beans from southern Laos. For this reason, the taste of the coffee brings out the best experience for the customers. On top of that, it also has its own bakery where they produce fresh homemade bread and cake to provide to the customers. Moreover, the highly best service that the Joma Bakery Café will also ensure that everyone who goes to visit this place has one of the best times in their life.

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  • Environment:

The Joma Bakery Café can enlighten their customers with the ambiance of its place. It seems to possess a vibe of solitude which is able to make the customers feel at ease. The design and style in this Café are luxuriously pleasant. When you are inside, you can imagine this place as one of the most comfortable places for you to spend your time with either friends or love ones. The designer of the Joma Bakery Café makes sure everything inside looks cozy for the customers but it still bears the signature of elegance.

Joma Bakery Café
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Furthermore, one of the most attractive things about Joma Bakery Café is the taste and smell of coffee. As stated, the coffee bean is from the southern Laos which appears to be relatively unfamiliar for the local Khmer people. However, due to its uniqueness in taste, it has gained a lot more customers by its high-quality coffee.

source: Facebook “សក្កណា ធានី”

Over and above that, the aroma from the newly baked bread and cake is one of the aspects that undeniably displays the charm of the Joma Bakery Café. Each bread and cake is extremely appetizing wherefore many people who prefer fresh and the bread that made directly in the house can go there to buy the bread. Additionally, This place also serves a set of breakfast and other types of appetizers as well.

Joma Bakery Café
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  • Price Range: $1 – $6
  • Business Hour: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Type of place: Luxury
  • Location:
    • Preah Norodom Boulevard Corner Street 294
    • Street 528 Corner Street 337, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh
    • Street 155 Corner Street 456, Toul Tom Poung, Phnom Penh
  • Type of cuisine served: Western

In essence, the Joma Bakery Café receives a spot as one of the favorite places for the people in Phnom Penh to get an enjoyable time and experience. There are a few factors for this Café to be well-loved. Firstly, it is the best taste of coffee that remains on the tip of your tongue. Second is the affordable price and the perfect cakes. Lastly, the environment inside this Café allows us to feel at peace with our state of mind. Therefore, it fits perfectly with every type of person. You should really go to visit this place to gain such an incredible experience.


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