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Jua, Bangkok is one of the newest izakaya joint that was opening in November in Charoenkrung’s “creative district”. Jua, Bangkok is a very upscale izakaya and probably the hippest one in the neighbourhood. Back in 2012, Charoenkrung Road wasn’t a trendy district like it is compared to now. However, due to the increasingly number of creative entrepreneurs settling down into the area, Charoenkrung quickly became the hotspot for art and food in Bangkok city. Jua, Bangkok is also one of the very reason why it is known for its hip, upscale Japanese bar food. Jua’s aim is to offer a memorable social atmosphere for its customers who’s looking for a place to hang out after work-whether it’s for a snack or a happy hour drink.

Jua, Bangkok | Thailand

Source: Facebook “JUA”

“Hit me!” – JUA

Source: Facebook “JUA”

Speaking of Jua, Bangkok’s décor, Jua, Bangkok’s two storey shop house takes on the space that was once a gambling house in Charoenkrung, hence, this yakitori restaurant name pays homage to its past. It can be loosely translated to “turning up a card” or “hit me” in Thai. It is a commonly used phrase in Siamese blackjack (also known as pok daeng). Jua, Bangkok’s exterior blends in very well with other shop houses in the valley.

However, thanks to Hong Kong-based designer Sean Six who’s well-known for his minimalistic and modern designs, Jua, Bangkok was renovated to a modern minimalist interior with a few statement pieces. Inside, there’s a brightly lit bar behind the metal-rimmed glass doors, there’s a display cabinet showing off Jua, Bangkok’s impressive sake collection. Colourful displays of rotating artwork dominate the wall. The artwork are images from the co-owner compendium, Sake: The History, Stories, and Craft of Japan’s Artisanal Breweries. There also space upstairs for private dinner booking.

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Source: Facebook “JUA”

Kushiyaki or grilled skewered items are the main focus in Jua, Bangkok’s menu. The entire menu is packed with flavour and fun. All the skewers are grilled over Japanese charcoal. There’s almost anything and everything. From pork belly to pumpkin or chicken hearts. Most of the skewers price starts from 80 baht up to 280 baht. Some of the recommended skewers include Tsukune (chicken meatball), paired with Thai-style cured egg yolk (100 baht). Banana prawns (180 baht), the bacon wrapped around asparagus is another must (100 baht). There are also portions to share such as grape tomato salad with shiso pesto and wasabi (220 baht) and mashed purple sweet potato with salty salmon roe (200 baht).

One of Jua’s signature mains is the Orecchiette pasta. It’s a blend of creamy flavours such as ikura, uni, wasabi, butter and nori. Jua’s menu is driven by creativity, hence, the banana prawn with durian butter (inspired by Malaysia’s fermented durian) is an out-of-the-box idea but it works and taste exceptionally well. Moreover, their menu offer revolve around the seasonal ingredients which meant they will serve you only the best and freshest ingredients.

Sake, Sake, Sake

Source: Facebook “JUA”

Drinks-wise, Jua, Bangkok’s beverage menu is consisted of a considerate collection of unique wines, craft beer, handcrafted cocktails, small-batch spirits and most importantly, it’s impressive collection of rare and artisanal sake. Drinks prices usually starts from 250 baht.

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