Kandal Village (in Siem Reap)

Kandal Village (in Siem Reap)

Siem Reap is what people call a ‘cafe town’ for the abundance of good cafes and modern stores designed in an appealing way. The cafes and stores are a feat for everyone, starting from backpackers to aristocrats. Amidst all these places, one particular area has recently stood out for its exquisite looks and super-cool shops. This is locally known as the Kandal Village. The place is located between the old market and the French quarter and is already a trendy place for anyone visiting Siem Reap.

Truth be told, it’s not a village. It’s a street with surrounding lanes and cozy neighborhoods. The reason why people call it a village is the artsy nature of this place. The cafes, the shops all are well developed to look like a piece of art, hence the name. A community of environmentally-conscious people live here, and their products are starting to catch the attention of tourists, because of the unique style and the noble cause. There are boutiques, eateries, and spas, alongside the super-nice cafes. The place is growing simultaneously, so you’ll find something new every time you go there. The dusty streets of Hup Guan have a lot to offer, why don’t we jump right on to the things to do there?
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1. Saarti

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Saarti is a boutique shop. Get inside and you’ll be amazed to smell the medley of divine scents like lemongrass and orange. This is no ordinary boutique shop though, for they use local materials in almost all the products. All of them are made with bare hands, very meticulously.

The scent we were talking about? They have a wide range of products suitable for your body, your mind, and your place. They have natural soaps, scented soaps, body lotions that are infused with different oils- all for your body. They got soy wax candles and other wax items to decorate your place. If you want a mental cleansing, just dive deep and smell the aromas- that will do, for sure. The products are all eco-friendly, another plus-point here!

2. The Little Red Fox Espresso

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Coffee places are a very common thing to see when you visit Siem Reap. But there is something pretty unique about this very cozy place. They serve the usual coffees, of course. But aside from the usual espressos and cappuccinos, they offer interesting drinks like ‘Cafe Meas’ which roughly translates into ‘golden coffee’. This one is made with turmeric milk, definitely homemade, and added with ginger, cinnamon, and coconut as spices.

The music here is very classy too, they play 60’s style Cambodian music all the time, with rock n’ roll being their preference. Some beautiful artworks are hanging by the wall, adding to the beauty.

3. Frangipani Spa

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The town is also known for the abundance of temples, so after a busy day of roaming around temples, you’d want to settle down for a relaxing spa. Kandal Village has just the thing for you in this regard. Frangipani Spa offers a wide variety of body and face treatments. Starting from aromatherapy to neck and foot massages to herbal baths, they provide everything. The employees there are all professionals too.

You can go for the Kampot Pepper Scrub if you wish to, it’s a unique face wash made with local pepper. The scrub makes sure your dull skin is rejuvenated.

 4. Bridge Art Gallery

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So far, you’ve checked on coffee places, boutique shops, and spas. Now to add to the list we have the Bridge Art Gallery, an aesthetic place for all art lovers across the world. They have artworks from local and international artists, and you can buy artworks from here if you wish.

The best feature of the Bridge Art Gallery is its wine and art nights. They usually host them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A beautiful night with art and a sip from good wine- no better way to spend a Tuesday night here, to be honest.

5. Vibe

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Vibe is a very elegant looking eatery with tasty foods and a very cool ambiance. They have this ‘earth-to-table’ style that makes the place very organic and unique. This is a vegan food place, but don’t be disappointed just yet. Their food tastes so good you might forget that you’re not having anything non-veg.

Try their zucchini pasta or the quinoa porridge, both very healthy and tasty. The cold-pressed juices and other drinks are healthy nonetheless, and if you want to eat fresh this is a good pick for you.

6. Armand’s

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We now have a restaurant on the list. A place to have a good dinner, listen to good music and have a good time. This is a french bistro restaurant that will provide you with an eloquent fine dining experience. They play jazz while you have your food, and the music is decent.

After a long tiring day hopping around the town, Armand’s might just be the place to satisfy your hungry stomach and depressed soul.

7. Trunkh

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Have you ever been to a shop where you felt like you wanted to buy everything available there? Maybe buy the whole freaking shop? If you have, then Trunkh would be your pick. If you haven’t, then there’s a first time for everything, right?

Trunkh is a lifestyle boutique with a massive range of collections. Starting from hand-printed cotton sarongs to show-pieces to trinkets- they have everything. They have a variety of everything, and the products there are artsy as well. It would be near impossible for you to walk out of the shop buying nothing since the products aren’t super-expensive and quite affordable.

8. Constable gallery

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Another gallery for you on the list. Constable gallery is arguably the biggest gallery in Kandal village and they have artworks from all over the world. Local Cambodian artworks are beautiful too.

9. Louise Loubatieres

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Silk lovers, pay attention. This place is for you. A shop that specializes in silk-made products. They are a boutique shop that makes silk-based products.

In conclusion, the Kandal Village has varieties of beautiful places to visit. Hopefully this provided you the information to attract you visit this village.


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