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Kim leng Bangkok

Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand is a family-run business located in 158-160 Tanao Rd. | behind the Government Saving Bank – Ratchadamnoen Branch, Bangkok, Thailand (Phra Nakhon). It is a restaurant that is often describes as a hidden jewel where people who do not pay attention will often walk past it without a second thought.

However, for the small majority who are aware of Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand, they say that it is a restaurant that is mysterious and does not get enough hype yet the food quality is perfect. Hence, its exterior is also quite simple, it is a two building shop house that is quite short with open space and quite small and old. This place screams casual and therefore customers need not put on fancy clothing, just flip flops is fine to suit in with the vibe of the restaurant.

Kim Leng, Bangkok | Thailand

Kim leng Bangkok
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Vibe and Business Hours

Equally as important, Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand also does not have air-conditioners and operates in an open-air type of environment which really sets the mood for their customers. Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand is a small restaurant that exudes comfort, happiness and fun atmosphere. When compared to other restaurants, Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand puts more emphasis on the simplicity of things such as delivering quality home-cooked food for visitors. Although it is closed on Sundays, it opens daily from 10 am to 7:30pm.


Cuisine and Menu and Price at Kim Leng

We believe that the philosophy of the restaurant is simplicity and they express it through their designs and food. The main cuisine that it serves is Thai food and all the menu are not fancy and overcomplicated, it is instead simple and focused on bringing out the best flavour out of its ingredients. At the forefront of this little cozy two storey shophouse, behind the glass panels lays a varieties of pre-cooked meals with steamed rice for the office workers and locals to purchase. While the inside has little steel chairs and the normal table yet all their food on the limited menu is sure to amaze you.

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A dish most recommended by visitors is their yam þlah dùk foo which is a deep-fried catfish topped with tangy green mangoes, fiery red chilis and crushed salted peanuts. Although, the dish itself is quite simple, yet the way they prepare brings out the flavor from the fresh catfish which goes really well with the mangoes and the chilis. Even Though, Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand deep-fried it, it is done so that the catfish is crispy yet not dripping with oil. Other must-tried dishes at Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand includes spicy yum tua pu (Thai Asparagus bean salad), sweet mee krob (Crispy vermicelli) and hor mok cakes (curry with steamed fish). All of these dishes at Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand costs from 50THB to 150THB, which is around 4-5USD!


Writer’s Opinion

Although Kim Leng, Bangkok, Thailand is not as well known as other restaurants, the simplicity and authenticity of its food is quite impactful. In addition, it is a restaurant that does not advertise itself, so if we don’t write about it, we fear that such a splendid restaurant will one day cease to exist.

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