Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia

Koh Ta Kiev

If you want to disconnect yourself from the world, Koh Ta Kiev island in Cambodia is the perfect place to head to. The incredibly stunning sunset and milk ways, beautiful beaches, delicious local cuisines, exploration in the jungle, and sleeping in an eco-resort with the sound of the ocean in the background are what travel dreams are usually made of. Koh Ta Kiev has all the elements of such a dreamy tour for you! While this idyllic place has so many beautiful things to offer, it requires you to be a little prepared before heading to this paradise. Go through the following to know more about this beautiful Cambodian Island paradise.

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Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia

Koh Ta Kiev
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About Koh Ta Kiev

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Clear cut, Koh Ta Kiev is the destination for the adventurers and nature-lovers! When about Koh Ta Kiev, the first few things that come in mind are- white sandy beaches, jungle treehouse, stunning coves, mangrove forest, and some rocky cliffs. It has got a picturesque look from any angle you see anything of it. It has some rustic eco-resorts to host the guests but no electricity, internet or even air-conditioning facilities. It is just stone’s throw away from the mainland and thus to some tourists it is just excellent for a day-trip, while others plan to stay over to enjoy and explore it to the fullest.


Koh Ta Kiev, a soothing island of Cambodia, is just a few kilometers away from the Ream National Park. It is relatively smaller in size than its cousin-islands- Koh Rong Sanloem and Koh Rong. It has been leased to a Chinese-French Company that has planned to build up some high-end guesthouses and hotels for the tourists, which is not that much visible yet though. A second lease has been granted to a Chinese-Malaysia company that is planning to spend a huge amount accounting for $2-3 billion to turn it into a more tourist-friendly island. Although all one can see by now is a dual-carriageway road through the forest.

Best Beaches

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This island has got a coastline of around 14.3 kilometers which hosts some beautiful beaches, rocky cliffs, and schedules coves. some stunning white sandy beaches for the tourists. Some parts of the island have been bought by some developers yet the only indication of development here is a muddy track named ‘Chinese Road’ which has some dotted colorful indications to direct you in the right direction. Among the best beaches that you find here are- Long Beach and Plankton Beach. Long Beach has got more seductions for tourists than Plankton.


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Once we decide to head to this paradise, you can follow the checklist that our experts have developed intending to help tourists get prepared to the fullest. To begin with, you should have preparation around the daily necessities- flashlight, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, first aid kit. Besides this, you should also pack all the other necessary things that you think you might need. Many tourists prefer light backpacking if they think to spend the daytime but if you plan to stay over, make sure that you take some extra clothes so that you are not affected by its microclimate.


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Now, when you are about to set off for Koh Ta Kiev, know that it has a handful number of rustic eco-resorts to host the guests. Here is a list that our team has compiled to help you find the best suit- 

  • Ten103 Treehouse Bay
  • Crusoe Island
  • Koh Ta Kiev Bungalows
  • Kactus
  • The Last Point


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Now as you have your preferred accommodation, you are ready to get out and unveil what this island got for you. Although it is a place for many to relax if you are the one who expects something more than just relaxation then you have some interesting things to do. The first thing we suggest you do is exploration. This beautiful island is simply more than ideal to explore by sea and by land. It is home to more than 250 species including lizards, birds, orchids and more. Besides, you will find so many interesting things in the jungle which will make your day just overwhelming. There will be directions to get lost wandering in the jungle, pick one! Besides this you can take part in the following activities as well: Beachcombing, snorkeling, visiting the fishing village, kayaking, cliff jumping, and of course, do gaze at the stars in the evening. Have a time chill filled!


Now doing all these yo

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u managed food for your soul but body. Now when it comes to assuaging your hungry tummy know that they have a good range of foods to try. In general, we suggest to try out the local foods as they will deepen your experience. According to the foodies who tried out many items here, grub is excellent! Get whatever food you want by 9 pm as they will be closed after that. For your convenience, here is a possible place you can pay a visit to have your favorite items- Ten103, Kactus, Ten103 presents Plai, Last Point, and Nak’s Shack. Enjoy your foods!!

Medical and Emergency

It is wise to collect information about available medical and emergency facilities of the place you are planning to visit for the first time. For your kind information, know that Koh Ta Kiev lacks emergency medical support systems. Although some resorts have basics of it, it is recommended that you come with full preparedness so that you can mitigate risks. Thus, we suggest you have an emergency small-sized first aid kit, as you might encounter some unexpected scarps and cuts while wandering in the jungle or at the beaches. In such cases, alcohol wipes, bandages, antiseptic and antibiotic could initially help tackle the situation.

Finally, while this article covered all the important issues you should bear in mind while planning your itinerary, it does not dare to capture all the beauties and thrills that Koh Ta Kiev has got for you. For that, let us visit, explore and chill out!


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