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One of the least populated states in the USA is Maine. On the north and east side, you have the Atlantic Ocean and Appalachian mountains. Furthermore, it is the home to the Machias Seal Island, Old Sow, and North Rock. Maine is also nicknamed Vacationland with its dense forests, waterways, rocky coastline, and some of the best lakes. You can find over 6,000 lakes here, but we have selected the 15 best lakes in Maine for you to visit here.

Top 15 Best Lakes in Maine

15. Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond
Source: acadiamagic

In Hancock County, you find Jordan Pond with its spectacular water. The pond stretches over 75-hectares in the Acadia National Park. Furthermore, you can find the Penobscot Mountain with its beautiful landscapes. Jordan Pond is one of the deepest lakes in Maine and the home to different species of flora and fauna. While you cannot access the pond, you can still admire it when walking along the trails. Alongside the shoreline, you can see the famous Jordan House that serves lunch, dinner, and tea.

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14. Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake
Source: nrcm

Another one of Maine’s largest lakes is the Moosehead Lake. The pond is the home to more than 80 islands with Mount Kineo rising from the lake. The lagoon got its name from the large population of moose in the area. Furthermore, it resembles the shape of antlers. On the other hand, the shoreline stretches for 640 km and line with parks and towns. You can find loads of accommodation from camping grounds to private cabins in the vicinity.

13. Flagstaff Lake

Flagstaff Lake
Source: flickr

On the border of the Bigelow Mountain Range, you find Flagstaff Lake in Somerset & Franklin Counties. The place is famous for outdoor activities from hiking to fishing. There are six boat launches and campsites available along the shoreline. Furthermore, it makes up part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. The pond is shallow and great for angling salmon and trout. You can kayak and canoe here as well.

12. Sebago Lake

Sebago Lake
Source: landvest

Another one of the best lakes in Maine to visit you find in Cumberland County. The pond is the second-largest lakes in Maine. Furthermore, you can discover Frye Island here that offers waterfront properties as well. The lagoon is a popular tourist destination with loads of recreational activities from swimming, sailing, fishing, to camping. There are two beaches with a boat ramp and hiking trails available as well.

11. Rangeley Lake

Rangeley Lake
Source: visitmaine

In Maine’s region, Rangeley Lake is one of six lakes found in the vicinity. The lagoons fed by several streams and flow out at the northwest corner ending up in the Atlantic Ocean. Come here to relax and enjoy bird watching, sailing, swimming, hiking and fishing. You can find several campsites, playgrounds, picnic areas, and motorhome sites to spend a night to a week. You can even bring along your golf clubs to enjoy a round of golf at the Spring Golf Course.

10. Mooselookmeguntic Lake

Mooselookmeguntic Lake
Source: flickr

In Franklin County, you have the Mooselookmeguntic Lake spanning over 6,600 hectares west of Rangeley Lake. A shoreline stretches for miles and offers rental properties for the best vacation in Maine. If you enjoy angling, this is the place to be as you can fish for perch, shiner, trout, and salmon. The lake’s name means moose feeding place and it is the third-longest name in this country.

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9. Cobbossecontee Lake

Cobbossecontee Lake
Source: bringfido

For a stunning view with inlets, islands, and coves, you need to visit Cobbossecontee Lake. Furthermore, it is the home to Ladies Delight Lighthouse in Maine. The lagoon is one of the largest in the Winthrop Lakes Region and best for bass fishing. There are several campsites along the shoreline to spend a night. On the other hand, if you prefer comfort, you can rent a cottage, house, or cabin close to the lake.

8. Webb Lake

Webb Lake
Source: lussierphoto

Another Franklin County lagoon is the Webb Lake that offers you a beautiful setting with Mount Blue in the backdrop. The place is ideal for outdoor lovers to camp, hike, and fish, waterski, swim and do horseback riding. You can visit the lake during the day that offers a boat launch. You can visit the park all year round and during winter, you can do cross-country skiing.

7. East Grand Lake

East Grand Lake
Source: eastgrandlake

For another one of the best lakes in Maine to visit is this one between Maine and the Canadian province, East Grand Lake. The lagoon stretches across two countries and famous for fishing. Here you can angle for salmon, white perch, lake trout, and bass. The shorelines dotted with beaches and rocky reefs. You can stay for the night or a week at the Maine side that has vacation homes, camping grounds, and cabins.

6. Millinocket Lake

Millinocket Lake
Source: explorenewengland

On the medial side of Maine, you get the Millinocket Lake in Piscataquis County. With its picturesque backdrops, you can enjoy fishing as well. Here you can find brook trout, white sucker, yellow perch, fallfish, and landlocked salmon. Furthermore, the lagoon splits into two lakes with the smaller one called Little Millinocket and the main lake found to the east. The pools surrounded by forest and you can find a place to pitch your tent.

5. Nahmakanta Lake

Nahmakanta Lake
Source: nahmakanta

For a serene pond in Maine, you will love the Nahmakanta Lake surrounded by mountains and the North Maine Woods. Here you can swim, canoe, kayak, and fish. For land-based activities, you can go hike or do bird watching. The shoreline of the lagoon is un-spoilt and the home to one lodge that has been open since 1872.

4. Trickey Pond

Trickey Pond
Source: wikipedia

The lake is on the small side and found in Cumberland County. The fantastic thing when visiting the pond is its clarity, as the entire depth is always clear to see. You can access the lake from two places with one in the south and the other in the north. For staying overnight, there are camping grounds found on the east side. Here you get access to different watersports from wakeboarding, kayaking, water skiing, to windsurfing. Furthermore, it is a popular fishing spot.

3. Megunticook Lake

Megunticook Lake
Source: onthewaterinmaine

The lake is another huge lagoon found in Knox County. The lake is stunning with its rising cliffs. Furthermore, it offers you the best places to fish at Barrett’s Cove Beach. Here you can swim, sunbathe, and go boating. On the other hand, you get a two-access point, it offers camping sites, and hiking trails to enjoy nature.

2. China Lake

China Lake
Source: wikipedia

Northeast of Maine, you find China Lake in Kennebec County. The lagoon has an irregular shape line with cottages for visiting all year round. There are two public marinas with one on the north side and the other to the western basin. You can fish here for sunfish and largemouth bass. There are several strands for camping and loads of hiking trails available. During the winter, you can snowmobile as well.

1. Webber Pond

Webber Pond
Source: midmainebass

Another one of the best lakes in Maine, also found in Kennebec County, is Webber Pond. The fabricated lake offers excellent attractions for tourists and the town’s residents. You can spend time on the water fishing for largemouth bass, yellow perch, to brown trout. On the east shoreline, you have the Green Valley Park Campground.

Do you want to spend some time with the family away from the busy city life head out to one of the best lakes in Maine?

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