15 Best Lakes in Virginia | Let’s Sit Back And Relax

Virginia is a magnificent place found between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. Here you find picturesque landscapes with historical sites to see. Not only does the Old Dominion have some great wineries it also has the 15 best Lakes for you to visit. So if you are interested why not check the list of lakes out here and plan a trip to Virginia.

Best Lakes to Visit in Virginia

15. Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake
Source: blog.virginia

The lake is a large reservoir in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here you can experience jaw-dropping landscapes for the whole family to enjoy. The lagoon stretches for miles and comprises of retail, commercial, and residential homes. There are recreational activities available from boating, water skiing, sailing to wakeboarding.

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14. Lake Anna

Lake Anna
Source: Navionics

Another large freshwater Lake in Virginia is Lake Anna. You can access the lagoon from Washington DC, Charlottesville, and Richmond. The recreational lake is famous for tourists and divided into two sections that comprise a public and private area. On the community side, you get several boat rams and remain busy during the summer. Here you can enjoy a picnic or walk the hiking trails. Furthermore, there is a snack bar or you can relax on the beach.

13. Kerr Anna

Kerr Anna
Source: thecrazytourist

Another large reservoir you find in Virginia is Kerr Anna. You see the lagoon along the Roanoke River named after Congressman John H. Kerr. The pond is popular for tourists and anglers alike. Here you can fish for striped bass and largemouth bass. There are campsites available with a few marinas for jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, and sailing.

12. Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston
Source: Blog.virginia

Along North Carolina and Virginia, you find Lake Gaston that has a shoreline that stretches for miles. Here you can find small towns surrounding the lake. Enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, to wakeboarding when visiting the lagoon as it is a popular tourist destination.

11. Mountain Lake

Mountain lake
source: Virginia Places

You find Mountain Lakes near Newport in Virginia. The natural lake spans over 20-hectares with mountains surrounding it. For phenomenal scenery, you will find Mountain Lake pleasing to the eye. Here you can canoe, swim, fish, and do mountain biking. Furthermore, it is the home to the Mountain Lake Biological Station as well.

10. Claytor Lake

Claytor Lake
Source: virginia

Along New River in the slopes of the mountain is Claytor Lake. Along the shoreline, you find The New River Trail, State Park. Here you can enjoy wakeboarding, scuba diving, to sailing. Enjoy a long hike or camp out at the camping sites available. Furthermore, you can relax at the beach or do some fishing.

9. South Holston Lake

South Holston Lake
Source: Tennessee Lakes

Between Tennessee and Virginia is South Holston Lake bordered by the Cherokee National Forest. Here you can find great spots for fishing crappie, walleye, black bass, and bluegill. The best time to visit is on 4 July as you can see spectacular firework displays on the day.

8. Lake Drummond

Lake Drummond
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Lake Drummond is a freshwater lake making up a part of the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia. The lagoon sits between hills and offers you fishing and boating. You can cycle, hike, do bird watching, and swim at the lake. The surroundings present you with the best nature views. You can stay for the night or a week at the camping sites.

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7. Leesville Lake

Leesville Lake
Source: Flickr

At the lower section of the Smith Mountain Lake, you find Leesville Lake nestled in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The lagoon has an expansive shoreline with cabins, farms, and lakefront houses. You can find many things to do here from fishing, swimming to water sports. The pond is famous for striped bass angling.

6. Lake Chesdin

Lake Chesdin
Source: lakechesdincamground

On the south-central side of Virginia, you find Lake Chesdin that provides Petersburg with water. Here you find popular fishing spots for largemouth bass, bluegill, walleye, channel catfish, and more. There are different camping sites available to relax and you can cool down in the lake.

5. Burke Lake

Burke Lake
Source: Flickr

In Burke Lake Park, you find the majestic Burke Pond filled with fresh water. The lagoons run by Fairfax County Park, and you will find visitors from all over visiting the place. Enjoy canoeing, boating, swimming, and fishing. You can angle by boat or stand on the shoreline. Furthermore, you can walk or jog the different trails available.

4. Occoquan Reservoir

Occoquan Reservoir
Source: Flickr

Southwest of Burke Lake, you find the Occoquan Reservoir along the river. The reservoir is a significant water source for the surrounding areas. A popular recreational activity is fishing for northern pike, bluegill, crappie, and more. Furthermore, it is the home to a significant boating club OBC. You can find two parks on the north shoreline. Take the family for a hike, horseback riding, cycling and more.

3. Philpott Lake

Philpott Lake
Source: Flickr

The lake sits in the mountains formed by Smith River. There is a hydroelectric power station used to power the area. Furthermore, you can enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, and other activities at the lagoon as well. The surrounding park enables you do enjoy horseback riding, hiking, and biking.

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2. Lake Maury

Lake Maury
Source: Flickr

The lake is part of the Mariner’s Museum in Newport Mews. The lagoon is a center point of the park named after Matthew Fontain Maury. Here you are not permitted to use private boats but can hire one from the museum to paddle instead. You can enjoy fishing, hiking, and cycling along the lagoon.

1. Gardy’s Millpond

Gardy’s Millpond
Source: thecrazytourist

For a tranquil setting, visit Gardy’s Millpond, which is a 30-hectare lagoon. The waters decorated with lily pads and the shorelines forested. The water is shallow and great for fishing largemouth bass, black crappy and other species. Furthermore, you can spend the day relaxing or take a long walk along the shore.

Now that you know what the 15 best lakes in Virginia plan your vacation and head out to these spots for a relaxing day or week.


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