Lbak Khaon | Cambodia

Lbak Khaon | Cambodia

Cambodia, south-Asian country, has long been a popular tourist attraction for a myriad of reasons for many years now. It offers an incredible opportunity for the tourists to enjoy and experience both- nature and history. While many spots in Cambodia will offer you to know more about its glorious past, it has got some beautiful and pristine nature tourism sites for travelers to experience the beauty of life. Those places will evoke a strong sense of realization about life, existence, and appreciation of nature. Lbak Khaon in Cambodia is one of such places.

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The north part of Cambodia has some beautiful places for the tourists. One such place is Lbak Khaon, Cambodia. Lbak Khaon is located in the northern part of Cambodia under the province of Stung Treng. The nine graders of Cambodian high school know ins and outs about Lbak Khan. They know that this is an impressive waterfall and in the bucket list of many people across the globe. It has got some specialties to attract a good number of tourists over the past years. During the monsoon, when the water level gets higher and higher and reaches the edge, it starts falling blanketing the surrounding areas with mist and fog. With the height of 26 meters, this waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in south-east Asia and, of course, in Cambodia. As the waterfall is a big one with considerable speed thus, it is neither feasible nor even recommended swimming in it. What we suggest is that you better go there and enjoy the magically beautiful view and sounds of the waterfall as it will surely blow your mind. Knowing up to this, if you plan to visit Cambodia, we suggest you to plan to visit Lbak Khaon.

How to Go There

There are several ways to get to Lbak Khaon. You can come from any city to Stung Treng. There are several ways- by road, flight, waterways. How would you plan to travel to that place is, by and large, depending on the place you want to come from and your budget? If you travel by bus, know that the distance is 348 kilometers and would take around 7-9 hours. The cost would be USD 8. Besides this, you can share taxis and pick-ups to get to this beautiful place. In addition to this, you can hire a motorcycle to go there, although not everyone is comfortable with this. It would take you around five and half an hour from Banglung to Stung Treng.


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For all the traveler cum food connoisseurs out there know that if you plan to visit this beautiful place, do not worry about the foods. There are some restaurants where you can have food. The price is relatively affordable even for budget-oriented travelers. There are a variety of restaurants and cafes you will find there with a good range of foods to satisfy your hungry tummy with their delicious foods. Among all of them, you will find Chinese and other types of restaurants there, which means a variety of foods are available. Among some of the quite popular restaurants- Mekong Blue, Arunreas Restaurant, New World restaurant, and No Name Restaurant receive a higher number of recommendations from both- tourists and food experts.

Accommodation Facilities

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Now you know that you do not need to think about foods. Likewise, you do not need to think much about the accommodations. We have got a list for you that contains some of the best hotels and guesthouses to stay at a relatively wallet-friendly rate and good services. The price is still dependent on several factors. Among some popular stays there- Sekong Hotel, Sok Sambath Hotel, Mohasal Hotel, Riverside Guesthouse, and Amatak Guesthouse are recommended. Among all these hotels and guesthouses, the Sok Sambath is by far the best one for the guests. The rooms are quite comfortable with all the modern facilities.


We have got to know many travelers who frequently ask us about the best places to pay a visit for shopping. Our expert team has got that query is easily answerable with some of the popular marketplaces this place has. Know that there is a big and bustling marketplace and also a small one, like all other cities in Cambodia, for you to buy local artifacts and souvenirs. We recommend you to buy some authentic handcrafted weaver made by the local people. The products that they make are unique and embedded with local essence. Therefore, most of the travelers who pay a visit to that place buy to bear the memory along. Anyway, know that apart from this type of market, you will also find some market especially for foods and drinks.


With all the information about how you get there, where to try foods and manage your stay, you may be settled a bit. Now, what can come into your mind are the places you can visit. Well, our experts have thought about it long before. They have compiled a list for your convenience- you can go visit Dolphins in the freshwater, the Lbak khaon waterfall itself, and the discovery train at the Mekong are some of those paces you can visit.


If you are someone want to get more out of your Lbak Khaon visit, know that this place would not disappoint you.

There are some amazing things that you can do,w which will surely make your lbak khaon trip more enjoyable. Flight from the Gibbon is one such activity that is highly recommended for everyone. It is built in such a location where you will be able to enjoy a close connection with nature.

Finally, Cambodia is a place of real beauty and almost heaven for many travelers from both- east and west. Among all the beautiful tourist attraction the Lbak Khaon waterfall should be in your itinerary.


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