Enjoying The Appetizing Thai Cuisine at Le Du, Bangkok | Thailand

Le Du

Le Du, a Thai restaurant in Bangkok, started in November 2013 by the experienced chef Thitid Tassanakajohn who also known as Ton. It is intriguing to know that Le Du comes from a Thai word which means season. To make it clearer, each food at this restaurant provides a fanciful taste regardless of any season. On top of that, the great chef at this restaurant, Ton, had trained at the Culinary Institute of America and the Court of Master Sommeliers in New York.

Due to being so passionate about cooking, he used all of his knowledge and experience he had to invent many delicious cuisines. Each cuisine at this restaurant inspired by local recipe is made with caution and care to make sure the customers can enjoy the finest taste of Thai food. Not only that, this place also offers a variety of wine from different ages to their customers as well. With all the appetizing food and the greatest wine, Le Du is a perfect place to enjoy your dinner.

Le Du, Bangkok | Thailand

Le Du
Source: Facebook “Le Du”


With all the first-class restaurants in Bangkok, Le Du still has this power to make itself outstanding. Looking from the outside through the mirror door, you can see how luxurious it is. On one hand, the beauty of the interior of this restaurant sparks your interest with its awesome sense of artistry. You have to admire how excellent the design is. On the other hand, the customers seem to come to this restaurant endlessly until the time it has to close. This can explain just how great both the service, food and beverage at Le Du are. On top of that, the atmosphere that makes people feel all comfortable and cozy is a plus.

Above that, it also offers a private room for those who want to dine in private from public’s eyes as well. You will feel extremely contented with the pretty environment at Le Du. Furthermore, the cozy atmosphere inside of the restaurant will make your dining experience more entertaining.

Le Du
Source: Facebook “Le Du”

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Additional Information:

  • Price Range: $50 – $100
  • Business Hour: 6:00PM – 10:30PM
  • Type of place: Fancy
  • Location: 99/3 Silom 7 Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok
  • Type of cuisine served: Thai

In conclusion, dining at Le Du is one of the perfect decision an individual could ever make. You can find Thai delicious cuisine made by professional chefs, which could give you a new taste of Thai food. The heavenly taste from each cuisine served at this place will definitely meet your standard no matter how high it is. In addition, this place also offers a perfect wine for their customers to enjoy while dining as well. Most importantly, the relaxing vibe at this restaurant can lure your mind to forget all about your problem and keep you focus on the beauty of the ambiance. In short, whether you are with a group of friends, lover or family, Le Du is one of the Thai restaurant that we totally recommend to you.


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