Le Du Restaurant, Bangkok Thailand

Le Du Restaurant, Bangkok Thailand

Le Du Restaurant is located at 399/3 Soi SiLom 7, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand. It was created by chef “Ton” Thitid who has experience working in New York City’s Eleven Madison Park. Thanks to the chef’s creativity and originality, Le Du restaurant in Bangkok Thailand decided to incorporate and use the rotating seasons as the main influence on their menu. The word “Le Du” comes from an original thai word that literally translates to “Seasons”. Which is quite fitting seeing as the menu does revolve around the changing seasons. Not only that, Le Du restaurant is also featured in the Michelin Guide 2020 and is a restaurant that received one Michelin star. As a matter of fact, Le Du restaurant pride itself on sourcing only the best seasonal produce for their menu and their careful selection of fine wine to complement their food.

Le Du Restaurant, Bangkok Thailand


Cuisine and Menu

As mentioned before, Le Du restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand primarily serves authentic Thai cuisine. Their main focus is sourcing the freshest and quality ingredients from the local farms in order to turn a simple Thai dish into a fancy one. Each plate of food from Le Du Restaurant is a masterpiece from the bright and vibrant color palette to the plating itself.

-Le Du Restaurant

As a result of the chef’s creativity, the food tastes as good as it looks. During the summer, be sure to try their signature Khao Chae which is rice soaked in water that is sure to beat the glaring hot summer heat. In addition, their Khao Khluk Kapi, a dish that consists of aromatic organic rice cooked with shrimp paste and pork, topped with river prawns.

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Course of Food:

Le Du offers four different courses and different tasting menus for their customers. The first course is known as the cold dishes. During the time of this article, the cold dishes include wild sea bass cooked with betel leaves, coconut and ginger. Squid and crab is the other dish that is included in this first course and they are prepared with ingredients such as squid eggs, palm sugar and banana blossom. Their second course is centered around produce that comes from the sea and the land, which included a large grouper fish, juicy river prawns as well as fresh squid and clams.

- Le Du Restaurant

As for those who are allergic to seafood, the third course only uses ingredients from the ranch which consists of free range chicken, charcoal grilled pork jowl and green curry beef short rib. Lastly, the dessert course consists of luscious Chiang Mai Chocolate with vanilla-kefir ice cream, sweet jackfruit and Coconut Bavarois. There are of course two types of tasting menu: six-courses (3590 THB) and four courses tasting menu (2290 and 2990 THB).

Price Range, Business Hour and Type of Place


Le Du restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand is a michelin star restaurant, therefore, the price range can be quite pricey, ranging from 2,290 – 3,590 THB or around 100USD. Its business hours are from Monday to Saturday from 6-10pm, with Sunday as their day off. The interior and design of Lthe restaurant screams contemporary, modern yet comfortable. Smart casual is the dress code for Le Du restaurant!

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