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Mammoth, a small mysterious town found in the Pinal County of Arizona, is a humble abode for 1,650 residents as of 2017. Although people may perceive the environment unforgiving due to the ruthless beat down from the sun, you will find is its rich culture, nostalgic environment and its “earth-shattering” revelations.

Due to its rural yet down to earth feel to the place, Mammoth becomes an excellent home for expedition enthusiasts looking to have a thrilling adventure into the unknown. Also, not all adventures have to be dangerous, whereas, in Mammoth, safety is of utmost importance so that tourists may explore to their heart’s content.

Best Things To Do in Mammoth, California

1. Explore The Caves Of Mammoth-Saint Anthony Mine

Things to do in Mammoth
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A small known fact is that Mammoth was founded in 1872 which served as a refuge as the “Mammoth Camp” and served the miners in “Mammoth Mine”. Later on, the mine closed in 1991 by the name of “Mammoth-Saint Anthony Mine”. Moreover, this place is the holy grail for ores, rocks and mineral junkies alike. However, the marvel of those spectacular rocks would entice you.


2. Take A Spin With ATV Adventures – Things to do in Mammoth

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People are sad on most occasions. When mounted on an ATV and cruising through the deserts of Mammoth isn’t one of those moments. Being accompanied by trained, enthusiastically charming professionals who know the ins and outs of ATV riding while ensuring your safety will accentuate your motivation to go out and explore the lands.


3. Glide Across On Arizona Zipline Adventures

Things to do in Mammoth
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Now, how about a pass time for those risk-seeking individuals that need their blood pumping. However, do not be alarmed as it tends to be fairly safe and inexpensive. Ziplining is a tremendous activity that requires quite a bit of dexterity of the body, basic upper body strength and most importantly, guts. One must propel themselves off a high tower along a streamline which gets the adrenaline rushing.


4. March Through Marshall Gulch Trail – Things to do in Mammoth

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Let’s take a look at what the wilderness has to offer. This place is not only a magnet for nature-lovers but also the people who are addicted to hiking with a spectacular scenario. This place offers availability to the trail system which is located at the peak of the mountain which involves the Aspen Trail, Mint Spring Trail and Wilderness of Rock Trail. Natural ravines can be found for a quick and easy dip, and considering this brutal heat, you best believe you will be needing one.


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5. Peek At Adventures In Stained Glass – Things to do in Mammoth

Things to do in Mammoth
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Whilst Mammoth might seem like a barren wasteland to most, it is home of some incredible artists and their incredible artwork alike. Situated on Florence St, Casa Grande, Arizona, it is home to exceptionally skilled curators of stained glass art, Mr. John Rooney & Ms. Susan. The idea of making these pieces are hard enough to fathom, but the sight of one is truly a sight to behold. Pop on over there if you want your minds blown and your eyes shimmering with wonder.


6. Educate Yourself At Oracle State Park

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Feeling exhausted from all the ATV riding, ziplining and hiking? Why not delve yourselves into the Environmental Educational program that Oracle State Park has to offer. There are certain levels of this program for different age groups. However, they all have one goal in mind, Environmental Awareness centric sensory learning. Keen students will learn how to make a positive impact on the environment from park rangers in a series of activities along a trail in the 4,000acre park.


7. Encapsulate Your Surroundings At The Biosphere 2

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Want to quench your thirst for knowledge about the earth and outer space? Located right on the outskirts of Oracle, the Biosphere 2 is your go-to destination. Constructed in 1987 to 1991, it then became a property of the University of Arizona in 2011. The initial purpose for its inception was to let people live in confined spaces while being self-sufficient without the need to interact with the surrounding area. For instance, space, creating its very own ecosystem if you will. It’s fascinating to imagine the level of devotion mankind puts towards outer space exploration.


8. Lounge Around At Peppersauce Campgrounds

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First of all, if nature was on your agenda, look no further than the Peppersauce Campgrounds. The campsites not only provide exquisite scenery, but also creekside view of the breathtaking Arizona sycamore and trees that give you shade. Moreover, it also has the necessary facilities to turn your camping nightmare into a camping desire. In other words, you should not worry of not having necessities starting from toilets, toiletries, benches and tables for grills, firewood and campfire rings. As a result, it’s easy to get lost in the aesthetic of the wilderness once you visit this place.


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9. Deep Dive In The Past At The Museum Of Casa Grande

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Let’s take things a bit slow and enjoy the wonderful era we currently live in by appreciating the backbone of what brought us here today. Certainly, at the Casa Grande Valley Historical Society, several programs, collections, neighboring museums, and local culture to educate tourists about the early days of Arizona. Hence, why not wander around for your very own “The Fault in Our Stars” moment with your loved one.


Enjoy strolling with sunglasses


10. Behold Mesmerizing Sunsets In Mammoth

Things to do in Mammoth
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Now, to wrap up your day with the picture-perfect sunset, and trust me, Mammoth does not lack in that department. Also, it starts at Lake George & Twin Fallsjust north of Mammoth and peaks at Minaret Vista. Therefore, you best be ready with your camera when the sun starts to set into the horizon.


Finally, at the end of your venture in this spectacular destination will make you recall it every time you plan your next vacation. Certainly, Mammoth may be small but the heart and soul it represents are as enormous as its name implies.


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