Marina Bay Sands Hotel | The Icon of Singapore Skyline

Singapore is thought of as the Europe of Asia. With tourism being Singapore’s one of the significant contributors to the economy, you can find many attractions over there. One of these attractions is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Marina Bay Sands hotel is one of the most expensive resort properties built in Singapore. Developing the restaurant cost eight billion Singapore dollars. Moshe Safdie designed the resort. This resort stands as one of the icons representing the Singapore skyline.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel | The icon of Singapore Skyline


The Marina Bay Stand complex is enormous, and the three towers are 58 stories tall. The resort is taller than the Eiffel tower. The massive Skypark connects the top of each building. The Skypark offers luxurious restaurants and bars, and in the middle, is the famous “Infinity Pool.” The infinity pool is a fantastic creation. The pool is one hundred and fifty meters long and holds 376,000 gallons of water. The hotels boast 2561 rooms; among these, there are 13 family rooms. So, if you are willing to stay at the biggest and most luxurious hotel in Singapore, give Marina Bay Sands hotels a shot.

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Tower 1 has the reception booths for LAVO, rooftop bar, and Renku. LAVO is an Italian restaurant, and Renku is an Asian themed hotel bar. The rooftop bar sits on the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel at the Skypark.

When you go for checking in, you must remember that it’s a busy place and there’s always a line. However, the line moves very quickly. It gets very crowded on the weekends. You should not expect this to be your hideaway. Despite the size of the hotel, it can get swamped. On peak days, there’s a line for checking in, and the lift gets packed during this time. The view from the pool is unbeatable. With clear skies above you, you will enjoy the opinion of the fantastic sunset and fantastic city. As the sun sets, the famous light show of Marina Bay will start.

If you wake up early, you can enjoy the sunrise while chilling in the pool. Moreover, you will have the whole swimming pool to yourself.


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Marina Bay Sands is located in a fantastic location. It is right next to Gardens by the Bay, one of Singapore’s most recreational spots. The hotel stands on two hundred and fifty acres of land. The area is a famous tourist spot with attractions such as Supertree Grove, Flower Dome, and the Cloud Forest. After landing at Changi Airport, you take a taxi and drive to the hotel beside the East Coast Parkway expressway, Orchard road. Orchard Road is considered Asia’s famous shopping street. The Marina Bay Sands hotel stands right above Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit.

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Service and Facility

Service and Facility
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Just like its luxurious design, the Marina Bay Sands hotel is lavish in services and facilities. You’ll have many things to do here. You can swim in the famous infinity pool, relax at the Banyan Tree Spa and get a work out in with the attached fitness club. The hotel features three levels of gaming floor and boasts an outstanding two hundred and seventy retail stores.

Guests can enjoy the complimentary spa at the Banyan Tree Fitness Club and take daily yoga lessons at the sunrise yoga club. Despite its busy nature, the service staff is prompt with their services.


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The rooms speak of the hotel’s luxurious status. The ceiling to floor window provides a great view. The higher up you go the better picture you get. The carpets are thick, and the walls have textured wallpapers. You will find the rooms to have wood and marble furnishing, giving off a natural vibe.

The bathrooms come with two sinks, a shower room, a bathtub, and a table for all your cosmetics. If you book a suite, then you will get 24/7 access to the Club55 lounge, buffet breakfast, and all-day beverages. The rooms cost three hundred and sixty-nine Singaporean dollars per night.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink
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The collection of cuisine at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is vast. The hotel offers more than eighty dining options. Some of these dining options include Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. If you’re willing to spend, then make a reservation at CUT or Waku Ghin for an amazing culinary experience.

Facilities for Guests with Disabilities

Elderly guests and people with disabilities don’t have to worry about anything visiting the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. They can access everything over here, including the Skypark. There are ramps here for ease of access. The hotel also offers 56 elderly-friendly rooms. These rooms have fitted the equipment, ensuring absolute ease of use and access.

Moreover, the hotel has 15 rooms prepped to receive guests on wheelchairs. Furthermore, Marina Bay Sands hotel was the Official Games Village for the 8th ASEAN Para Games.

Family Friendly

 Family Friendly
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Marina Bay Hotels has something for everyone. The hotel offers thirteen family rooms for families with four members. Additionally, you will be provided with baby cots, kid-sized bathrobes and slippers, and portable bathtubs.

Your children will be spoiled with choice over here at Marina Bay Sand hotel. They have an ArtScience museum, theater performances, skating ring, and many more for your children. On Fridays, children who are under twelve years get complimentary access to the museum. The hotel aims to improve the quality of family bonding through this.

The Best Time to Visit

It is always a great time to visit Singapore. Singapore’s weather is tropical, meaning that it is hot and humid all through the year. However, it rains a lot in December and January. Then again, it can rain anytime. There isn’t any downtime for the hotels. Singapore hosts an astounding number of tourists. As a result, the hotel offers peak performance all around the year.

In conclusion, if you are visiting Singapore soon and you don’t mind breaking your bank at all, then visit the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to enjoy your stay a Singapore. The hotel offers a lot of food, activity and not to mention a luxurious time.

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