Things to Do in Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay is praised for its exceptional beauty and a vast selection of activities for tourists. This area is home to the luxurious Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and many other establishments that can keep you busy throughout the day. You will find a plethora of designer brands, retail stores and entertainment options to enjoy at Marina Bay Sands. 

Alternatively, Gardens by the Bay is perfect for capturing some of the best scenery in the city-state. In this article, we look at 10 things to do in Marina Bay Singapore.

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Things to Do in Marina Bay, Singapore

1. Attend Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay 

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The magnificent Gardens by the Bay is known for regularly hosting seasonal events. These exciting events include Christmas Wonderland held in December; Tulipmania organized during springtime. Tulipmania is the most remarkable of all the events, for showcasing several colorful and eye-catching tulips in its indoor gardens.

The pleasant aroma of the tulips spread throughout the domes complemented by the gentle breeze of the waterfront.

2. Try out the plastic rink at Marina Bay Skating Rink

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Do you love skating? Visit the massive indoor skating rink located next to the food court at Marina Bay Sands. For a minor admission fee, you can skate around a slippery rink built from a variation of plastic. This design choice surpasses the need for maintaining a frosty temperature and also prevents serious injury as plastic rinks are much softer.

Because of plastic rinks being more slippery than regular ice rinks, you will need to be more careful when first getting on the rink. Don’t feel intimidated by the enormous crowd around you!

3. Learn about fascinating scientific discoveries at the Art Science Museum

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Unlike traditional museums, the art science museum is very interesting and appropriate for all age groups. You will come across a multitude of scientific demonstrations that will not fail to intrigue you. Their most recent demonstration is the Future World, which you can experience for a reasonable fee. 

Future World’s initial room lets you observe a variety of flora and fauna around you using a digital wallpaper. As you move to the next room, you will be amazed at the sight of an unending space of lights. Other than that, you will find many themed zones to explore.

4. Observe the spectacular light show held at Marina Bay

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To observe this spectacular light show, make it to the other side of One Fullerton River. As the place can get very crowded right before the light show, it would be a good idea to arrive early.

 As the show takes off, you will hear gradually amplifying music showing suspense. Soon after, you will notice water being sprayed all over the bay to create a makeshift water-screen upon which light is projected.

5. Photograph the Merlion of Singapore

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The Merlion of Singapore is instantly recognizable, and its design is based on a creature from local folklore. The bizarre creature was believed to possess a fish figure and a lion’s head. 

Now, this statue has become a mascot representing the essence of Singapore all over the world. Although there are three such statues scattered throughout the city, the one close to Esplanade Bridge is most notable.

6. Witness a live performance at Esplanade Theatre

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Esplanade Theatres in Singapore is deeply admired by locals for organizing some of the best culturally significant performance art shows. In Downtown, the Esplanade theatre overlooks the majestic Singapore River and has a total capacity of 2000 people.

If you are in the mood for a Broadway show or a live musical performance, keep an eye out for the latest events. This place is known for regularly arranging shows for the crowd.

7. Browse designer brands at MARINA BAY SANDS

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If you are searching for branded products and designer clothes, then you should check out the luxurious shops housed inside Marina Bay Sands. As you walk through the shopping zone of this marvelous building, you will come across a variety of world-famous designer brands and boutiques such as Gucci and Chanel. You will find a huge collection of expensive watches, jewelry, and other wearables. This is a great place to shop if you aren’t worried about money!

8. Dine at the popular Gluttons Bay

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Overlooking the waterfront, the well-recognized Makansutra’s Gluttons Bay has gained quite a reputation in recent years for serving some of the freshest local cuisines in the region. Some delicacies sold by the food stalls include chicken rice, satay, BBQ squid, and a variety of dessert items. All these mouth-watering dishes are sold at affordable prices, and it remains open till late in the night.

9. Feast on the delicacies served at a floating restaurant!

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The amazing Stewords Riverboat restaurant has recently gained traction for replicating a Mississippi steamboat design from the 19th Century. This place has been drawing in heaps of guests for its unique dining experience atop a floating boat. 

You will get a remarkable scenery of the waterfront as you dig into your scrumptious food. Some signature dishes of this restaurant include the tantalizing All-American burger, Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill, and Chocolate Lava Cake.

10. Take a boat ride from Marina Bay

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Many people are reluctant to cruise the waters near Marina Bay, thinking it’s a tourist trap. However, you can easily afford to take a short river taxi ride for a very reasonable rate. Starting from Marina Bay, the boat ride will take you around Singapore. You will be able to gaze upon some of the city-state’s most notable landmarks such as Five boys by the River, Merlion of Singapore, and the grandiose Fullerton Hotel. Besides that, you will also be accompanied by a guide to narrate the stories behind these outstanding landmarks. 

In Conclusion, the Marina Bay area in Singapore has plenty of exciting places to visit without breaking the bank. Everything from the magnificent light show and enlightening science center to the wide selection of local cuisine is nothing short of extraordinary. Make sure to visit this spectacular place on your trip to Singapore!


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