Top Shopping Malls in Singapore’s City Hall & Marina Bay

Who doesn’t love to explore shopping malls? A mall with gleaming new items always gives us a mystifying pleasure. Exploring shopping malls is an irresistible part whenever you visit a new country. But this fancy goes tenfold while you are in Singapore!

Whenever you think of which country has the best shopping malls, no doubt the first country that comes to your mind is Singapore. Especially the City Hall and Marina Bay area, there are some gem shopping malls that offer luxury brand products from all over the world.

These amazing malls are also home to oodles of shops, cafes, excellent restaurants, bars, and fun games. If you are heading to Singapore any in the near future, you must not miss these amazing malls. To help you out, we have rounded up the top shopping malls in Singapore’s City Hall & Marina Bay. Read on to find out all about it.

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Top Shopping Malls in Singapore’s City Hall & Marina Bay

1. Suntec City Mall

Suntec City Mall
Source: jimmyweee

To start the list of top shopping malls in Singapore’s City Hall & Marina Bay, we recommend you to visit the Suntec City Mall first. The main attraction of this shopping mall is the Fountain of Wealth which is encircled with the four zones of Suntec City Mall.

You’ll be surprised to know, according to the report by the Guinness Book of Records this Fountain of Wealth is the largest of its kind across the world. The enchanting cerulean fountain will surely entice you. Also, this mall has numerous sparkly jewelry stores, upscale fashion houses, a movie theatre and several incredible food venues. A visit to this shopping mall will upbeat your mind.

2. Esplanade Mall

Esplanade Mall
Source: Esplanade

Next, we suggest you take a stroll around the striking Esplanade Mall. Esplanade Mall is very charmingly crafted with lights. The whole mall is after an artistic theme, and every shop even has its theme.

It is a very spacious mall with several shops, restaurants and entertainment sites. This is the perfect place to wander around and spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is also famous for presenting products and artists from all over the world. A visit to this mall will definitely give you an amazing experience.

3. Marina Square

Marina Square
Source: Terence Ong

Another amazing shopping mall in Marina Square with enormous fashionable clothing stores, other accessories stores, and some high-end restaurants! It also has a beautiful promenade where you can take a walk while sightseeing the surrounded beautiful gardens as well as the Marina bay.

If you are travelling to Singapore along with your kids, you must stop by this astonishing mall. It has numerous kids play zone along with loads of kid stuff stores. Goofing around Marina Square will please you.

4. Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
Source: Someformofhuman

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is a very spacious mall covering 800,000 sq. feet. It has numerous shopping outlets and restaurants under a curved glassy rooftop which soaks the entire mall with natural daylight.

You will find the world’s best brands piled up in different stores. Fine restaurants that are ready to give a supreme feeling. Furthermore, you can enjoy your favorite film while visiting this mall from its well facilitated theater. Spare some time to stopover at this luxurious mall.

5. Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk
Source: William Cho

Millenia Walk is one of the greatest shopping malls around City Hall. It is considered a wholesale hub for the consumer who loves to follow a trendy lifestyle. Once you are at City Hall, you should not miss this incredible place.

It also has numerous food venues, where you can satisfy your taste buds to your heart’s content. A recommended item of this mall is the coffee form Jewel Coffee. All sorts of amenities are available in this mall. Even you have to tailor any of your outfits this mall is the ideal place for that.

6. City Link Mall

City Link Mall
Source: Hongkong Land

City Link Mall is another top shopping mall in City Hall. Being a completely air-conditioned mall, this mall is a great break for visitors. Shoppers come over here to shop peacefully escaping the awful heat of Singapore.

As the name implies, City Link Mall is linked up with several important places with underground passageways. Exploring those underground passageways will surely give you a unique experience. You can also visit Suntec City Mall and/or Marina Square from here as the underground passageways have a route to reach them.

7. The Adelphi

The Adelphi
Source: JR Fitness

Adelphi is a wonderful mall with great audio gear stores. This does not limit its viewers only to audiophiles; everyday numbers of locals and international visitors both crowd at this shopping mall. Seeing the large numbers of visitors this mall is currently rebranding to more lifestyle outlets.

The Adelphi’s vicinity to City Hall’s MRT Station and its amazing facilities make it an ideal rest space after a day out touring the city center. Indeed, this mall is an idyllic space where you can spend a blissful afternoon. Don’t miss out on buying some audio equipment as you roam around this shopping mall.

8. Raffles City Shopping Centre

Raffles City Shopping Centre
Source: CapitaLand

Raffles City Shopping Centre is a grand shopping mall situated on the crest of City Hall MRT Station. Its amazing mall offers high-end brand outlets, attractive gaming spots and a variety of dining venues with numbers of different cuisines.

This spacious mall has everything a market should have, so a visit to this market will surely meet all of your demands. For this reason, while visiting this magnificent mall make sure to pick up some presents for your friends and family.

In Conclusion, to complete your trip to Singapore, visit some of its renowned shopping malls. Especially the malls around Singapore’s City Hall & Marina Bay are very exclusive and startling. For your convenience, we have put together the top shopping malls in Singapore’s City Hall & Marina Bay. We hope this list enhances your shopping experience.

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