Microlight | Cambodia

Microlight | Cambodia

Our experts think that for any tourist who cherishes to gain an in-depth experience and fulfillment about a new land, he or she should explore it from the three angles- soil, water, and the sky. Cambodia has all of these to offer to the tourists therefore it has long been a destination for many tourists around the globe to visit, explore and enjoy their vacations. Cambodia has so many tourist attractions and is adequately enriched with islands, stunning beaches, wild jungles, beautiful landscapes, temples. All these are more than enough to fulfill the demands of any tourists. So, tourists with an itinerary for Cambodia got nothing to worry about as they can explore this beautiful land from many angles.

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Apart from just to visit and explore, Cambodia offers many enjoyable activities to do including microlight, which will take your Cambodia experiences to the next level by flying you around some stunning places. A microlight is one of the backlist things to do for many tourists around the world as it allows to see different landscapes from atop. There are many private tour guides and organizations can help you arrange it or you can do it by yourself as well. Now, let us know in detail about microlight Cambodia including what it is, how you can avail it, what are major things to take into consideration and all.

Areas Covered

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One of the major questions that our experts have been asked over the years that what places and spots Microlight Cambodia covers? The answer was simply many eye-catching places including temples, lakes, mountains, rural villages, historical spots, and a lot more other places. The main point here is to note that is, a single flight might not allow you to cover all these places at a time. You need to pick one of the two following choices- either you choose a flight that helps you cover all the places you want to see or you need to choose one more flight to cover more. Although there is a major concern for many about the budget of this tour. Thus, our expert thinks that if you are one such budget-oriented person and if this is something of your bucket list, then choose a flight with durations of at least 30 minutes.


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Microlight Cambodia is situated at Siem Reap, Cambodia. The above Angkor division of Aero Cambodia offers some of the most incredible flying experiences to the adventurous tourists by microlight aircraft. You can take off from Ayavarman Airfield and fly around and see Tonle Sap and Angkor. The pilots who are in charge of your flight have long been demonstrating their skills, expertise and amicable services to the onboard guests. There are apparently no restrictions on passengers’ numbers. That being said, you can only book one to go flying. In general timing for the flights is from dawn to dusk.

Flights to Choose

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Since this is a popular tourist destination for many across there, microlight Cambodia got quite demanding and bucket list thing for many. Therefore, they have been developing a business incorporating flights and other activities. Out of numerous flight choices that you can make, here is a list of some exclusive flights that our expert team has compiled for your convenience. The list has been developed in a way that is based on the alignment of many factors. You can have a look at them-

Rolous Group

Duration: Around 30 Minutes


Details: One of the best choices for you would be the Rolous Group due to some of its excellent opportunities. It would take around 3o minutes to fly around the scenic Cambodian countryside and some temples of Rolous Group. The stunning view of Bakong, which is one of the oldest temples dating back to the 9th century, that will make it more enjoyable.


Duration: Approximately 30 Minutes


Details: If you prefer to enjoy the beauty of Cambodia in an approximate time frame of 30 minutes, then you are suggested to take this one. Before getting back to the town, it will fly with you over the lakes, temples, floating villages and mountains. You will enjoy the combo to the fullest and it would feel like well spending money.

Temple Tour

Duration: Around 45 minutes


Details: According to our tourism and hospitality, Temple Tour should be on your list as you do enjoy seeing views from atop and do appreciation of magnificent temples. This unimaginable and breathtaking tour of around. It will give you a whole different experience by taking you over some of the amazing nature-gifted places.

See It All

Duration: 1 HOUR


Details: You choose See It All over the other options, you will get more time to fly and thus to explore. Like other microlights packages, it will also take you to some mind-blowing places to enjoy some sheer beauties of Cambodia, which includes temples and Tonle-Sap.


About costs, we believe that the costs of any flight are dependent on many factors- duration of the flights, places to cover, season etcetera. The costing is relatively higher as the experience is incomparable and unique. Thus, you should be well informed about the possible price-range that you might be charged. Here we have put the possible quotations so that you can plan accordingly. The cost is dependent on various factors but mostly on the time that you choose. The shortest duration of the trips is 15-20 minutes, while the largest time would be around an hour.

Finally, Cambodia has got a picturesque landscape covered with natural beauty, paddy fields, mountains, magnificent temples, beaches, happening marketplace. All these give a wholesomeness to this country but it is the hospitable people of this country who make your travel experience more meaningful.  All these you can enjoy and experience from the above at Microlight Cambodia, Siem Reap.


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