Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets in 2020 | A Must-Have For Bikers

Mountain Bike Helmets

Are you a mountain biker or planning to take up the sport? If you are, you know how important it is to have the best mountain bike helmets. So if you do not want to hit your head, you need one of the mountain bike helmets reviewed right here. With us, you can find what factors and features you need to look for, as well.

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets

1. Smith Optics

Smith Optics - Mountain Bike Helmets

The Forefront mountain bike helmet from Smith Optics is one of the best bike helmets you can buy. The MTB helmet offers superior protection for the noggin. With the in-mold structure, you get a secure Koroyd Tube frame that looks nifty as well. The polymer fabric has a durable hold that is better than EPS foam. Furthermore, it is lightweight with a hollow structure to provide a better airflow as well. So your head remains cool in the summer. The four-point harness keeps the helmet secure and comes with a fitting system as well. Another excellent feature is the pre-installed bracket to mount a headlight or even a GoPro. Moreover, it also has a goggle retention strap to use with sunglasses. The downside is that it does not have multi-directional impact protection.

  • Made with Koroyd Aerocore Shell
  • Comprise of extruded co-polymer tube impact foam
  • Has an AirEvac ventilation system
  • Can use it with adjustable visor
  • There is MIPS available to buy separate

2. Troy Lee Designs

Troy Lee Designs - Mountain Bike Helmets

For optimal protection for your head, you need the A-1 MTB helmet from Troy Lee Designs. The head covering has a comfortable fit with 16 vents to keep your head refreshed while cycling. Furthermore, it is equipped with CoolMax pads to make sure your head remains dry. You get a perfect fit as well; all made possible with a cam-lock stabilizer. The helmet shell comprises polycarbonate, and the design is simple yet effective at the same time.

One thing we noticed is that you will get full protection to keep your head safe. When inspecting the padding, we did find it on the slim side but well placed and adjustable. Another problem we found is that the helmet fits tight and best to buy a size up. While the design may look odd at first, but once you have it on you will appreciate the slimline design. Moreover, it is MIPS protected.

  • Made with polycarbonate mold with EPS impact foam
  • Has sixteen vents to keep the head cool
  • The mountain bike helmets MIPS fitted
  • Comprise of an adjustable goggle retention system

3. Giro Montaro

Giro Montaro - Mountain Bike Helmets


Are you interested in a multi-directional impact protection system? Then you will like the Montaro that helps protect your noggin as it reduces head rotation. Not only will the MTB helmet protect your head, but it is also comfortable as well. Furthermore, it is lined with anti-microbial pad to prevent odor. Moreover, the wicking function keeps your head dry and fresh as well. To get a secure fit, it has a Roc Loc 5 adjustment system and works well. When using the visor, we found it big and gave enough protection against the sun and adjustable at the same time. You get ample ventilation and also have a built-in camera mount.

  • The shell comprises fusion in-mold polycarbonate with EPS foam
  • There are 16 vents to keep the head cool and has MIPS protection
  • The visor you can adjust

4. POC Tectal

POC Tectal - Mountain Bike Helmets

The POC Tectal is a mountain bike helmet with a thoughtful design. The construction is of high quality with the reliable Aramid grid. The grid absorbs the impact force to reduce it and prevent skull injury from taking place. Furthermore, the air vents massive to form a wind tunnel to keep your head fresh at the same time. The visor you can adjust to get a comfortable fit. Another excellent feature is that it keeps your head protected where you need it the most at the back. The liner is made of wicking fabric to keep you dry. So if you want superior protection make sure to check the POC Tectal MTB helmet out.

  • Made with unibody in-mold polycarbonate shell
  • Has EPS impact foam with fourteen large vents without MIPS
  • Designed with adjustable visor

5. Fox Flux

Fox Flux - Mountain Bike Helmets

We know Fox Racing for their sports clothing and protective gear! But what about their mountain bike helmets? The first unusual thing we noticed is the adjustment system. The helmet comprises a De-Tox instead of a dial wheel. The ratcheting system is much easier to use than the dial and we got a better fit. What we did not like that much is the little bit of padding to protect the head. Furthermore, the helmet is top-heavy as it has added foam on the inside to give added protection.

Another excellent feature is the ventilation as it has twenty vents so you should get enough airflow. On the other hand, the visor is on the small side and has minimal adjustment. Luckily, you can remove it as well, but what makes it look cool is the spoiler on the back. According to Fox, it helps with extra ventilation as it sucks the air through the back of the helmet.

  • Has a polycarbonate shell with EPS foam
  • The helmet has no MIPS but 20 vents for the best airflow
  • Designed with an in-depth rear profile and cool spoiler on the back

6. Giro Feature

Giro Feature

The Giro Feature offers you a blend of performance and protection when it comes to riding rough terrains. Compared to the other mountain bike helmets, this one has 12 vents. Furthermore, it has an in-form fit system for getting a secure fit and comes with an adjustable moto-style visor for protecting the eyes. For safety, it has a wraparound design and fits comfortable while looking great at the same time. Another fantastic thing is it has MIPS available as well.

  • Made with in-mold polycarbonate and EPS foam
  • Designed with 12 vents and has internal channeling
  • The visor included is adjustable
  • You get MIPS available as well

7. Giro Hex

Giro Hex

For a rugged styled mountain bike helmet, the Giro Hex is sure to please you. The helmet has a total of 21 vents giving enough ventilation when cycling hard trails in summer. Furthermore, it has the Roc Loc 5 fitting system to help with the vertical position and fit tension. Moreover, it is lightweight and available in four different sizes with multiple colors. On the other hand, you have a three-position bracket one can adjust and works well with Giro eyewear but it does not have MIPS.

  • Comprise 21 vents
  • Designed with Roc Loc 5 fitting system
  • Has a three-position bracket to use with Giro eyewear
  • Has no MIPS at all

8. Bell Super 3R MTB Helmet

Bell Super 3R MTB Helmet

Here we have a full-face helmet packed with amazing features for mountain bike cyclers. The fusion in-mold design provides internal reinforcement when needed the most.The fantastic thing is you can use the helmet for rough terrains to recreational rides as well. There is a chin guard you can remove. So if you want the best open face helmet or the best mountain bike helmet, the Super 3R offers you both. The head covering is well ventilated and works with protective goggles as well. You can get a custom fit with the adjustment system and add the Go Pro camera as well for capturing every moment of your ride. The only problem is the sizes run small and best to buy the next size up.

  • Designed with fusion in-mold polycarbonate
  • Has X-Static padding for impact
  • Comprise 23 vents in the helmet and four brow ports with a six chin-bar
  • The chin bar is removable and comes with MIPS and wraparound protection

9. Fox Metah MTB Helmet

Fox Metah MTB Helmet

While the Metah from Fox does not have many vents compared to the Bell it still has ten massive vents to keep your head cool. Furthermore, it has MIPS technology as well to give you added protection when taking on hard trails. Putting and taking off the helmet is made more comfortable with the Y-strap system, so you will not struggle to remove the head covering. On the other hand, it has a premium liner comprising a sealed edge. You can buy the mountain bike helmet in five sizes with a vast selection of colors to suit your taste.

  • Comprise ten massive bore vents
  • Has Varizorb impact foam
  • Provides you with a single fit adjustment with dial retention
  • The visor is fixed

10. Bell Sanction

Bell Sanction

While the Bell Sanction is a BMX helmet is works well with mountain biking as well. The head covering will keep your head and face protected when traveling at high speeds downhill. You have 15 vents to keep your noggin cool, while the low profile design looks great. You can buy it in four sizes but it is best suited for junior riders. Therefore, if you want one for your head we recommend you buy a size bigger instead. Furthermore, you can choose your color style as well.

  • Made with ABS shell with adjustable visor
  • Has up to 15 vents for the best airflow
  • CPSC Bicycle Compliant
  • Has an XT-2 extended wear interior

MTB Helmet Comparison Table

Smith Optics Forefront In-mold Koroyd Tube/Polymer 12 Vents with Internal Channeling Built in Camera/Light Mount Available  
Troy Lee Designs A-1 Helmet Polycarbonate/In-mold EPS Liner 16 Vents with Internal Channeling Adjustable Retention System Yes  
Giro Montaro Polycarbonate/EPS Liner 16 Vents with Internal Channeling Roc Loc System Yes  
POC Tectal Fusion In-Mold/Polycarbonate/ EPS Liner Large Vents/Overbrow Ventilation Removable Chin Bar No  
Fox Flux Polycarbonate/ EPS Liner 20 Vents Removable Visor No  
Giro Feature In-mold Polycarbonate/EPS Liner 12 Vents with Internal Channeling Moto-style Visor Available  
Giro Hex Polycarbonate/EPS Liner 21 Vents Roc Loc 5 Fitting System No  
Bell Super 3R Fusion In-Mold/Polycarbonate Large Vents/Overbrow Ventilation Chin Bar Removable Yes  
Fox Metah Polycarbonate/Varizorb Liner 10 Vents Fixed Visor with Dial Retention Yes  
Bell Sanction ABS Shell 15 Vents XT-2 Extended Wear No  

Mountain Bike Helmet Buyers Guide

Whether you are riding around town or taking on rough terrains, each activity needs the best bike helmet to keep you safe. But how do you choose the best mountain bike helmet?

The first important thing is that the helmet needs loads of ventilation when cycling at low speeds, and many of the mountain bike helmets come with built-in visors to protect your eyes. Depending on the helmet you buy, you need loads of rear-head coverage or even full-face protection with a chin bar. The head covering is ideal for racing downhill’s and is some of the things you must consider.

Here is what you need to look for when buying an MTB Helmet

You can buy two styles of MTB helmets, one with an open face design and another with closed face design. With the open face model, it looks like a standard helmet with a lightweight design. The helmet has an aerodynamic construction and is well-ventilated. Furthermore, it has an EPS liner that is either molded or glued to the shell. With the open face helmet, you can use it for a wide selection of cycling on the road. However, if you plan on doing mountain biking and cycling downhill the closed face helmet works better.

You get full protection for your face and head, wearing one of these helmets. Furthermore, the head covering is heavy but still lightweight and made of carbon fiber.

Other features to look at:

  • Comfort – you need a comfortable mountain bike helmet and must not sit too tight and move a little when you rotate it. You can buy the bike helmet in three sizes ranging from small, medium to large. If you are lucky, you can find an XL size as well.
  • Weight – the majority of helmets are lightweight and made with expanded polystyrene or EPS. For the best quality MTB helmets, you will find manufacturers use two bonded layers together. When buying cheaper models, you see the inner and liner glued on.
  • Safety – when choosing a bike helmet, you can look to see if the head covering is American Society for Testing and Materials compliant. Furthermore, the head covering needs to be according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission certified as well. For the best safety, a full-face helmet will give you the best protection.
  • Get the right fit – when mountain biking you need a secure fit that is snug but not too tight. Your head needs enough room to wiggle around and wear goggles at the same time. Always make sure that the helmet does not cause you pain in any area of your head.

Before you choose the best mountain bike helmet, you need to consider the riding you are doing. Therefore, whether you do extreme or recreational riding, it will influence the type of headgear you buy. The vital thing to remember is safety, and you need to find a perfect style and fit to keep your life safe. You can find some models equipped with added safety features, as well. The majority of MTB helmets are certified to give you the protection you need if ever you are in an accident. Take your time and try to fit the helmet on before buying. We hope that the buyer’s guide helps you to find the best mountain bike helmet to suit your needs here.

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