Everything About The National Gallery of Singapore

National Gallery Singapore is the crown jewel of modern art in Southeast Asia, hosting more than eight thousand contemporary artworks. The main focus is to present the world with the artworks of Singapore and Southeast Asia. You will find the National Gallery located at the heart of the Civic District, Singapore.

Everything about the National Gallery of Singapore


The National Gallery Singapore is spread across to national monuments. The monuments are the City Hall and the former supreme court. You will witness two different exhibitions here. One exhibition covers the history and architecture of the National Gallery Singapore’s outstanding transformation throughout the years. The other show breaks down how Singapore’s constitution evolved from 1819 to 1965.

The National Gallery Singapore
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Besides history and architecture and breaking down the constitution, you will find many paintings and other artworks here as well. Some of these artworks include Chinese calligraphy and Vietnamese lacquer painting. There are always temporary exhibitions going on in the National Gallery.

Besides the National Gallery, you will also find the City hall and the former supreme court very interesting and beautiful. Therefore, you can witness outstanding collections of art and see the beauty of the two prominent landmarks. With all the attractions, this place can get crowded. It is a gallery, after all. If you want to see the art amongst silence and peace, then you should go there early. Also, you should avoid weekends and public holidays if you wish to fewer crowds. If you want to avoid waiting in lines, then you should buy tickets in advance from online.

The National Gallery is a place for people of all ages. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also educational. You can access the National Gallery in wheelchairs too. Furthermore, if you’re with your child, you can take them in a stroller too. To understand the artworks, you can go on a gallery tour. You can enjoy hour-long tours every day, both in English and Mandarin. The tours are free of cost. However, if you don’t want to move in a crowd and understand the art at your own pace, you can do that too. Before going to the National Gallery, download the Gallery Explorer app provided by the museum. With the app, you can go on a self-guided tour.

The Gallery & Co.

While you’re there, you don’t have to worry about food. You will find that the National Gallery has eight bars and restaurants. The Gallery & Co. is a fusion between a retail shop and a café. Gallery & Co. is worth stopping by. You will find art books, books for children, Artist-designed T-shirts, bags, office supplies, and many more. It is an excellent place to pick up a gift for your loved ones. It will take you more than an hour to admire all the artworks in the National Gallery. Most people spend half a day here admiring art. However, if you don’t have enough time, you should start with “Siapa Nama Kamu” art in Singapore Since the 19thcentury.” After enjoying the inaugural exhibition, you can go to any exhibit that catches your interest. Also, you should check out the open-air gallery at the top level.

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“National Language Class.” painting

Under the City Hall entrance, if you look up, you will find a pond. The pond is of the rooftop garden. The pond allows the natural light to pass through and acts as scenic beauty. In the National Gallery, you will find a painting labeled “National Language Class.” This is a mysterious artwork. You will find information about Singapore back in 1959. However, you will see a black shadow hovering in the painting. Nobody knows what that is and why it is there. That’s what makes it mysterious. Some speculate that the artist intentionally left the art incomplete.

secret library
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Inside the National Gallery, you will find a secret library. This library was once a library strictly for lawyers. The library is designed in a way to ensure minimum disturbance and maximum research work. The architecture of the library is very soothing. There are 16 columns inside, which are perfectly aligned, and between the space of each column is a window. This architecture is very pleasing to the eye. The historical value of the City Hall is priceless. The architecture of the City Hall is also fantastic. You will find a marble column with detailed tops. Before WWII, Sir Shenton Thomas laid the founding stone for the Supreme Court. Sir Shenton Thomas buried a time capsule beneath the founding stone. The time capsules contain six Singapore newspapers from 31 March 1937, and some Straits Settlement Coins.

Additional Info

Standard tickets cost SDG 20 for anyone over 6. If you’re a student, you can get a student pass if you can present a valid student ID. The National Gallery is free for Singapore residents and permanent residents. Older people can get a senior ticket. A senior ticket is given to people over the age of 60.

You cannot bring food and water inside the National Gallery. This prohibition includes water bottles too. Flash photography and videography are prohibited inside the gallery. If you’re carrying a bag, you will get checked for security purposes. The National Gallery is located on 1 St. Andrew’s road. The gallery has two entrances, one is the Coleman street entrance, and the other one is Padang Atrium Entrance. The Nation Gallery Remains open from 10 am to 7 pm on Sundays to Thursdays. However, on Fridays, the gallery remains open from 10 am to 9 pm.

In conclusion, if you are someone who loves art, or you’re a student of art, then the National Gallery of Singapore is a must-visit for you. From impressionism to scroll painting, you will find everything there. The later and contemporary art pieces, the beauty of the City Hall and the former Supreme Court will cheer you up. Not only will you enjoy artworks, but you will also learn a lot about Singapore here. Whether you love art or just want to have a great time, going to the National Gallery of Singapore is a great choice.

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