10 Best Nightlife Experience in Yangon | Myanmar

Nightlife at Yangon Myanmar

Myanmar is a country that has been blessed with scenic beauty all around the year. You can find many things to do and experience on your visit to Myanmar. Yangon is a place you don’t want to miss while visiting Myanmar. Yangon is the capital city of Myanmar.

There once was a time when you had barely anything to do after 10 pm in Yangon. The nightlife of Yangon was calm and boring. However, that has changed in recent years. You will see that new clubs and bars are opening every day, and the existing clubs and bars of Yangon is getting busier every day. You will find trendy bars, soothing rooftops, fun nightclubs and karaoke bars in the night at Yangon. These might not stand a chance against what you expect from New York or Bangkok, but it is better than nothing. As night comes over Yangon, you can visit clubs and bars to try out the local beer, wine from around the world, dance to fun music, and many more. Here are the 10 best things you can do to enjoy Yangon’s nightlife.

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10 Best Nightlife Experience in Yangon, Myanmar

1. Witnessing the Glorious Sunset

Witnessing the Glorious Sunset - Yangon
Source: exoticvoyages

U Bein Bridge of Mandalay is one of the iconic attraction landmarks during dusk hours. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the sun fading against the sea. It is truly a blissful moment to witness something beautiful. From enjoying the sunset, you will begin to experience the nightlife Yangon has to offer.

2. Trying the Famous Myanmar Beer

Trying the Famous Myanmar Beer
Source: Gary Osterman

Myanmar beer is recognized not only locally but also worldwide. The beer is locally produced in the microbrewery. Whether you like to chug down a beer or drink it, if you want to add an extra spark to your nightlife experience in Yangon, the Myanmar beer is a must-try.

3. Exploring the Famous Night Market – Yangon

Exploring the Famous Night Market - Yangon
Source: Gaurav Gupta

If you want to experience the Burmese heritage and lifestyle, the night markets is a great place to start. The night markets of Yangon are famous for both shopping and food. As the night dawns upon Yangon, the office workers and other people come to the night markets. Most of the night market in Yangon usually stays open till 10 pm or 11 pm. These night markets can get very crowded.

4. Attending the Moustache Brothers’ Comedy Show

Attending the Moustache Brothers’ Comedy Show

If you’re interested in live-performances, then you should watch the Moustache Brothers’ comedy show. This comedy show will give you a unique experience. The comedy show is held on a small wooden stage. The Moustache Brothers are renowned for showcasing social and political situations through comedy and dances.

5. Learning about Ancient Tales – Yangon

Learning about Ancient Tales - Yangon
Source: NYO ME

Besides clubbing, there are many unique ways to experience the nightlife in Yangon. One of these unique ways is to watch a puppet show. However, this is not an ordinary puppet show. Through this puppet show, you will learn the tales of Ramayana or Buddhist Jataka and many more. The show runs for an hour, and it is interesting enough to keep you interested all the way.

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6. Savoring Popular Burmese Street Foods

Savoring Popular Burmese Street Foods
Source: Ookpik Images

Savoring the famous street foods of Yangon is another way to experience the nightlife in Yangon. You can find many mouth-watering dishes here in Yangon and Mandalay. Be sure to have your snacks from a good restaurant.

7. Dining at a Beachside Restaurant in Bagan – Yangon

Dining at a Beachside Restaurant in Bagan - Yangon
Source: Reema Arora

If you are Myanmar with your loved one or you want to enjoy foods beside the ocean, then the beachside restaurants at Bagan are perfect for you. Most beachside restaurants at Bagan feature a beautiful setting, perfect for a romantic evening. However, these restaurants don’t stay open until late at night. But, without eating at these restaurants, your nightlife experience won’t be complete. To enjoy a perfect dinner at a beachside restaurant, reserve in advance and reach there before time.

8. Clubbing in Yangon

Clubbing in Yangon
Source: fue

Yangon is the place to be if you want to party, go to clubs or meet new people. You can find many bars and clubs at Yangon. The “19th Street” located in Chinatown is one of the famous clubs at Yangon.

If you want to party, dress appropriately and head out in the evening for the best experience in Yangon’s nightlife, however, don’t get your hopes too high as these clubs are closed by 2 am. That is why it is a good idea to head out early and have fun while it lasts. Also, keep in mind with whom you’re visiting these clubs. There are clubs where you can go by yourself or with a friend, and then there are clubs more family-friendly.

9. Spending Time near the Kandawgyi

Spending Time near the Kandawgyi
Source: Laszlo Bolgar

Kandawgyi Lake is a beautiful and famous lake at Yangon. The lake is located in the east of Shwedagon Pagoda. At night, the lake looks mesmerizing with the lights of the pagoda reflecting on the lake. What’s interesting is that the Kandawgyi Lake is an artificial lake. You can walk along the lake, enjoy the blissful silence, or eat and drink at the nearby restaurants.

10. Having Fun at the Karaoke Club – Yangon

Having Fun at the Karaoke Club - Yangon

Besides nightclubs, Yangon has some great karaoke places. You can sing your heart out and dance away with your loved ones at this karaoke places. The Music Entertainment Club is one of the most popular karaoke clubs. You can party on your own or book yourself a KTV room here. Over here, you can party as you wish.

Additional Information

– Make sure to carry your visa and other relevant documents all the time.

– Carry as much cash as possible

– Take good care of your belongings

– Check if clubs have a dress code before heading out

– Check club’s closing time before heading out

– Buy a local SIM since most places don’t have good network coverage

– Respect and follow cultural norms.

Nightlife at Yangon is better than what it used to be. With all the bars and clubs, you’re sure to experience the best nightlife at Yangon.

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