Orchard Road Travel Guide | Singapore Commercial Avenue

Singapore offers a lot to see, visit, and do for its tourists. Orchard Road, being a commercial avenue, has many attraction points. Orchard Road is where culture, shopping, and world-class architecture come together. Despite its busy nature with all the hustling and bustling, there is plenty to do on Orchard Road.

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Orchard Road Travel Guide | Singapore Commercial Avenue


Orchard Road

Orchard Road is Asia’s most famous shopping street offering a vast number of shopping malls, fashion stores, tech shops, and entertainment. Besides shopping, you can enjoy other fun things on Orchard Road.

Where to Eat

Enjoy top-notch international cuisine in Orchard Road. Singapore boasts a wide variety of international cuisine. If you get hungry while shopping, then don’t look further because Orchard Road has everything you need.

Where to Eat
Source: vkeong

Some noteworthy eateries include:

  • Jollibee, a famous fast-food chain shop that offers Filipino foods.
  • Nam Nam, a food chain available all over Singapore that offers Vietnamese foods.
  • Shashlik, to fill up your thirst for Russian cuisine.
  • Lucky Plaza AyamPenyet, one of Indonesia’s famous dishes.
  • Tsuta, the world’s best ramen in Singapore.

Apart from these, you can enjoy all sorts of cuisine, starting from Thai to Asian. You can also find fancy restaurants in Orchard Road.

Visit the President

Visit the President
Source: Elisa.rolle

You can visit the President’s office and residence in Orchard Street. The President’s house is close to DhobyGhaut MRT. The place is called “Istana,” which translates to “Palace” in the Malay language.

After entering the site, you will find a Queen Victoria statue, which is six-foot-high, four ponds, a canon from Japan, and many exciting things. Be sure to check the open days before heading down there. The place is also very photogenic.


Museums hold proof of how it was before and the emergence of a country. You can learn a lot about a country’s tradition if you visit a museum. If you want to visit museums, then Orchard Road has plenty of options for you.

National Museum of Singapore
Source: klook

If you want to spend some alone time at a museum, you can go to the National Museum of Singapore. The National Museum of Singapore is ancient and prominent in Singapore.

Singapore Art Museum
Source: Singapore Art Museum

If you don’t mind walking a bit, you can visit the Singapore Art Museum, a Heritage gallery known as Istana to broaden your artistic senses, and 8QSAM. All of these museums are near to each other, and you can visit each of these on foot.

The museums are open from 10 am to 7 pm every day, and the tickets cost around $15.


Source: Ernest Chua

If you’re a bookworm, you will love what Orchard Road has to offer. At the heart of Orchard Road lies a beautiful library. It is a public library, and it has been renovated recently.

This library isn’t your day to day library with a vintage vibe. This library features a modern look and feel.

The library is open from 11 am to 9 pm every day.

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata
Source: Jan Shim

Worried, you might miss your work out while on vacation? Fret not. The Via Ferrata offers 30 meters long climbing wall in Orchard Road. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new at this sport or had your fair share of practice; there are professionals to help you with the climbing.

The Via Ferrata is open from 12 pm to 8 pm every day. On weekdays, the tickets cost $30, and on weekends, it costs $35.

Urban Farming

Urban Farming
Source: Nigel Dickinson

Singapore is nothing short of a futuristic city. However, even in this futuristic city, you will find urban farming. That goes to show how serious they are about climate change.

Urban farming is also Singapore’s first commercial rooftop bar. Comcrop harvest fresh produces and supplies them to the bars in Singapore. On the weekends, the place becomes a community farm. Their people come to visit the site.

If you’re interested, you can learn how to have your mini garden, and you can also cook with fresh supplies from there. To visit the place, you must make an appointment on the first Saturday of every month.

Indoor Urban Playground

Indoor Urban Playground

Bring out the inner kid once again with BOUNCE Singapore. BOUNCE Singapore is the most significant indoor playground available in Singapore. The playground is equipped with twenty-eight interconnected trampolines over a large area of 24,000 square feet. Keep yourself and your kids entertained here for hours. Every session goes on for an hour. This time limit is extendable if you wish to pay more. This playground ensures fun for everyone.

The playground remains open from 10 am to 10 pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, the place is open from 10 am to 11 pm. The site is accessible from 9 am to 11 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, you can access the playground from 9 am till 10 pm. The tickets cost $24 for the first hour, and for additional hours, you pay $19.

Peranakan at Emerald Hill Road

Peranakan at Emerald Hill Road

Peranakan at Emerald Hill road is a very photogenic area filled with vibrant colors. At the heart of Orchard Road lies Emerald Hill Road. There lies the most attractive place on Orchard Road. The building over there has been built in the 1900s. You can take a stroll and enjoy ancient architecture. After wandering about, head to a bar for a good time.

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Orchard Road Skyline

Orchard Road Skyline
Source: Gavin Hellier

Want some alone time in the city? Head to Orchard Road Skyline and enjoy the scenic beauty the city offers. The top floors even have small waterfalls and animal statues. You can also find bars and restaurants there.

Fort Canning

Fort Canning
Source: Winnie

Fort Canning is an iconic landmark at a hilltop. The place bears a testament to Singapore’s historical milestones. Fort Canning is a place where nature, history, and music come together.

In conclusion, Orchard Road might be a commercial avenue, but there are many things to visit and enjoy over there. You will not run of things to do while you’re there. Visit these fantastic places to ensure yourself a great time.

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