10 Best Things To Do in Page, Arizona | USA

The town of Page in Coconino County. Although small in size, this town represents everything great about northern Arizona; a friendly community and a huge diversity in fun-filled activities. Just a few hours’ drive away from the Grand Canyon, Page has been a popular stop for tourists throughout the years. Here is a list of the 10 best things to do during your trip to Page!

Best things to do in Page, Arizona

1. Take a Walk in the Grand Escalante National Monument

Things to do in Page
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Considered to be the largest park in Southwestern USA, the Grand Escalante National Monument stands at a total area of 1.8 million acres. Various monuments have been created here throughout the years by US presidents. It is also one of the places to have held the fossils of numerous prehistoric animals, which were found through excavations.

2. Have a Photo Op at Antelope Canyon

Things to do in Page
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One of the most aesthetically pleasing natural phenomena, Antelope Canyon will have you bring out your camera and start clicking pictures. It falls under Navajo land so be sure to have a Navajo guide with you when venturing into the canyons. The best time to visit the Antelope Canyons would be during the late morning as the light effects are perfect for a photo session.


3. Boating at Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam

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Lake Powell made its presence in 1963 through the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. Not only does it store clean water, but it also generates enough electricity for the entire area. With a total length of 186 miles and having an area of 266 square miles, Lake Powell offers a bunch of fun activities visitors can partake in. Let it be going up the dam or boating, fishing and kayaking in the pristine waters of the lake; there is something for everyone here. To learn more about the lake, you can also take part in the tours organized by the local Natural History Association there.


4. Visit the Carl Hayden Visitor Center

Things to do in Page
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The Carl Hayden Visitor Center is a must-visit for those looking to learn more about the Glen Canyon Dam. The visitor center is named after the congressmen and senator who played an important role in water management in Arizona. The center has a lot to offer regarding gaining extensive knowledge of the history of the Glen Canyon.


5. Hiking at Coconino National Forest – Things to do in Page

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Perhaps one of the most versatile and diverse forests in the States, visiting the Coconino National Forest is a must for anyone hoping to visit Page. Rarely are there any other forests that have both the desert and tundra regions within itself. Visitors will also get the opportunity to find the ponderosa pine there as well as marvel at the red rocks of Sedona. The forest is perfect for hikers and campers alike as it is filled with glistening lakes, tower mountains, bountiful valleys and streams with clean, sparkling water. The forest also happens to be home to hundreds of birds and animals making it an ideal spot for wildlife photography and birdwatching.


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6. Photography Session at Horseshoe Bend

Things to do in Page
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Horseshoe Bend will have you spellbound, period. There are not enough adjectives to do the beauty of this place justice. With a total area of barely 1.5 miles, you’ll find yourself spending hours here simply because of the multiple photo ops you can’t help but participate in. It is best to visit during the midday to get the best photographs. However, there are no safety mechanisms here, so it’s best to exercise caution during your visit here.


7. Stroll across Waterholes Canyon – Things to do in Page

Things to do in Page
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Before reaching the Glen Canyons, the scenery of the Waterholes Canyon is a giant stretch of red sandstone. Granted accessible only to guided tours organized by the Navajo, the canyons on either side of the US89 highway is a splendid choice for a calming walk.


8. Marvel at the Rainbow Bridge National Monument

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Although it has been discovered by the white settlers around a mere century ago, the Rainbow Bridge has been considered holy by native Americans far longer. Taft declared it to be a national monument shortly after the discovery. It is considered one of the longest natural bridges known to mankind. Although it has recently been restricted for tourists to go under the bridge, the monument is best enjoyed from a short distance. It is also an amazing place for photo sessions.


9. Take to the Skies at Tower Butte

Things to do in Page
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The airport at Page offers guided helicopter tours, which provides tourists with experiencing Tower Butte from proximity unlike no other. The helicopters will be landing right on top of Tower Butter, thus giving tourists a panoramic view of the entire area surrounding the tower. The pilots are more than helpful and provide tourists with ample opportunities to get a bird’s-eye snap of adjoining national sites too.


10. Feast at Into the Grand – Things to do in Page

Things to do in Page
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Don’t let the archaic exterior fool you, Into the Grand is one of the most happening places in Page! Made from a renovated warehouse, the similarities of the restaurant of an era bygone end right there. The restaurant serves some of the most delectable and mouthwatering Native American cuisines in the States. Furthermore, there are various forms of entertainment you can enjoy such as Native American songs, dance, and music while enjoying the food there. The hospitality at Into the Grand is second to none as the staff there are very welcoming and friendly. They will happily provide you with a bowl of chips and salsa while you decide what to order.


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In conclusion, here is a list of the 10 best things to do while visiting Page, Arizona. We hope this list was effective in helping you plan your trip and making your stay memorable.


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