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Peace Cafe serves organic, nutritious vegetarian food, a small bakery, and even a fair-trade store. About 5 minutes from the Old Market of Siem Reap, this cafe is a trouble-free oasis of calmness with a lovely lush backyard. Peace Café invites travelers to explore the lovely garden packed with birdsongs and eat healthy and nutritious meals. Visitors can also try out the fair-trade store for that beautiful gift for friends and family. In traditional Khmer hut, Peace Café provides a vegetarian cooking class. Outreach programs are also provided such as yoga, meditation, monk talk, free Khmer lessons and English classes for locals.

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What’s Unique about Peace Café 

Peace Cafe Shop
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Peace café offers room in the framework of a store to showcase various goods made by people with disadvantages to help small craftsmen. The Peace cafe even has monk talk to expose traveling visitors to their lifestyle and history. Peace Cafe frequently offers yoga and Khmer workshops and meditation lessons for visitors.

The management frequently collaborates with a variety of NGOs operate events such as handing out free items. There can be wheelchairs, first aid kits, clothing, garments, school stationery, food, mosquito net, and hygiene education and kits

Peace Cafe does have a continuous employment of economically deprived locals educated by local NGOs such as MARUM that was founded by Kaliyanmith, an Organization working with homeless children and other disadvantaged youth in Siem Reap, Cambodia since 2005.

Peace cafe provides NGOs with free food or drink coupons to help raise money within their respective parties. They offer vouchers for free food/drinks to NGOs to help raise funds for their respective organizations.

Together with TIFO aka The Institute for Opportunity, this café also aims to help the wider community such as Building Future Opportunity or BFOK. Peace Cafe sponsors all the wages and scholarships of their students, the authority rendered library, restored roof for schools, provides teaching materials, demonstration centers, rice storage or weaving basketball, and provides toiletries.

Peace Café’s Vision

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“If we improve our manner, the world’s going to change” is Peace Café’s signature slogan. As a progressive social enterprise, its mission is not only to rejuvenate the future consumers’ soul and body, but also to provide a range of services and contribute to people’s lives. While enjoying the nutritious vegetarian dishes of the café, the team wishes at the same time to increase consciousness about the many causes why a vegetarian diet can be helpful.

Peace café tries to be accountable by contributing as much to the planet earth as it might. Here ecosystem teaching is offered for Khmer citizens as well as seminars on activities of sustainable agriculture. Visitors can know the popular Khmer recipe for cooking bean sprouts and bamboo rice and gaze at the café’s aromatic local herbs and fruit trees.

Realizing that English by itself does not help create jobs, Peace Cafe promotes a program, “Living-Values Education”. Actually, that is an international quality-based education system aimed to provide educational resources and values for the physical, social, mental and spiritual growth of the entire person.

Community Programs 


Peace Café is much more than a Café, as well as a pulsating society with positive energy! Peace Cafe has communal spaces where international and local programs can be accessed. The daily program includes yoga, Pilates, monk talk, mediation, youth programs, etc.

How Peace Café is Generating Employment

Peace Cafe

Peace café claims to help make an impact on the local lifestyle. While being popular for tourists,  Siem Reap is shockingly among the poorest regions of Cambodia with a 51.8% poverty rate. While a person’s minimum food cost is usually US$0.5 day, Cambodia’s average wage concept is just US$14 per month.

Peace Cafe’s Fair-Trade Store works with groups such as Grace Gecko, Human & Hop Association, Pure Dream Centre, Vocational-Centre for Women, Life and Hope Org, Journeys Within Communities, RAJANA-Crafts Organization, HUSK Community, etc. Such organizations help the communities throughout the district of Siem Reap, Pouk and Lor Lei to boost their sustainable economic status. They continue with the skill-based on traditional Khmer crafts and arts like weaving blankets, books, and cards, hammocks, paintings for children, pottery, etc. Such impressive funding for these community organizations helps people recover from poverty.

The Cooking Classes

Peace Cafe Cooking Class
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The class is one hour long, costing $20 each. It may seem very costly and is too much for our typical daily expenditure. You’re learning to cook 3 old recipes though, and you can sit down and eat your giant feast afterward. Certainly, this price includes almost all of the products, including handwritten versions of the instructions or the recipes. The Peace Cafe cooking class is among the few ones you’d ever seen that promotes itself as a vegan. Visitors also get happy to find out that it is also absolutely vegan-friendly!

In conclusion, in a region like Siem Reap that is famous for tourism, you could still find a comfortable retreat to fulfill your own spiritual needs. Every moment in Peace Cafe, you can always refuel yourself with food in one of the freshest areas.

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