Pidoa Nature, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Pidoa Nature is another plant-based restaurant in Phnom Penh that has been opening for a few years. If you like Mercy House, you would also fall in love with this place. As they have the same boss, their concepts and food taste is quite similar. With care and devotion, they creates dishes that taste superb and healthy. They are creatively using mushrooms to replace the meat and create dishes that you will not figure out at first bite. Its texture and aroma will definitely make you mouthwatering.

Pidoa Nature, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Pidoa Nature
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Pidoa Nature is a spacious restaurant with 2 floors. The decoration of the restaurant, interior, and exterior, is soothing providing a tranquil atmosphere. To simplify, the place looks peaceful, simple, yet very eye-catching. Both first and second floors are indoors dining places equipped with air conditioners allowing their customer to escape from the heat and dine in a cool space. They provides their customers with enough comfortable seating, and their service is quite decent comparing to the other restaurants.

Pidoa Nature
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Just like how Mercy House, Pidoa Nature is more of a local type restaurant, so they charge relatively cheap. You can afford a meal from 2$. Its opening hour is from 8 am to 8:30 pm, serving 3 meals 7 days a week. This restaurant has a local and cozy vibe, which is a very good spot to dine with a small budget.

Pidoa Nature
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Their address is Street 432, Sangkat, Phnom Penh. Pidoa Nature serves a wide selection of Asian dishes such as Khmer and Chinese. The place also has varieties of dessert and drinks available. Their must-try food is hot pot soup and steam dumpling. The unique charm of the restaurant is that during lunchtime they have the lunch buffet offer. Their lunch buffet offers many delicious dishes, which enrich in nourishment and taste heavenly. Those dishes are also shuffled every day, so you do not have to worry about limited choices during lunch buffet.

Pidoa Nature
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Why Pidoa Nature?

Pidoa Nature is the local’s cherished vegetarian restaurant. Pidoa nature is passionate about making food that is healthy for both body and mind, and it is a place that encourages people to eat healthily. With their unique texture and heavenly taste dishes, Pidoa Nature makes non-vegetarian people enjoy the food that is not made out of animal cruelty. Its relaxing atmosphere allows you to dine comfortably, and the place is also good to catch up with friends for chitchat. On the off chance that you are searching for a decent spot to have vegan food, with such a tasty food with an affordable price and tranquil ambiance, Pidoa Nature to dine will not disappoint you.

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