Best Places to Eat in Central World | Thailand

Top Best Places to Eat in Central World | Thailand

When you’re in the land of smiles, shopping really is the best cardio. Here at Central World, you can spend days there and you would still not cover the whole of the shopping mall. There are many shops. But with a big shopping mall like Central World, be ready to spend most of your time eating as well. There are as many restaurants as shops in Central World and here are our top picks for places to eat there.

1. 1881 by Water library

1881 by Water library

1881 BY WATER LIBRARY is situated within the lifestyle complex GROOVE @ Central World Shopping mall complex, right next to BTS Siam. The place offers all-day dining with a broad selection of cocktails. At night, there are also live bands and DJs as well. “World Class Cuisine” is what 1881 claims to offer to their customers with chefs all around the world. 1881 BY WATER LIBRARY has a high standard, relaxing gastro-pub setting. The dishes there starts from 220 Baht per dish. Must-try dishes include Salmon Tartare Kratong and Truffle Wagyu Burger (380 Baht). Their cocktail prices are on the steeper side though, some drinks costing 380 Baht (Gummy Bear cocktail).

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2. Wine I Love You

Wine I Love You

The wine I Love You is a western comfort food restaurant located on the 3rd floor of Groove @Central world shopping mall. This is the spot if you’re looking for a sit back and relaxing evening while indulging in good food and drinks. The wine I love You is designed in a French bistro style. Some of their signatures include cheesy baked mussels, smoked duck with raspberry sauce, and baked potato skins. There is also a wide range selection of wine for you to choose from and the pricing is quite reasonable.

3. Apinara Thai Cuisine

Apinara Thai Cuisine

Apinara Thai Cuisine is a Thai Restaurant located on the 2nd floor of Groove @Central World. Apinara actually comes from the same team behind Nara Thai cuisine that is considered as one of the most impressive Thai restaurants in Bangkok. The reviews of the food there always end with the same word: delicious. You can expect classic Thai food and the price range is again affordable. They have a wide range of creative dishes such as foie gras with tamarin sauce or coconut ice cream with 12 toppings. Also, make sure to try ya dong (Thai whiskey with herbs and spices).

4. Greyhound café

Greyhound café


Greyhound café needs no introduction for those who visit Bangkok frequently. Greyhound started off as a fashion brand and later expanded into the food business in 1997. Greyhound café is located on the second floor of groove @Central World. The seven must-try dishes from Greyhound café are their famous Fried Chicken wings (140 Baht), Fried Salmon Toro with Dip (180 Baht), Calamari Fritti (150 Baht), Pomelo Salad (200 baht), Salmon Sashimi in Spicy hot sauce (200 baht), Fried Crab Meat with rice (450 baht) and their Iced Lemon tea (90 baht). Also, don’t miss out on their Thai Tea Granita (120 baht), it will surely clench your thirst!



KUM POON restaurant is located on the 7th floor of Beacon Zone @Central World shopping mall. This Thai restaurant is decorated with a typical Thai home setting which makes the environment very inviting and homey for their customers. They have an extensive menu with lots of classic Thai dishes that will surely not going to disappoint. The portion of the food is good for 2 per plate. There’s a unique Northern Thai food taste here compared to other places. The price is also affordable as well.

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6. Seafood Mahanakorn @ FoodwOrld

Seafood Mahanakorn @ FoodwOrld

Thailand is famous for seafood and street food. And Seafood Mahanakorn is known for both! It’s a mixture of both combos. The environment is colourful, simple, and comfortable. This is the place to go if you’re craving fresh seafood. Some of the dishes that you should try out include their signature chili paste served with crispy salmon skin, Thai shrimp dip (190 Baht), crispy chicken skin and vegetables, mixed grilled Mix seafood platter (1,250 Baht), this platter includes river prawns, squid, New Zealand mussels and clams, served with spicy seafood sauce.

7. Thai-styled Salad @ FoodwOrld

Thai-styled Salad @ FoodwOrld

You can simply tell by the name that it’s a salad shop and it is. It’s a fusion of Thai Style Salad and Tom Yum Goong. It’s located on the 7th floor of Central World. The price is reasonable, the place has a nice atmosphere and the food s super tasty.

8. Chokchai Steakburger @ FoodwOrld

Chokchai Steakburger

If you’re looking for a juicy steak burger then look no further than Chokchai Steak Burger. The place is a blend of style kiosk with a touch of cowboy. The kitchen concept is styled in the theme of blue jeans. Some of their best burgers include Wagyu Steakburger and Kurobuta Steakburger. Chokchai guarantees quality assurances for their burgers and they only serve the highest quality of meat patty to their customers. Chokchai Steakburger also serves delicious dry-aging T-Bone steak and New York steak, hotdogs, meatballs, and potato fries.

9. Pua-kee @ FoodwOrld

Pua-kee @ FoodwOrld

At Pua-kee, they serve the Thai classic, gŏo·ay đĕe·o đôm yam. This is a rice noodle in hot and spicy soup with fish meatballs. This s a classic and super delicious meal that everyone should try when visiting Bangkok. The fishball noodle is pre-seasoned with sugar, lime, dried chili, and served with crispy deep-fried wonton. Delicious and cheap. Another must-try when you’re shopping at Central World.

10. Central World Front Food Court

Central World Front Food Court

At the Central World Front Food Court, you will find lots and lots of stalls selling lots and lots of different types of food and different type of cuisine. The price there is very reasonable. You just have to top up your card with 1000 Baht and choose any stall that you would want to eat from. Definitely worth checking out because you will be spoilt with choices of different types of food from a different culture and the price is reasonable.

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Overall, while there are 10 choices listed above, we’ve decided to pick our favorite top three restaurants and those are 1881 by WATER LIBRARY, Pua-kee @ FoodwOrld, and the Central World food court. These three places are different from each other but each has a different type of delicious food to offer so yes, that’s our top three picks.

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