10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Seoul | South‌ ‌Korea‌

Places to Go Shopping in Seoul

In Korea, one of the best places to go shopping is Seoul. Whether you’re a local who’s looking to give into shopping indulgences today, or you’re a traveller on a hunt for souvenirs and memories, Seoul has everything for you. But choosing the right place can be difficult.

Those who love shopping know that deciding among options is the worst thing ever. It can be such a huge dilemma having to decide where to shop, let alone deciding on which colour of that scarf to go for!

Since Seoul gives a diverse option for shopping, we hope to recommend you both hi-fi and affordable places! Let’s dig in!

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10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Seoul | South‌ ‌Korea‌

1. Myeongdong Market

shopping place at Myeongdong
Source: Agoda

A prime location for shipping, Myeongdong Market is your place to go if you want to witness diversity. It has all kinds of shops, both inside malls and out in the open streets.

Myeongdong is the place to buy branded and high-end skincare cosmetics. Besides buying inexpensive clothes, unique jewelry, and matching ensembles, you can roam around having snacks.

2. Starfield COEX Mall

Starfield COEX Mall
Source: Josip I. – unsplash

This is our personal favorite in terms of indoor malls! Visit Starfield COEX Mall with enough time in your hands to fully experience its culture! We promise you it is a whole other world!

It is not just a large mall crowded with plenty of luxurious stores. With a great multiplex zone, a large aquarium, one of the best Daiso stores, one of the best-looking libraries – it is an iconic shopping center in all of Korea!

COEX Mall has something for everyone. If you love parading stores with your loved ones, or just want to have a great time strolling and marveling at books on your own, it is the place to be. Get tickets for the best movie date and grab amazing bites at the eateries.

Does it sound too good to be true? You can’t even prove us wrong so you better make that visit!

3. Dongdaemun Market

Dongdaemun Market
Source: Travel Notes

Who says shopping places have to be all about shopping at the best prices? Dongdaemun Market is a gateway to everything – delicious food, soulful Seoul music, and dance, fun festive shows – you name it!

The variety of things that Dongdaemun offers, you won’t get the same quality everywhere. Buy the best of the best from this shopping mall consisting of 26 brilliant stores and more.

4. Apgujeong

Source: Pinterest

Feeling fancy? Shop for lavish clothing and ensembles at the wealthiest Seoul district, Apgujeong. Visit the Galleria Department Store, for a fantastic feeling as you stride down its pathway. Surprisingly you have access to popular designers and even cosmetologists for your needs.

Trendy eateries and pubs that make your shopping pauses delightful, are a posh addition to Apgujeong. Besides, there are tons of stops for striking a pose for pictures.

5. Hongdae

Hongdae - Places to Go Shopping in Seoul
Source: Daily Travel Pill

Hongdae is one of the best places to go shopping in Seoul! Need a tour?

With some of the best places to eat, music clubs and hangout places where you can drink and relax with friends, Hongdae is a vibrant tourist attraction. Not only during the day time, but it’s also a distinctive street at night time. You can relax and enter any mall or even stop and check out the streetside shops. Cozy clothes, cute accessories, and handbags are great things to buy!

6. Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store - Places to Go Shopping in Seoul
Source: Skyscanner

You’ve heard of the Lotte family theme park. Now this company has its department store as well! It is a massive building that offers a wide range of products to buy. It’s got a lavish interior, sparkling lights, and well-functioning elevator, amazing digital banners and welcoming store entries.

Find local designers, the most luxury Korean brands to international brands – you can find products all under one roof. Afterwards, you can eat delicious food at their ground-floor food court. You can also look outside to enjoy the view as you sip on your coffee.

7. Itaewon

Itaewon - Places to Go Shopping in Seoul
Source: trippose

A 4km drive away from Seoul, you can enjoy an offbeat shopping experience at Itaewon. Filled with divine multi-culture, its 1.4km long street has inspired shopping complex stores. It is a great tourist zone for wanderers and those who can bargain from great collections. It also comes with a bunch of exotic places you can eat, go clubbing and have the most fun at.

8. Insa-dong

Insa-dong - Places to Go Shopping in Seoul
Source: Alex Barlow – Flickr

First of all, Insa-dong is not just an amazing stop for shopping. We call it amazing because you can feel satisfied with your purchase. Its marketplace offers budget-friendly options. It also comes with great eating options, relaxing spots, and culturally rich institutions. It is a glorious attraction in all of Seoul and you can’t have enough of this place!

9. Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun Market - Places to Go Shopping in Seoul
Source: The Seoul Guide

A walk around the bustling Namdaemun Market helps you capture its vibrancy. If you are looking forward to shopping your heart out, it is a paradise! Not only are the shops affordable, but you can bargain to your heart’s content.

Namdaemun has great historic energy and pulls in tourists. Tourists can find a uniqueness amid all the chaos mid-afternoon. It is nothing fancy but you can expect a flower corner in the building, great supplies and souvenirs, and fantastic halal food stalls lined along the meticulously clean streets.

10. Seoul Folk Flea Market

Seoul Folk Flea Market - Places to Go Shopping in Seoul
Source: The Seoul Guide

Located in Sinseol-dong, the Seoul Folk Flea Market is a gem of a shopping place to purchase all kinds of thrift items. Can you imagine stumbling upon rare finds, vintage clothing, accessories and household items in good condition?

Flea markets are only valuable to those who can scour for ages to find the best pieces. In a way, the cheaper prices are worth the rare folk pieces. Not to mention, you can enjoy street food and even musical performances towards early November.

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To sum it up, this was our list of the 10 best shopping places in Seoul. Even after shopping for 24 hours straight, you can’t get enough of the places we just mentioned! So, which of these places did you get the best deals from?

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