15 Best Places to Live in Utah | United States


For an adventurous state of living, Utah comes to mind as it has everything you need to live a perfect life. Here you find the Arches National Park, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. However, where in Utah should you reside? A fact is there are many desirable places you can live each with its features. So to make your selection more manageable, you can view the 15 best places to live in Utah here.

Best Places to Live in Utah, United States

1. Park City

 Park City
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A number one spot is Park City in Summit County east of Salt Lake. The biggest problem is that you need a high salary to live here. Rent starts at $1,500, and you can find ample properties available. Here you can find three-bedroom homes with four bathrooms with a heated swimming pool.

2. Fruit Heights

Fruit Heights
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For a more reasonable option, you can pick Fruit Heights in Utah. You can find a lot to like about this town as the house prices are affordable. You can get a three-bedroom cottage with two bathrooms overlooking hills for $300k. The place is family-friendly and the home to ten schools as well.

3. Greater Avenues

Greater Avenues
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The biggest downfall of Greater Avenues is the crime and found in Salt Lake City. However, recently there are more police patrols around to bring the crime rate down. Here you can find coffee shops, bars, and open areas to relax. The homes are spacious, and the average price is $390k.

4. Summit Park

Summit Park
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For the best kids’ education, you need to live in Summit Park. Here you find top-rated public schools and not cheap. Furthermore, people living in the suburb are all highly educated with some form of degree. The living costs are high, and you can expect to pay high rent prices.

5. East Bench

East Bench
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Another desirable suburb in Salt Lake City is East Bench. Here you find the Bonneville Golf Course and Salt Lake Country Club. In the neighborhood is Hogle Zoo with tigers and giraffes. Furthermore, you can find enormous costs when renting or buying property. If you do earn seven figures, you can get a four-bedroom home with four bathrooms at $1, 4 million.

6. Snyderville

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The suburb is close to Salt Lake City CDB and is a commuter town near to everything. Here you get outstanding schooling, but the prices on a home are steep. There are eight schools found in the region each with its national standards. So if you enjoy a cozy neighborhood, this is the place to live in Utah.

7. Kaysville

Source: kaysvillecity

Another suburb in Salt Lake City in Kaysville, but it is a populated area to live in. Here you can raise your family as kids can attend the excellent schools in the town. The crime is low and prices on homes are reasonable. Therefore, if you want a good starting point before stepping on the property ladder, pick this place as your home.

8. Yalecrest

Source: preservationutah

The suburb is enormous but remains a unique place to live in Utah. One of the local hangouts is the Eggs to mingle with the community. For cheap rent, you can pay around $1,200. Furthermore, there is no shortage of jobs in Salt Lake City.

9. Wasatch Hollow

Wasatch Hollow
Source: move.org

On the south side of Yalecrest, you find a small suburb that is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Utah. Here you can buy your first home before the value rises. You live in tree-lined avenues with detached houses and children playing. A median home goes for $353k but with the significant demand, prices go up quickly.

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10. North Logan

North Logan
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In Cache County northeast of Logan, you find North Logan offering you low costs for renting property. The living costs reasonable and you can live comfortably. Here faith plays an essential part in the people living here and everyone gets together in the Church of Jesus Christ.

11. Highland

Source: highlandcity

Here is the seventh suburb in Salt Lake City to live. Highland has a diverse population comprising ethnicity and economic backgrounds. The cost of living is high, and you find some great schools in the region as well. The average income is $116k.

12. Farmington

Source: wikipedia

Here we have a suburban area with a median rent of $900 making it a reasonable price to rent a place. You can find a property overlooking Farmington Bay or the Great Salt Lake. The truth is that there is very little to dislike about this town. Furthermore, it overlooks Thurston Peak as well.

13. Cedar Hills

Cedar Hills
Source: utahvalley

Here is a cozy suburb with a small-town feeling. While on paper, it is part of Salt Lake City, it is a place on its own. Here you can enjoy family time with the church being the heart of the community. You have public schools and they offer some leading schools in Utah.

14. Foothill & Sunnyside

Foothill & Sunnyside
Source: ocre

The suburb is one of the safest places to live. Here everyone knows everyone, and it is slowly starting to become more popular by the day. You get access to good schools and getting to work is quick. The monthly rent is $884 but buying property is stauncher. You can find three to five-bedroom homes in the suburb.

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15. North Salt Lake

North Salt Lake
Source: nslcity

As you can see, Salt Lake City is the heart of Utah with many different suburbs. Last, on the list is North Salt Lake offering you a pleasant stay. Furthermore, the home values are reasonable and you can find a great selection of properties available. Moreover, you can get a great view of Rotary Park as well. So if you want to live in the go-to place, this is the suburb to live.

We hope that you find a suitable place on the list to live in Utah. As you can see, there are different suburbs available for you to choose from.


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