Top 30 Places to Visit in Coimbatore | Manchester of South India

More popularly known as the “Manchester of South India”, Coimbatore is one of the largest cities in the province of Tamil Nadu. This is a city that is the perfect marriage between the strides made by human civilization as well the love of human beings to hold on to their traditions and culture. It’s a major center for industry, manufacturing, and textiles in South Asia. Coimbatore is also host to some of the most ancient Hindu temples as well as the most beautiful natural waterfalls. There are tons of places to visit in Coimbatore if you are visiting.
Conveyance and accommodations when traveling in Coimbatore are quite affordable and there are multiple options to select from as well. So, if you’re planning to visit Coimbatore, we have listed some of the must-see locations there that would make your trip a memorable one.

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Top 30 places to visit in Coimbatore

1. Kovai Kondattam

Source: Holidify

Located a mere 2 kilometers away from Coimbatore, Kovai Kondattam is an amusement park that can keep you entertained for an entire day. Other than being a thrill-seeker’s paradise, the amusement park is absolutely eco-friendly.
Made by the famous Tamil actor Vijay, this amusement park caters to people of all age groups with a wide range of dry and water-based rides. Kovai Kondattam is also a popular picnic spot in Coimbatore and it also reserved for conferences, parties, corporate bookings, etc.

2. Perur Pateeswarar Temple

Source: Wikipedia

An ancient temple constructed to pay homage to Lord Pateeswarar, the Perur Pateeswarar Temple is located 9 kilometers away from the city of Coimbatore. Other than being a historical site, this temple bears great religious significance to many.
Commonly, also known as the temple that dedicate to Lord Nataraj, the temple is visited every year by thousands of devotees every year to pay their respects to Lord Pateeswarar. The temple is host to ancient artworks, paintings and priceless sculptures making it a popular tourist site for art-parasites. The most dominant piece in this temple is the awesome idol of Lord Pateeswarar which can consider as perfection in terms of sculpting.

3. Vellingiri Hill Temple

Source: Medium

Placed atop an altitude of 6,000 feet on top of the Vellingiri Hill, this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva provides one of the most beautiful vistas in all of Coimbatore.
Considered to be the most prominent place of worship for Hindus in Coimbatore, the Vellingiri Hill Temple has tourists and religious devotees swarming in from near and far throughout the year. The Vellingiri Hill is also host to some of the rarest herbs on the planet which has some amazing healing properties. It’s one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore.

4.Siruvani Falls and Dam

Source: Flickr “sathish rao”

Located 37 kilometers west of the city of Coimbatore, the Siruvani Falls and Dam is located amongst the rich greenery of the Western Ghats. The river is pristine and clear while the dam is an engineering masterpiece in its own right.
The Siruvani waterfalls are the main source of water supply to the city of Coimbatore. The dam consists of multiple aqueducts and underway to exploit the hydel energy for power generation and agricultural purposes from the various rivers connected to it, making it a contraption worth witnessing.

5. Anubhavi Subramaniar Temple

One of the most popular temples in Coimbatore, the Anubhavi Subramaniar Temple is quite close to the city. Known for its unique spiritual aura, the temple is a popular place to be visited by both tourists as well as the local residents.
The natural outflow of the Subramaniar Temple considers to be a miraculous discovery. It has known for discharge water throughout the year. The temple is completely free from noise pollution and is known to be a place to find spirituality and peace in. Make sure to add it to your itinerary and get lost in its simplicity alongside the hundreds of people who visit this place every year.

6. Isha Yoga Center

Source: isha sadhguru org

Next in our list of places to visit in Coimbatore is the Isha Yoga Center. A non-profit organization, the Isha Yoga Center attracts thousands of people every year on their quest to search for peace and tranquility regardless of their religious beliefs.
Established by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the Isha Yoga Center provides a comprehensive program the essentially ends with the person feeling refreshed and utterly rejuvenated. The program normally takes 3-7 days to be completed and is wholesome for all. Moreover, the yoga center is located in the base of the beautiful Velliangiri Mountains of Tamil Nadu which is a mere 18 miles away from the city of Coimbatore.

7. Adiyogi Shiva Statue

Source: Isha Foundation

The Adiyogi Shiva Statue is the largest statue ever made to dedicate to the Hindu god Shiva. Locate among the lush green fields at the base of the Velliangiri mountains, this gargantuan statue is carved from 500 tons of steel.
Standing proud at a behemoth height of 112 feet, this statue is a proud record holder of the “largest bust sculpture” in the Guinness Book of World Records. The sculpture was design to represent moksha- a theme in yogi culture. Although the bust was made with obvious relevance to the Hindu culture, the sight is recognized as a non-religious spot and anyone is welcome to come and marvel the magnanimity of this statue.

8. Gedee Car Museum

Source: Flickr “Senthil kumar”

The Gedee Car Museum hosts famous and vintage cars from all over the world. This museum covers all sorts of cars from antiques to prototypes, each with well-detailed information provided next to them.
The museum also hosts various unique car components making it a favorite spot for petrol heads and engineering students alike. The museum can be a learning experience for children and adults alike as it helps you get acquainted with the world of automobiles in a vibrant and interactive manner.

9. Puliakalam Vinayagar Temple

Source: youtube “VivekS Sir”

The Puliakalam Vinayagar Temple is a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Ganesha which is located at the Puliakulam district of Coimbatore. This temple has also known to house an idol of Lord Ganesha which stands at an astounding height of 20 feet.
The temple is located at the heart of the Puliakulam district making it easily accessible to tourists. For, the environment inside the temple, it is always festive and divine as the priest performs various poojas and prayers throughout the year on various occasions to celebrate the glory of Ganesha.

10. Naga Sai Mandir

Source: Srinagasai

Dedicated to the memory of Sai Baba, the Naga Sai Mandir is primarily a place for pilgrimage for the followers of Sai Baba. This temple is known to contain some of the shrines of Sai Baba as well as the idols of other minor Hindu Gods and Goddesses as well.
Sundays and Thursdays can be an exceptionally busy day here as devotees gather here to pray together as it is the auspicious days. A beautiful sight that the tourists will be presented with on their trip to the Naga Sai Mandir is the beautiful idol of Sai Baba placed under the Adishesha there.

11. VOC Park and Zoo

Source: Wikipedia

The VOC Park and Zoo is the perfect mix between a zoo and an amusement park solely made for recreational purposes. Popular among both tourists and natives, it is a popular picnic spot to head over to and blow off some steam.
The zoo contains almost 500 animals with around 30 different species of birds and animals. The place also as an aquarium and a section with a Jurassic Park-theme too. The park has also known to host several exhibitions and fairs throughout the year which attracts several tourists as well. It’s one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore.

12. Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Source: Flickr “VS Ramachandran”

The Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park is a beautiful expanse of greenery. It is on the mounds of Anamalai Hills.
The park consists of numerous well-maintained gardens, beautiful lawns, play areas, etc. It is a perfect place to have a picnic as well as a host as a range of outdoor activities too.

13. Nehru Park

Source: Flickr “ArditiSSC”

Nehru Park is perhaps the most renowned parks in Coimbatore. It dedicates to the memory of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.
The park has beautiful gardens, clean-cut lawns, and well-maintained toddler areas. It is an ideal place to start the morning off with meditation or a refreshing jog. On the other hand, it is also for spending a lazy afternoon and has a picnic there.

14. Marudhamalai Hill Temple -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Source: Flickr “Sunita Katoch”

At a daunting height of 500 feet, the Marudhamalai Hill Temple stands stall on top of the highlands of the Western Ghats of Coimbatore. The airy setting of the temple’s location will refresh you and fill you with excitement.
15 kilometers away from Coimbatore city, the temple can be reached easily via rented vehicles or through the 3 buses that have been issued to commute back and forth between the city and the temple. The temple is home to the deity Lord Muruga. The hill in which it stands is also iconic for containing medicinal herbs that are crucial for growing ayurvedic medicine.

15. Vydehi Falls

Source: Yatra

Untouched by the cold hands of industrialization, Vydehi Falls is a place that should not miss out from the itinerary during visits to Coimbatore. The crystalline water of the falls combined with the pure greenery of the area makes for natural beauty unmatched to others.
Commuting to Vydehi Falls is very easy and convenient. Hailing a cab is the most comfortable and easiest method to reach Vydehi Falls. The scenic beauty and the magnificence of the waterfall make for an amazing photo op.

16. Kovai Kutralam Falls -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Source: Flickr “Akash Nambiar”

Kovai Kutralam falls is a magnificent waterfall based on Siruvani. Situated a mere 37 kilometers away from Coimbatore city, the waterfall is a local favorite for its regality.
Located in the heart of a dense jungle, tourists are not allowed to visit the place after 5 pm. Therefore, it is advised to visit the place early in the morning to beat the possibility of finding the place crowded by inquisitive tourists and to avoid the heat of the afternoon. The easiest way to commute there is through the many buses that are available there at all times. The wide, lovely view of the Kovai Kutralam Falls will leave you with a lasting joyful memory.

17. Sree Ayyappan Temple

Source: FLickr “U A Satish”

Dedicated to the contributions of Lord Sree Ayyappa, the Sree Ayappan Temple is located in the heart of Coimbatore city. The temple is regarded as the second Sabarimala Temple as it was created on the same lines of the Sabarimala Temple of Kerala.
The design of the temple feels like a homage to ancient Indian architecture, making it a popular spot for would-be architects as well as history enthusiasts. The temple is an interval-spot for Hindu devotees on their pilgrimage to Sabarimala Temple.

18. Monkey Falls -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Source: Flickr “Sivakumar B”

The monkey falls is a lovely waterfall in a tropical forest as well as gigantic cliffs. The waterfall is famous for emitting an eerily melodious tune which makes it a major tourist attraction.
The base of the waterfall fills with bubbles created from the thrashing water. Wildflowers grow near to the waterfall making the entire place seem like a piece of the heavens itself. The area is also home to songbirds and frogs which adds to the harmony and aesthetics of the waterfall.

19. Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Source: Tamilnadu Temples

Simply a half an hour’s drive away from the city of Coimbatore lies the single most spectacular shrine ever made for Lord Ganesha. The temple bears great religious significance to the Hindus.
The Eachanari Vinayagar Temple bears an architectural design that is similar to the Dravidian style and sports a spiritual environment. The temple is especially lively during the birth date of the Lord Ganesha as devotees flood in from all across India and the temple is decorate extravagantly and vibrantly.

20. Brookefields Mall -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Source: mysticindiatour

The central hub for shopping and recreation within Coimbatore city, the Brookefields Mall is a very popular tourist site. This shopping mall has just about any item you can think about buying during your stay in Coimbatore.
The Brookefields Mall sells the most trendy and branded items. Rest assured that you can select a product that suits your needs from a huge line of options and brands. The shopping mall also has a variety of recreational options such as a Gaming Zone, an amusement park and a cineplex which has 6 screens.

21. Masani Amman Temple

Source: Flickr “Subha ShreeFollow”

A temple dedicated to Masani Devi, the Masani Amman temple is a place where people come find spirituality and peace. Situated in the quaint town of Panchayat town of Annamalai at Coimbatore, the temple has visited by thousands of devotees every year.
This temple contains a massive idol of Masani Devi which has an impressive height of 15 feet. The architectural design of the Masani Amman Temple is very unique and can lead to some very aesthetic photo ops.

22. Black Thunder -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: Youtube “Places to See”

The Black Thunder is one of the most impressive water parks you might ever come across and it’s right here in Coimbatore! Spanning over an area of 75 acres, Black Thunder can be the perfect place to chill out on a hot summer day.
This water park has a huge array of rides. The park accommodates people of all ages and ensures that whoever chooses to come to visit the place will leave with a smile on their faces. A few rides that you can look forward to are the Dashing Boats, Volcano, Dragon Coaster, and the Wild River Ride as well. Each of the rides is very fast and will definitely give you an adrenaline rush!

23. Ramar Temple

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: Wikipedia

Ramar Temple, the temple dedicated to Lord Rama, has the most unique theme that you will not find in any other temple in India. Indeed, this theme is solely dedicated to celebrating the love and adoration Lord Rama and the Goddess Sita shared with each other.
The temple has an idol of Lord Rama and one of Goddess Sita facing each other as its centerpiece. The Dravidian architectural design of the temple exudes a spiritual and peaceful aura. There is also a smaller façade dedicate to the Navagrahas within the compound as well.

24. TNAU Botanical Garden -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: Destination Infinity

TNAU Botanical Garden is one of the largest natural facades within Coimbatore.
Spanning over an unbelievable 300 acres, it is perfect for going on long walks or to have a picnic on a lazy afternoon. The botanical garden is also host to some of the rarest trees, shrubs, and herbs in the world. The garden also has beautiful flower, fragrant flowers like roses, lilies, chrysanthemum, etc. It’s one of the best places to visit in Coimbatore.

25. Nilgiri Biosphere Natural Park

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: Flickr “Thiruvengadam EkambaramFollow”

The Nilgiri Biosphere Natural Park is the closest you can get to visiting a forest without having to leave the city in Coimbatore.
Open to the mass public back in 1936, it is a step taken by the Indian Government in hopes to preserve the wildlife and floral resources of the Nilgiris. The park is home to 25,000 plants of more than 430 different species as well as various breeds of animals and birds as well.

26. Gass Forest Museum -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: MouthShut

The Gass Forest Museum is a natural history museum. It is located within the campus of the Forest College.
The museum contains relics and preserved bodies of rare animals and birds, many of which are now extinct. The museum provides in-depth information on these creatures as well as how people can help preserve the environment to avoid mass extinction. Every year, a huge number of tourists visit this museum due to its large collection and unique theme.

27. Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: Flickr “IDF”

One of the main religious structures of Coimbatore, the Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple is truly one-of-a-kind. Clearly, tourists are often come here to spend a tranquility-filled evening.
The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple is well-known for its mesmerizing architecture. The temple is also renowned for having the largest mercury-based lingam. Made with bricks, mud mortar, lime, sand, and herbal additives; the major events that transpired within this temple are engraved with granite here.

28. Parambikkulam -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: Flickr “KV Gopalakrishnan”

Parambikkulam is a wildlife sanctuary located in Palakkad of Coimbatore. The sanctuary is famous for having three water reservoirs of its own.
This sanctuary is also a perfect destination for people who love nature and animal. The sanctuary holds a large number of animals, birds, and fishes as well as various forms of trees, shrubs, and herbs too. The beautiful natural setting of the sanctuary makes it an ideal place for wildlife photography too. There are various activities you can partake in here during your time such as trekking and rowing boats. There are multiple treehouses throughout the sanctuary too that might ignite the adventurer within you too.

29. Amaravathy Reservoir

Places to Visit in Coimbatore
Source: Wikipedia

Amaravathy Reservoir is considered to be one of the most popular tourist sites in Coimbatore. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to witness the beautiful ecosystem of this dam.
The dam of the Amaravathy Reservoir is one of the largest home to crocodiles and fishes within South India. More over, tourists can get up and close view of them in their natural habitat. The dam can also provide a location for some superb photography as well.

30. ISKON Coimbatore Temple -Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Places to Visit in Coimbatore

Finally, The ISKON Coimbatore Temple is one of the most well-established temples at the heart of Coimbatore city. The main objective of this temple is to spread the scientific analysis of the teachings of Lord Krishna with the assistance of the Bhagavad Geeta.
The temple maintains a regular Tamilian architecture and hosts a separate sanctum to host various idols of deities. The perfect time to pay this temple would be during festivals. As they decorate temple in colorful fashion. The temple also has a gift shop from where you can buy a souvenir to commemorate your trip.

In Conclusion, here are the top 30 places to visit in Coimbatore. We hope this list provides you with some helpful pointers when you are designing your itinerary for your very own tour of this magnificent city.

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