Top 30 Places to Visit in Dehradun, India

The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is one of the most enticing places to visit in India. The Himalayas, beautiful temples and bustling cities of Dehradun make it an amazing destination for adventurous souls. The list of places to visit is long. You can go to any place in the capital of Uttarakhand and be mesmerized.

Dehradun has an amazing history and the people are cordial as well. What makes Dehradun beautiful are its environment and the people. Places to visit in Dehradun include temples, caves, parks and other sites which might be unexpected. Dehradun covers a large area of Uttarakhand being a place of 300 km². It is also the home of many people because the number of people living here is around 714,223 people. Weather of Dehradun is humid but the air gives a nice cold feeling during the windy seasons. It is nice to visit in winter.

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Top 30 Places to Visit in Dehradun

Dehradun is a popular site for tourists visiting India. As India is itself a huge country with many places to visit, it is wise to keep one or two days for a fulfilling visit of Dehradun. Here we have listed the 30 places you must visit in Dehradun if you don’t want to miss anything.

1. Malsi Deer Park – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Malsi Deer Park - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: SeekPeak | Uttarahand

Although this park is named ‘deer park’, it is home to many other animals as well. There are tigers, peacocks, neelgai, rabbit and other exotic animals living in the Malsi Deer Park. A lover of nature would be mesmerized by this place since it is beautifully decorated. It contains rich fragrant flowers and beautiful trees to make the site real heaven on earth.

The Himalayan antelope makes this park a major attraction for adults and children alike. The Malsi Deer Park is included in the Malsi Forest Reserve. This park is a great destination for families visiting Dehradun. It is 10 km away from Dehradun and takes 25-30 minutes to reach via any public transport.

 2. Tapkeshwar Temple

Source: Flickr “P. L. Tandon”

It is a temple for Lord Shiva. Shiva is an important deity of the Hindu religion. The Tapkeshwar Temple is a sacred place and an important destination for the followers of Hinduism. An interesting fact about this temple is that it’s located in a cave, a river is flowing by its side and it resides in the middle of a mountain. It is one of the best places to visit in Dehradun.

The temple is visited by people of all age and class. Tourists enjoy the sanctity of the beautiful site while Hindus go there to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva. You can take a bath just outside the temple as well. The destination offers a complete package of the cleanliness of the mind and body while discovering spirituality. Tapkeshwar temple is just 6.5 km away from Dehradun; public transportation is available for reaching the temple.

 3. Robber’s Cave – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Robber’s Cave - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: mytravelmana

Robber’s Cave is a river cave in the Himalayas. It is close to the Sahasradhara. Another name of Robber’s cave is Guchhu Pani, which is given by the locals. The locals believe that the cave is Lord Shiva’s home. The cave is 600 meters long and is divided into two parts. There are beautiful waterfalls and springs inside the cave that attracts tourists during summer.

Reaching the cave requires trekking for a kilometre through a village called Anarwala village. The cave is an excellent combination of thrills and beautiful nature. The cave wall has dark limestones which will make you feel like you are in a fairytale. Robber’s Cave is situated 8 km away from Dehradun. You can reach the Anarwala village through vehicles and then trek from there. This is an amazing place to visit in Dehradun.

 4. Sahastradhara

Source: Justdial

The literal meaning of Sahastradhara is ‘thousand-fold spring’. The water of this spring contains sulphur, which is believed to have therapeutic value. It is best to visit the place during rainy season as the stream offers a torrent of water due to heavy rainfall. The water of this spring is fresh and tastes sweet. Farming of locals and the robber’s cave is nearby. Tourists can easily visit both Robber’s cave and Sahastradhara the same day.

The site offers exciting activities including ropeway rides. The spring resides at the riverbank of the river Badli. No cost is required for entry and there are natural water pools where you relax your mind. The place is a definition of serenity and is bound to cleanse your mind. It is located 14 km away from Dehradun. Transport is easy to avail and you can take a train as well.

 5. Fun Valley 

Fun Valley
Source: publicdomainpictures

If you love a fun day full of entertainment and laughter, the fun valley is the ultimate destination for you. The fun valley is an amusement park designed for people of all age groups. The centre has beautiful restaurants that offer multi-cuisine, exciting rides, a water park, motel, luxurious rooms and an outstanding interior complex.

You can also avail palatial cottages, rooms for conference and meetings, hall rooms for a higher price. The best time to visit the fun valley is in summer. You would like to avoid visiting this place during monsoon as humidity rises. The amusement park is a popular attraction for tourists and one of the best places to visit in Dehradun. It is only 30 km away from Dehradun city; transportations are easily available.

 6. Tiger View Jungle Camp

Tiger View Jungle Camp
Source: Natural World Safaris

The camp is in the Goolar Khalla; a village of Dehradun. Indian Tiger is an endangered species. The Tiger View Jungle Camp was established to shelter these endangered tigers. The park offers safari and camping opportunities in the wild.

The best part of visiting this place is that you get to witness endangered species firsthand in their natural habitat. This makes it another of the amazing places to visit in Dehradun. The place is suitable for visiting with friends to have an adventurous trip.

 7. Forest Research Institute – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Forest Research Institute - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: Goibibo

Whether you are a fan of beautiful architecture, cinematic sites, or even history, the Forest Research Institute situated in Dehradun will cater to your likings. Not only the architecture is of Greco-Roman fashion,  but the site is also popular for the media as well. Many Bollywood films were shot here. The institute has a river flowing on its boundary; the Tons River. The beauty of the Forest Research Institute makes it a prime choice for places to visit in Dehradun.

The institution houses six reputed museums and it is one of the oldest organizations to conduct forestry research in the Indian subcontinent. The institution has libraries, laboratories, herbarium and printing press along with other resources for enhancing the forestry research.

The forest research institute is 7 km away from Dehradun. Tourists take bus or auto rickshaws to reach this site.

 8. Paltan Bazar

Paltan Bazar
Source: Trawell

Looking for souvenirs to take home? Paltan Bazar is here for you. It is a popular shopping site for tourists and locals alike. You can find anything here starting from spices to amazing artifacts.

The bazaar is a bustling and crowded place as any other bazaar of India. You will find beautiful and intricately designed bangles in the Balakram Market at the cheapest prices.

The bazaar offers exotic spicy food as well. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags and everything you might need for your day to day life in Paltan Bazar. The best deal of this bazar is that it gives quality goods at a lesser price. The bazaar is a must-visit as one of the top places to visit in Dehradun.

 9. Tapovan Temple

Tapovan Temple
Source: Dehradun Tourism

Temples of Dehradun have a reputation for promising calmness. The tapovan temple is popular for its scenic surrounding and peaceful environment. People visit this temple to cleanse their mind and to meditate.

The temple is situated beside the holy river Ganga. Hindu devotees often visit this place to find inner peace and as an escape from the chaotic city life. The temple houses an Ashram. The ashram offers yoga for interested tourists. Visitors can avail yoga courses at the ashram as well.

The tapovan temple is 5km away from Dehradun. Tourists can take a bus or taxi for visiting the beautiful temple.

 10.  Har ki Dun – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Har ki Dun - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: Indiahikes

The “Valley of Gods”, Har Ki Dun is the most beautiful places to visit in Dehradun. The mountain peaks and pine forest makes trekking a beautiful journey in Har Ki Dun. If you are looking for adventure, Har Ki Dun will surely deliver.

Garhwal Himalayan has many unexplored sites. The passage of time seems to have paused in these areas. People lead a rustic simple life in peaceful houses. Trekking through this place is like walking through a living storybook. The site is 3,566 mts from the sea level. Its greenery and cold weather even makes it a place worth visiting. Tourists reach Har Ki Dun via railway or road.

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 11. Zonal Museum

Zonal Museum
Source: Dehradun Tourism

If you are interested in the evolution of the Human race, then the Zonal Museum will quench your thirst for knowledge. The museum holds artifacts and has withstood many generations of Indians.

The museum stays open from 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays. The holiday timing differs. The place is child-friendly and requires an entry fee for everyone. The entry fee differs based on nationality.

The museum is a beautiful site to visit. It takes visitors to another era of the Indian subcontinent. Tourists reach the museum by local transport of cars.

 12.  Assan Barrage

Assan Barrage
Source: Trawell

The Indian subcontinent is a popular site for migrating birds as well. Many birds visit India during the winter season and find sanctuary in remote places. The Assan Barrage is a sanctuary for both local and tourist birds. Even though the lake is artificial, but it attracts all kinds of birds anyway. Even the endangered species of different countries can be seen enjoying the waters of Assan Barrage.

The place is a heaven on earth and a must-visit for nature lovers. If you are a bird watcher, you should include this in your list of places to visit in Dehradun. The place is 32 km away from Dehradun. Local transports are available for travelling to Assan Barrage.

 13. Chetwoode Hall – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Chetwoode Hall - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: Explore Outing

This site acts as a representative of the proud Indian Army and its history where it adjoins the Indian Military Academy and houses ammunitions plus artilleries. The artifacts act as a bridge to introduce the Indian army to the tourists and common people. The place is very beautiful and clean according to reviewers. Tourists can take a tour of this place after lunch or as an evening stroll. The place is surely a proud asset of Indian tourism.

14.  Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar
Source: Dehradun Tourism

Lal Bahadur Shastri established the clock tower in the year of 1953. The monument is popular and acts as a landmark of the Dehradun city. Although the clock does not make any sound at present, it is known that the tick could be heard from the other side of Dehradun when the clock was built. The tower has significance to the Indian people because there is a golden plate on top of the Ghanta Ghar which holds the names of freedom fighters of the Indian Subcontinent. It is 85m tall and has six faces.

The clock tower has an intricate architecture which makes it one of the best places to visit in Dehradun.

 15.  Joy Land Water & Amusement Park

Joy Land Water & Amusement Park
Source: lbb

The amusement park resides in Sahastradhara. The water park is not any ordinary water park because this water park holds beautiful scenic sites for tourists. Moreover, It has a mountain backdrop and rides you can enjoy through the hills.

The Joy Land Water & Amusement Park is a popular visit for families, especially in the summer.

 16.  Shiv Mandir

Shiv Mandir
Source: uttarakhandfamily

Also known as the Prakasheshwar Mahadev Mandir; the Shiv Mandir is a popular attraction for devotees and visitors. It is an enchantingly beautiful place with a kick of a spiritual environment. The temple has a view that offers dedication to Lord Shiva. The best time to visit the beautiful temple is during Shivratri or Sawaan because special festivities and pooja are held during this time.

The temple shines with flowers every day. Even without the flowers, the architecture and pictures of gods are enough to beautify this temple. Dehradun is 12 km away from the Shiv Mandir; it takes about 50 minutes to reach Shiv Mandir from Dehradun.

 17. Shikhar Fall – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Shikhar Fall - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: Dehradun Motorheads

The Shikhar fall is in Dehradun city. It is the easiest natural site to visit from Dehradun. Tourists can trek through waterfalls in this site. The site is popular for giving a peaceful and natural vibe. There is water everywhere and a 1 km trek is required to reach the waterfall.

The Shikhar Fall is also a popular site for photographers as well. They come here to take pictures of exotic and rare species of birds. The site is only 13 km from Dehradun. It is a must to visit this place among all the places to visit in Dehradun.

 18.  Regional Science Center

Regional Science Center
Source: Life at Dharwad

If you are travelling with kids, this is an excellent place to visit in Dehradun for making your trip worthwhile. The science center entertains and educates visitors at the same time. The center has a Dinosaurs Park, a 3D theatre, a gallery dedicated to Himalayas, library, an auditorium and a hall for science exhibition. The center stays open from 10 am to 5 pm.

 19.  Maldevta 

Source: Pinterest

A beautiful heavenly site in Dehradun. This spot is great for picnics and weekend getaways. There is a river, birds, a temple nearby and of course the beautiful nature in Maldevta. Furthermore, Paltan Bazar is close to this place so you can visit that and get some shopping done as well.

The place houses restaurants and eateries for its visitors. Visiting Maldevta is best in summer. You can take a dip in the Song River to cool yourself.

 20.  Buddha Temple 

Buddha Temple
Source: India At A Glance

The temple is a holy institution of the Tibetan Religion. It is one of the most visited places in Dehradun. Clement Town; it attracts Buddhist followers along with international tourists for its beauty and historical value. In addition, The temple follows Japanese architecture. It was established to protect the Buddhism religion and educate people on Buddhism.

The temple is of 5 floors making it 220 ft high while holding a 103 ft statue of the Buddha. The atmosphere of the Buddha temple is peaceful and provides tranquillity. Tourists can visit the garden and surroundings on all seven days of the week. The temple is only open on Sundays and it takes only 19 minutes to reach Buddha temple from Dehradun.

 21. Lachhiwala

Source: Doon Circle

One of the most enjoyable and fun places to visit in Dehradun is Lachhiwala. Large trees called Sal surrounds the site. Water collected from the Suswa River is used to make man-made artificial pools for visitors. Therefore, many tourists love to take a bath here.

The site doesn’t require any entry fee for children or adults. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Lacchiwala from Dehradun because the distance is around 16 km. It is also a popular picnic spot. So, the site is always bustling with people having fun.

 22. Maa Daat Kali Temple – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Maa Daat Kali Temple - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: Gosahin

Also known as Daat Kali Temple, the site situates 14 km away from Dehradun. The temple praises goddess Kali. Many devotees visit this temple every year to receive the blessings of goddess Kali.

Unfortunately, the temple has a flame burning since 1921. It acts as a huge attraction for tourists as well as devotees because devotees usually do not come empty-handed to visit their goddess. They bring fruits, Ghee, Oil, flour etc as offerings. Therefore, the temple is one of the great places to visit in Dehradun if you would like to have a spiritual tour and explore the facts Hinduism.

 23.  Jagatram

Source: eUttaranchal

Ever heard of horse sacrifices? Jagatram is a historical site where this ritual was held. The Indian people have a long history of offering sacrifices to their gods and goddesses. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) looks after Jagtram now.

When jagatram was under the rule of Sil Verman, he used to sacrifice horses in this site and believes that it would enhance his powers. Therefore, the site is a great visit for history enthusiasts.

 24. Sai Mandir

Sai Mandir
Source: Justdial

The places to visit in Dehradun has many mandirs or temples. The Sai Mandir is dedicated to Sai baba. The architecture of this place is beautiful and the mandir construction was done with white marbles.

You can witness aarti if you visit the temple in the evening. The mandir is crowded on Thursdays as it is the day of Sai baba.

25. Gurudwara Nanaksar

Gurudwara Nanaksar
Source: indiantemples

This is another religious site. The place is a representative of Sikhs in which it offers visitors a sense of spirituality. Visitors can enjoy Katha, Kirthan in this site.

The site is situated 10 km away from Dehradun. It is a beautiful place for a peaceful visit. The Gurudwara gives away medicine and free services to underprivileged and local people. As a result, many people like to witness their cordiality.

 26.  MDDA Park – Places to Visit in Dehradun

MDDA Park - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: HelloTravel

The park is located in Kairwaan village of Rajpur. The park itself is a paradise because It has gardens and nature is very calming. It requires no entry fee. Also, Park stays open from 8 am to 6 pm. Thus, Visitors can meditate, relax in the garden and enjoy themselves in the MDDA Park.

 27. Parade Ground

Parade Ground
Source: euttaranchal

The site is great for evening strolls or a short visit for families and friends. The parade ground is a huge ground where Dehradun city holds many events. If you are into sports, you must visit this place.

It takes only 18 minutes to reach parade ground from Dehradun city. You can always visit this place even though you are in a tight schedule or are visiting Dehradun for work.

 28.  Tiuni 

Source: Aquaterra Adventures

If you are an adventurous soul and love rafting, Tiuni will offer you a chance to raft in the most dangerous river of India. The river Ton flows through the west of Himalayas and the drop is 78 km in this rafting journey. The rafting starts from Lunagad and ends in Tiuni. Hence, Tourists take airway, railway or choose the road to reach this rafting site from Dehradun.

 29.  Kalsi – Places to Visit in Dehradun

Kalsi - Places to Visit in Dehradun
Source: Trawell

If you are looking to know the domestic environment of Dehradun and India, this small village will be able to guide you. It is in the bank of Yamuna River. The village is a small green thing away from the concrete of cities where you can get an outstanding view of the ranges of Garhwal Himalaya. In addition to this, the historical value of this place is great as well. The pear-shaped quartz with King Ashoka’s name in it is in Kalsi. So, tourists should assign 1-2 days for visiting Kalsi as it has many amazing places like Dakpathar, Chakrata Hills and Timli Pass.

 30.  Mindrolling Monastery

Mindrolling Monastery
Source: alphatraveler wordpress

Established in 1676, the monastery is one of the major schools in Tibet. Hundreds of people visit this place every day to experience spiritualism. The monastery has gardens, Tibetan arts, murals and the tallest Stupa in the whole continent of Asia. Greenery surrounds the site and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Dehradun.

30 is not enough number to list all the places to visit in Dehradun. The beauty of Dehradun is incomparable and its historical value has mesmerized tourists all the time. Consequently, Visit Dehradun in any season to experience the ultimate journey filled with spiritualism, fun and wholesomeness.

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