Top 10 Places To Visit In Kampot


Kampot is a small town away from Phnom Penh city for about two hours. It is where hidden breathtaking views and a variety of fun activities you would want to explore are. Kampot is the cosmopolitan city where there is a combination of multicultural people from different places around the world. More importantly, it also offers a great number of accommodations and restaurants. You can find different kinds of cuisines from different cultures in a very good price range. Since Kampot is one of the most attractive tourist destinations, local people there now can speak English very well. Plus, are incredibly friendly; so if you are lost or in need of help, don’t be hesitant to approach them. There are different kinds of remarkable places to visit in Kampot. You might need days or weeks to explore them all. It surprisingly consists of historical buildings from French colonial and natural adventurous places. The best place to explore nature with amazing views. Below are the top 10 places to visit in Kampot that you would never want to miss.

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Kampot

1. Preah Monivong Bokor National Park

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Bokor National Park is the beautiful park on the top of the mountain which is about 35 kilometer trip from Kampot city. It is best to go by motorbike to really explore the adventure of the mountain climbing. Also, you might want to stop at particular spots to enjoy the panoramic view upon the hills. You can rent a motorbike at around $4 to $10 depending on the type of the motorbikes. You can find them at the place you stay in or in the center of the city (Durian Roundabout).

The two unmissable places to visit up there are the Old Catholic Church and Bokor Palace Hotel.

The Catholic Church is a legacy from the colonial French in the early 1920s. It’s best for photo shooting. The building was abandoned twice; yet, it still stands strong after the Khmer Rouge regime. During the cold season, the fog and clouds stuffed the building makes it looks so creepy but unique.

Bokor Palace Hotel was the creepy abandoned building. It is now renovated and open as a resort rated as 5-star Hotel. It’s amazing to see the renovation and imagine all the story behind it.

Tips: always wear a helmet if you go by a motorbike. Bring a jacket with you because it gets cold most of the time up there and along the hill as well.

2. Sampov Pram Pagoda

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You shall never miss going to “Sampov Pram Pagoda” or “five boat pagoda” if you will be going to visit Bokor National Park. The name “Sampov Pram” came from the five unique sculpted rocks resembled boats. Sampov Pram Pagoda is the highest Buddhist pagoda in Cambodia. The view of the blue sea and dark green forest up on the mountain behind the temple will make your heart amazed.

If you think of a peaceful place to meditate, this is where you should think of first. It has a magnificent view and a peaceful atmosphere.

3. Popokvil Waterfalls

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One of the most beautiful natural places to visit in Kampot is located on Bokor National park. Popokvil means “swirling clouds”; the fall lies at the edge of the mountain-top.

The cool weather from the mist and the smell of nature makes your adventurous walk towards the waterfall more enjoyable and memorable. You might get the chance to see wildlife such as squirrels or monkeys along the way. It is a little difficult to make your way to the waterfalls. However, when you finally get there to see the utmost beautiful surroundings, you’ll be satisfied. It is totally worth it.

Tips: the view is better in rainy season, but the road up there is a little bit difficult. So you may choose. The water isn’t as beautiful in dried season.

4. River Park

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It is about 9Km from Durian Roundabout. It is located near Teuk Chou resort. You get to explore all the thrilling activities including rope tree, zip line, boating, and many other water games at the river park. Most of the popular activities is the Ziplining. You only have to pay $5 to enjoy this thrilling walk on the bamboo stairway. After that, you go up to the top of the tall tree to experience the ziplining. You will be given a very careful instruction and safety equipment. Ziplining over Kampot River will definitely make your journey extremely fun and memorable.

It is best to arrive there after 9 A.M. They will close at 5 P.M.

5. Durain Roundabout

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Durian Roundabout marks the capital of Kampot city. This is where you find the big Durian statue along with coconuts and other significant fruits in the heart of Kampot city. The statue itself symbolizes the most popular fruits in Kampot. It also represents Kampot province as a whole.

There are many interesting places to visit around Durian Roundabout such as night market, secondhand stores, pubs and bars, multicultural foods, coffee shops, etc. There is an amusement park in the night market. They sell a variety of things there with affordable prices. But tourists like to explore secondhand stores more.

6. Teuk Chhou Rapids

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It is about 15 minutes’ drive from Kampot city. You can rent a place which includes bed and hammocks. This is where you rest and enjoy the smell of the crystal clear water and birds signing on a hot sunny day.

They serve the best local food and fresh fruits which is very fast and delicious. The price is affordable. We don’t recommend going on holiday because there will be too many people. Everything there will be more expensive than usual.

You can’t help yourself from not swimming in the water at rapids since it’s very fresh, cool and clear. The water is slow and chilled. However, you have to be cautious about the slippery rocks underneath the water.

They require an entry ticket ($2) to enter Teuk Chhou Rapids.

7. Kdard La Tente

Source: cambopedia

Camping is fun and adventurous. Fortunately, it can be dangerous if you don’t really know well about the place where you want to camp. Kdard La Tente is where you should think of first about camping and campfire in Kampot. You can rent their tents or use your own one to camp there. They offer shared bathrooms for campers. It is a hundred percent guaranteed safe and secure. Or if you don’t want to camp, they also offer bungalows and container rooms. They have big land covered with green grass and planted with trees. It is best for camping. More importantly, there is a big wooden bridge lead to the blue sea connected with the skyline. You can totally refresh your mind.

There are many kinds of food you can order at Kdard La Tente, You can also bring your own food if you want. Moreover, you can enjoy a campfire, volleyball, night lights Bridge, or hunting shrimp (Hunting Shrimp is only available in November to March).

8. Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay)

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It takes about 20 to 30-minute boat trip from Kampot to Rabbit Island. Tickets can be purchased at the guesthouse or hotel you stay or at Koh Tunsay boat tickets office. The name Rabbit Island is inspired by the belief of the local people that the island resembles a rabbit.

It has beautiful beaches and clear warm water. This is the best place to enjoy reading, swimming, sunbathing, drinking and relaxing. The atmosphere is a laid back vibe on the sandy beaches and under the coconut palms swaying above you. However, there are limited restaurants and bungalows to rent there. The accommodations are simply basic, without electricity. Therefore, you might consider returning to Kampot in the evening.

The round trip ticket price is not changed even if you stay a few hours or a few days.

9. Kampot City

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Kampot city is the capital of Kampot province. It looks like a sleepy town where traffic is not busy. Consequently, it is good to explore on foot, bicycle or motorcycle. The remaining crumble architecture is the most attractive part of Kampot City. It is the French colonial-style houses with faded yellow paints.

Along the riversides, you can enjoy the sunset beneath the mountain and the bridges view. Or you can buy a boat ticket ($2) to enjoy sunset and dinner river cruise for 2hours. In the city, you can find everything from delicious homemade pizza, fresh bagel, apple pie, and fresh fruit juice.

It is crucial to note that Kampot City is where you can find pharmacies, hospitals, banks, ATMs, police stations, markets, and other specific places. Keep in mind that you barely find these places at the other natural resorts mentioned above.

10. Kampong Trach

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The main attractive places to visit in Kampot is the stone caves and tubes that have been carved into the nearby mountain. We recommend bringing a flashlight and wearing comfortable shoes to explore the caves and tubes. You will come to the area of the temple after a short walk from the cave.

There is a small lake in the cave which is about 10-minute drive from the main cave. You might want to swim in there with its cool clear water. Moreover, you can enjoy hiking by the small walking road to the top of the mountain where there is a beautiful natural view.

Last but not least, Kampot is a small town away from the capital of Cambodia. It doesn’t look like it has much to offer at first sight. Yet, it is where a number of tourists and expats from all over the world who fall in love with it. It is true that it is not much to do in Kampot itself. Nevertheless, there are splendid things to do and explore in the surrounding. The amazing variety of natural resorts and places to visit in Kampot are hidden to be exposed. There are tons of accommodations and restaurants, where you can decide if you are on a budget. You can have the best vacation here in Kampot without having to break the bank. Let’s get your bags packed and your passport stamped. It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.


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