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Top 20 Places to Visit in Kochi

Since the 14th century, Kochi robustly continues to dominate with its port trading businesses and linkage to other subcontinents. Located on the southeastern part of India, the city of Kochi is surrounded by the Laccadive Sea and offered several hostile places to visit in Kochi itself. Kochi is also rated as the most populous metropolitan city in Kerala. Kochi’s climate is essentially a perfect one for a tropical retreat as it features a tropical monsoon climate. The level of humidity and sun rays are high, which is why chances are you will highly need a sunscreen to avoid that heatstroke, sunburn, or tan.

Among this densely populated area are a handful of tourist places, which might lead you into a dilemma on where to go next. Therefore, we crafted this handy article to suggest you with a compiled list of places to visit in Kochi.

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1. Wonderla Amusement Park

Wonderla Amusement Park
Source: Nerd’s Travel

If you are seeking thrill along with a group of friends and family, pay a visit to Wonderla Amusement Park. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Kochi, both by tourists and locals. It is located in Kumarapuram, Pallikkara in the provinces of Kochi. Entry fee for the park is Rs. 800 for an adult and Rs. 650 per child. On peak seasons, the prices might increase. The park is also open from 11 am to 6 pm on weekdays and till 7 pm on weekends.

2. Mattancherry Palace

Mattancherry Palace- Places to Visit in Kochi
Source: Holidify

This Palace is one of the places to visit in Kochi for its reasonable price, costing only 2 rupees for entrance. The Palace is located in Mattancherry in the city of Kochi. Although the Mattancherry palace represents the Portuguese era of Kochi, the style of the Palace’s architecture is primarily Kerela’s typical style of housings. The Palace is closed on Fridays and on weekdays it’s open from 10 am to 5 pm. The trip around the Palace required, on average, one to two hours.

3. Marine Drive

Marine Drive
Source: Hindustan Times

One of the romantic places to visit in Kochi, Marine drive features beautiful scenery topped with a sunset view. The best part of this place is that there are no fees for entrance or any specific time to visit. The marine drive here is open to all at all times of the day. The waves of the sea, along with serene skies, set a perfect mood for a peaceful getaway. Additionally, a heap of markets is situated near Marine Drive, which you can explore after your time here.

4. Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi
Source: My Simple Sojourn

Next up in our list of places to visit in Kochi is Fort Kochi, which is a seaside town located south of the central city of Kochi. Fort Kochi is an open tourist place that is best visited during the daylight hours. It is one of the best places to visit in Kochi for its old remnants of historical changes that Kochi has gone through. You can learn intriguing facts as to how the Portuguese colonialism caused high impact and hence transformed the city to what it is now.

5. Princess Street

Princess Street-Places to Visit in Kochi
Source: honolulu homestay

Princess Street provides a wide range of activities to partake in a small area itself. It is one of the best places to visit in Kochi for its diversified transformation into an amalgamation of the modern world with traditional culture. It is open to all from 9 am to 7 pm with no entry fee per se. The colonial rule of Portuguese or Dutch has had a long-lasting impact on this place, which is still preserved to this day. The buildings and cafes that are on this street represent the foreign culture immensely.

6. Jewish Synagogue

Jewish Synagogue
Source: The Far Horizon Magazine

One of the simplest yet authentic places to visit in Kochi would be the Jewish Synagogue, also known as the Mattancherry Synagogue. It is one of the oldest active synagogues in the Commonwealth of Nations. It is located in the Jew Town of Kochi and was built during 1567, which is why it is an honorable mention on this list of place to visit in Kochi. The entry fee for the Synagogue is Rs. 5 per person and is open from 10 am to 5 pm and is closed only on Saturday.

7. Kadalkkara Lake Resort

Kadalkkara Lake Resort
Source: Agoda

If you are looking for a romantic getaway or only some quiet time for yourself, then this tropical resort is one of the best places to visit in Kochi for you. It is located in Cherai Beach, Near Club Mahindra in Kochi. Room rates start from Rs. 1500 per night and individual feature huts per room. The resort connects its visitors to nature through tropical styled accommodations which open up to the serene Kadalkkara Lake. The resort also provides well-equipped conference halls for hosting meetings.

8. Cheenavala or the Chinese Fishing Nets

Cheenavala or the Chinese Fishing Nets
Source: Rattling Communicator

A common attraction for tourists in Kochi, the Chinese fishing nets located near Fort Kochi is one of the best places to visit in Kochi for its aesthetic appeal. These are, in fact, one of the significant symbols that represent Kerela and hold meaning to its colonialism. Most of the times, these fishing nets are commonly photographed for its scenic view. At places like these, you will also be able to acquire fishing lessons from local fishermen as well as by some of their catches of the day.

9. Kodanad Elephant Training Centre

Kodanad Elephant Training Centre
Source: Srees Tours

Getting close to the Kerela’s preserved elephants which were once stranded is now the possible thing to do in the Kodanad elephant training center. Located in a small village in the Ernakulum district of Kochi this training center is one of the noble places to visit in Kochi. You will be able to wash and train the elephants in this place. It is open from 8 am to 5 pm throughout the weekend and closed on Monday. The entrance fee for the park is Rs. 25 for foreigners and Rs. 10 for Indians.

10. Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island
Source: Holidify

Next up is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kochi known as Willingdon Island. The Island is the largest humanmade Island that exists in India and features bright blue waters of the Arabian Sea. It is located between Kochi Port and Ernakulum Jetty and can be easily accessed via ferry. The Willingdon island can also be reached through a bridge that directly connects the central city of Kochi to the Island. There are several tourist attractions on the Island featuring exotic hotel resorts and museums.

11. Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple

Ernakulam Mahadeva Temple
Source: Ernakulam

Located in the heart of Kochi, the temple is amongst the ancient places to visit in Kochi. It is highly dedicated to Lord Shiva and has religious significance. There is no entry fee required for this temple. The temple is open to all throughout the week from 5 am to 12 pm and then from 4 pm to 9 pm. The temple exhibits work of art as it employs wood, metal, and stone for its architecture both interior and exterior. It is also the only pilgrimage in southern India where the deity faces west.

12. Veeranpuzha Lake and its Backwaters

Veeranpuzha Lake and its Backwaters-Places to Visit in Kochi
Source: Alchetron

Veeranpuzha is a lovely Kochi lake along the Malabar Coast and is indeed one of the calmest places to visit in Kochi. It is also the northern extension of another lake called Vembanad. This place is comparatively serene and lacks chaos due to the devoid of mass human settlements. The lake is mainly used for cultivating large scale paddy fields specifically a variant known as Pokkali rice which is resistant to saline waters.

13. Indo-Portuguese Museum

Indo-Portuguese Museum-Places to Visit in Kochi
Source: Museums of India

The Indo-Portuguese Museum is amongst the familiar places to visit in Kochi for both tourists and locals alike. The museum is styled in a fusion of both Southern Indian and Portuguese heritage. It is located in the heart of Fort Kochi and was once built by a bishop named Joseph Urethra. The entry fee to the museum is Rs. 25 for foreigners and Rs.10 for Indians. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm and closed on only Mondays and public holidays.

14. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary-Places to Visit in Kochi
Source: Kerala Tour Packages

A must-visit for all bird lovers or nature lovers in general. The Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is one of the must place to visit in Kochi due to its tropical essence. It is located in the heart of Kochi mainland. The sanctuary expenses about 2.74 hectares and features mangroves, densely populated forests are featuring trees and plants, and obviously huge varieties of migratory birds. There are no fees required for the entry. It is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm and requires at least 2hours of your time.

15. Hill Palace

Hill Palace-Places to Visit in Kochi

Experience a hit of an ancient culture that once resided in the heart of Kochi. Hill Palace is located in Kochi city and is a historical museum. The Palace features archaeological artifacts and several imperial belongings to the Maharaja of Kochi. There is a wide array of 49 buildings that compose the Palace. There is even an adjoined children’s park. The entry fee to the Palace is Rs. 30 per person and is open every day from 9am-12pm except on Mondays.

16. Bolgatty Palace

Bolgatty Palace-Places to Visit in Kochi

The Bolgatty palace features the oldest Dutch palaces in Kochi that has been now transformed into a luxurious hotel and amongst the common places to visit in Kochi for couples. It is located in Mulavukad in the city of Kochi. The room rates for the Palace hotel start from Rs. 3200 onwards depending on the type of accommodation. Every moment spent at the Bolgatty Palace is memorable and fun as the hotel features several amenities such as swimming pool, spa, golf course, library, and other recreations.

17. Santa Cruz Basilica

Santa Cruz Basilica
Source: Pinterest

Located at the heart of Fort Kochi in Fort Nagar’s Bastian St is this grand Roman Catholic cathedral church that holds historical and religious significance. It is one of the recommended places to visit in Kochi for its exquisite appeal. The interior of the church is built intricately adorned with mural and paintings. The church was founded in 1505, which attracts tourists to its premises throughout the year. The visiting timings for the church are 9am-5pm. Additionally, the mass is conducted every Wednesday and Sunday at 5:30 pm in the English language.

18. Vasco da Gama Square

Vasco da Gama Square-Places to Visit in Kochi

One of the best places to visit in Kochi for a calm hang out. There are a wide number of activities that the beach in Vasco da Gama Square offers. It is located in Kunnumpuram Rd in the heart of Fort Kochi’s Karuvelippady. Several stalls serving edibles like nuts, ice cream, coconut, and seafood are spread throughout the shore. The beach also exhibits local fisherman in their true natural habitat fishing with the help of nets wrapped over poles made of teak and bamboo.

19. Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kerala Kathakali Centre- Places to Visit in Kochi
Source: Gosur

Watching how to dance like Kathakali unfold in the main fort Kochi can only be done in Kathakali center. This center is one of the famous places to visit in Kochi for art and dance enthusiast. You can even take part in a morning meditation show in this center. The interior of the center exhibits a Malabar Style of architectural design and is made up of intricate wooden carvings. Apart from Kathakali, the center hosts several other dance forms to entertain its visitors.

20. Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach - Places to Visit in Kochi
Source: Kerala Tourism

Cherai Beach is located in the northern Vypin Island, a suburb 30km away from the city of Kochi. There is absolutely no entry fee for the beach and is open to all at all time. It is a perfect spot for a serene fusion of sea and still backwaters. You will discover several seashells on the Cherai Beach along with scenic picturesque Chinese fishing nets. The weather is most pleasant throughout October till March.

Above listed are the best places to visit in Kochi from a vast range of options to choose from for your vacation. Nevertheless, Kochi is a vibrant tropical place with great hospitality that will ensure you a peaceful yet memorable holiday. 

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