Top 30 Places to Visit in Manila, The Philippines

Manila Philippines

InThe Philippines is a country of tourism. The people and government of the Philippines have conserved the country in such a way that it attracts people all over the world. It is not just a country; it is a piece of heaven right on earth. The Philippines is beautiful, healthy and there are many things you can do while you are here! One of the many picturesque places to visit in the Philippines is Manila. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Among the places to visit in Manila, the Philippines; there are some certainly noteworthy.

The city has many beautiful churches and also historical sites. Whether you are a lover of calm nature or like to party around; you will enjoy Manila. Pearl of the Orient, Manila has many surprises for its tourists. If you are looking for places to visit in Manila, the Philippines; we have our list of favorites for you.

Our list contains places where you can enjoy yourself, challenge yourself and find the inner beauty of the Philippines. Read on to have an exciting journey through the best destinations in Manila.

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Top 30 Places to Visit in Manila, The Philippines

1. Rizal Park

Rizal Park
Source: joelCgarcia

Otherwise known as the Luneta Park or Luneta; the Rizal park of Manila is like the central perk of the Philippines. The park is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. The park stays open from 5 am in the morning to 9 pm in the evening. The land is about 60 acres and there are monuments along with beautiful benches and trees. This monument is a dedication to the famous freedom fighter Jose Rizal.

Manila is one of the most densely populated cities. Rizal Park is a nice green escape from the crowded and loud city.

2. Intramuros

Intramuros, Manila, Philippines
Source: Flikcr “Assy Gerez”

Intramuros is very close to the town of Manila. It is actually a citadel made of stone. Like many other citadels in the Philippines, this one is also built by the Spanish. It was built in the year 1571. The citadel stands as a witness of many horrors and happiness.

Along with its historical value, it is very beautiful as well. There are fountains and gardens you can walk around in. During the nighttime, the place looks majestic. It will take you right to the past while you are visiting.

3. Divisoria Market – Places to Visit in Manila

Divisoria Market
Source: ©walterericsy/Shutterstock

If you travel often and have visited many countries, you already know that the best site in any place in the market. The local market will give you the best value of things and you will get them in excellent quality as well.

Divisoria Market is always very crowded and loud. It opens at 7 am and closes at 9 pm. “Mother of all Markets”, Divisoria is a flea market. Not only will you get beautiful souvenirs and apparel, but you will also get to taste the local street food of Manila here.

4. Casa Manila

Casa Manila
Source: David Stanley

Casa Manila is a museum in Manila. The museum is very interesting and has many intense stories to tell. It is situated in the area of Barrio San Luis and stays open on Tuesday-Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

The Spanish built this during their reign in the Philippines. It is a great architecture and mesmerizes people all over the world. It has General Luna, Calle Real, Urdaneta and Cabildo streets surrounding it. The museum is built of wood and stone. It was designed to resemble the San Nicolas House.

5. Manila Bay – Places to Visit in Manila

Manila Bay

This is the most popular tourist spot in Manila. The bay looks amazing during night time and is worth a visit. It is commercialized so you will have to spend some bucks for enjoying your time here. The bay stays open on Monday- Thursday from 4:45 pm- 6:45 pm. It also stays open during Friday –Sunday at 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm. The bay extends to the Luzon Island. It is a must-visit spot for both tourists and locals.

There are cafés where you can enjoy delicious Filipino food and you can also go on night cruises. You would love to see Things to Do in Palawan Island!!!

6. National Museum

National Museum
Source: Judgefloro

If you are visiting Rizal Park, you can easily give a visit to the national museum of Manila. The museum stays open from Tuesday – Sunday on10am -5pm. Whether you are into archeology, geography, war history or any other subjects; you will see yourself having fun and entertained in this beautiful place. The site covers a huge area and has different sections for each subject.

The entry fee is PHP 150 for adults and only 50 for students. If you are visiting on Sunday, you can get in for free!

7. San Agustin Church – Places to Visit in Manila

San Agustin Church - Places to Visit in Manila

San Agustin Church is a brilliantly designed roman catholic church situated in Manila. The church stays open all days from 8 am -12 pm. It has different entry fees for adults, senior citizens, and kids; 100 PHP, 80 PHP and 40PHP for these 3 groups respectively.

This is a UNESCO world heritage site. There is also a museum in the church you can visit. The church has been built 3 times in different periods after it sustained damages during earthquakes and other calamities.

8. Robinsons Place Mall

Robinsons Place Mall
Source: vigattintourism

One of the most beautiful malls in the world, the Robinsons Place Mall is in the heart of the capital of the Philippines. The mall is beautifully designed and has a touch of modern architecture. Its black marble floors and white pillars give it a trendy yet rustic look.

There are seven floors in this mall. It covers an area of 240,000 sq. meters. You can find all kinds of products starting from clothes to heavy merchandise in this mall. There is also a huge food court with all kinds of local and foreign cuisine.

9. San Agustin Museum

San Agustin Museum - Places to Visit in Manila
Source: philstar

It is the museum situated in San Agustin Church. The museum looks fairly old and full of secrets. It has large wooden walls with intricate designs on them. The architecture is a Baroque style. There are relics, drawings, furniture and other findings of the past world displayed in a very beautiful manner in this museum. The museum celebrated history. If you are interested in history, you will definitely enjoy this place.

10. Jeepney Rides

Jeepney Rides
Source: Joey Fernandez | Pinterest

This is not actually a place but a thing many tourists enjoy. The Filipino Jeepneys are something you have already seen if you have visited Manila. They are easy to spot and bound to spike anyone’s interest.

These are brightly painted jeeps that roam in the streets of Manila. They actually have historical value. These jeeps were used by the American army during World War II. Each jeepney can take 10 passengers at a time. You can take a jeepney to your destination and enjoy the ride in a fancy yet affordable vehicle!

11. Bahay Tsinoy

Bahay Tsinoy - Places to Visit in Manila
Source: manilatourpackage

This site is situated in the Cabildo streets of Metro Manila. The Bahay Tsinoy is a museum and has many old relics that still intrigue historians. The museum is old itself. It stays open on Tuesday- Sunday from 1 pm – 5 pm. The museum stays closed on Monday.

The museum portrays the livelihood of Chinese people living in Manila. There are photographs, sculptures and other relics that reflect on the life of Chinese people living abroad. As you go through the museum’s things; you will observe the development of Manila city and its people.

12. Greenbelt Chapel – Places to Visit in Manila

Greenbelt Chapel - Places to Visit in Manila
Source: LuxuryColumnist Lifestyle Blog | pinterest

One of the most beautiful chapels of Manila, the Greenbelt chapel is in Ayala Center. Another name of Greenbelt chapel is Chapel of Santo Niño de Paz. The name ‘Greenbelt’ is well deserved for this particular chapel. It is surrounded by enchanting greenery and offers instant peacefulness. The chapel was built in 1983. Among all the places to visit in Manila, the Philippines; this is the most peaceful one.

The chapel has no entry fee and stays open during different times on different days. You can walk around the chapel as well and enjoy the total ambiance.

13. Money Museum

Money Museum -Places to Visit in Manila
Source: theviewingdeck

As the name suggests, this is one of the interesting places to visit in Manila, the Philippines. The museum displays the currency of different periods of time and of different countries. It stays open on Monday- Friday from 9 am-4 pm. The museum although is about money; has a very beautiful architectural design.

The central bank of the Philippines operates this place and also owns it. There are also sculptures of many influential figures that have influenced the economy of the Philippines. It is certainly an enjoyable tourist spot.

14. Chinese Cemetery

Chinese Cemetery
Source: justgola

The Chinese Cemetery in Manila is a popular spot for locals and tourists all over the world. The Philippines has been visited and ruled by many nations. Chinese people also lived here and their history still remains.

The site has two other names; “Little Beverley Hills” and “Millionaires’ Row”. The cemetery is not home to poor Chinese people. Only the wealthy were buried in this place. The street after the gate in line with luxurious looking villas and gorgeous homes. The latter part of the street does not have the same appearance though. That part is where much poorer Chinese were buried in.

15. National Museum of Fine Arts – Places to Visit in Manila

National Museum of Fine Arts -Places to Visit in Manila
Source: ` Toshio ‘

Otherwise called the National Art Gallery; this museum is heaven for art enthusiasts. The museum is displayed in many historical books for its beauty and treasured findings. It is situated near Rizal Park. It was built in the year 1998 and since then this place became a tourist attraction.

There is no entry fee required and kids are allowed too! Both regular artists and contemporary artists have their works displayed in this museum. Filipino artists have a chance to portray their work in this museum.

16. Arroceros Forest Park

Arroceros Forest Park -Places to Visit in Manila
Source: rappler

Located at Antonio Villegas Street, this park is one of the gorgeous places to visit in Manila, the Philippines. The place is open for all, stays open 24 hours and has no entry fee!

The forest is full of greenery that will calm you after days of staying in the bustling Metro Manila. Manila can be overwhelming at times; places like these keep the tourists and locals sane.

There is also a river in the side of this forest. You can go on picnics on this site or enjoy a stroll in the forest.

17. Dampa Seaside – Places to Visit in Manila

Dampa Seaside - Places to Visit in Manila
Source: Handout

The Philippines is popular for its beaches and seafood. If you visit Manila and do not try the seafood, you are missing a great lot. Dampa seaside is heaven for seafood lovers. Otherwise known as the Pasay Seafood Market; this place is the best destination for purchasing excellent quality fishes and all kinds of seafood.

If you are renting an Airbnb and would love to cook; this is the place you should visit for buying your ingredients. Bargain with the sellers and smartly and go home happy!

18. Paco Park

Paco Park
Source: Angelyn Marquez

A must-visit site for Instagram influencers and photographers. Paco Park is a gorgeous urban park in Manila. It has an entry fee of only10PHP and stays open from 7 am to 5 pm. It is best to visit the park during the morning or evening. There are sheds under trees where you can rest in the sunny days as well.

There are fountains and different kind of tree decorating this park. This park was once a cemetery. Dominicans and Spanish people used it.

At present, it is a place of joy and laughter. Weddings and concerts are held here.

19. Star City

Star City
Source: Star City

Like any other major city in the world; Manila has a huge amusement park for its residents. The amusement park is equipped with air conditioning everywhere as well!

It stays open during different hours of different days. There is an entry fee and it differs for adults and senior citizens. PHP 80 is for adults and PHP 64 for senior citizens.

There are many rides to enjoy. Water rides are the most exciting here. You can try Walk on Water and Snow land; those two are the most popular ones.

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20. Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum
Source: CBN

Manila is home to many museums. And all of them are very beautiful. Even if you visit all the museums in Manila, you would not be bored. Among all places to visit in Manila, the Philippines; this museum is one of the greatest.

The entry fee is a bit high for this site. It is 425 PHP for adults. But it is worth it. You will get to witness many mesmerizing things in this museum and those will blow your mind.

21. Greenbelt Mall

Greenbelt Mall
Source: ipissakusina

The Greenbelt mall is another must among places to visit in Manila, the Philippines. The mall is excellent in its appearance and in all the things it offers to the visitors. This mall is in Ayala Centre.

It is one of the very few malls in the world which is comprised of more than one building. There are five buildings not joined together, but separately standing as one mall.

22. Binondo


Binondo is a part of Manila. Actually, it is a district. You can give it a visit and stay there for a day. This is also the oldest Chinatown in the world. It is a colorful place and does not have the crowd that Metro Manila has.

There are small bakeries and tea houses which are very cozy. If you are feeling like visiting an old place where life still blooms, you should come here.

There are museums, a mosque, and a plaza you can visit while you are staying in Binondo.

23. Quiapo Church – Places to Visit in Manila

Quiapo Church
Source: Michele Falzone Getty Images

A beautiful white church. This is a must for places to visit in Manila, the Philippines. There are many names of this church. People come here regularly.

The Black Nazarene is also in this church. It is the black huge life-like statue of Jesus. The statue is symbolic. Jesus is kneeling while carrying a cross in this statue. The church’s main attraction is the statue of Jesus and the festival held in honor of the statue.

It is best to visit the church on Friday. Every friday, there is a novena. Whether you are a Christian or not; you can witness and enjoy it.

24. Manila Cathedral

Manila Cathedral
Source: vigattintourism

The cathedral is regal like a huge building with a brilliant architecture. The building has golden-colored walls that look like a palace during night time. It is located in the Plaza Roma of Intramuros. If you are visiting Intramuros, take a day and try to visit every site there.

The official name of Manila Cathedral is Minor Basilica. The architecture style of this church follows Neo-Romanesque. The gate is ornate with the statue of soldiers.

There is also an organ with 4500 Netherlands made pipes in it. This church is something out of the king’s stories. You should definitely visit it to witness luxury.

25. Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City
Source: justgoshootph

This global city is located in Taguig, Manila. Another name of this site is the Fort. The city is awesome for shopping and roaming around. There are cafes, bars, and other recreational places where you can enjoy your time.

Surprisingly, this site was once a military base. Now it is nothing of the sort. The people are friendly and the neighborhood is peaceful. You can go shopping during the day, and come home then drink and dance all night. If you are looking for good times and would like to enjoy yourself in the Philippines, this is definitely a must-visit.

26. Malacañang Palace – Places to Visit in Manila

Malacañang Palace -Places to Visit in Manila
Source: justgola

An ecstatic destination of Manila. This palace, with red and white walls and beautiful exterior, is bound to impress anyone. The palace is situated beside the river Pasig.

It is the resident of the Philippines President and also his office. The Spanish people constructed this residence a long time ago. It was a summer house for rich aristocrats.

Obviously, you cannot visit the residence of the president, but one part; Museo ng Malacañang is open for all. It is a museum that displays the presidents and rulers of the Philippines.

27. Manila Zoo

Manila Zoo
Source: gmanetwork

The Philippines is home to many beautiful animals. The government also tries hard to preserve the beauty of the Philippines nature.

The Manila zoo stays open from 8 am – 6 pm every day. It has different entry fees for adults, senior citizens, and children. Manila residents have to pay lesser as well. The zoo covers about 14 acres of land.

There are around 100 species of reptiles along with birds and other animals in this zoo. There is a lake where you can go boat riding along with narrow pathways to walk around the zoo. Animals are kept in the most homely way possible so you cannot visit all the parts of this zoo.

28. Mall of Asia – Places to Visit in Manila

Mall of Asia - Places to Visit in Manila
Source: loveofcountry

The most lavish mall in the Philippines, the Mall of Asia is in Pasay district. It is fourth among the largest malls of the Philippines and covers an area of 4659600 sq. ft. It has four different sections.

You will find products of both local and international brands at reasonable prices at this mall. There is an entertainment section which provides skating and fireworks!

29. Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park
Source: hotels

The Philippines is the country of countless beaches. Although Manila does not have many beaches, you can visit its ocean park to get the taste of the sea. Sea creatures of 277 species are in this park.

You can enjoy walking below water in its tunnel of 25 meters. The tunnel is transparent and gives you a feel of the underwater journey.

The ocean park houses sharks, fishes, eels and many other popular species.

30. Fort Santiago – Places to Visit in Manila

Fort Santiago - Places to Visit in Manila
Source: Michael Runkel/robertharding / Getty Images

Located in Intramuros, Fort Santiago is an ancient citadel. It is also situated beside the River Pasig. The Spanish used this as a fortress.  A Spanish man named Miguel López de Legazpi built this fort. He was a governor at the time.

The relics of Jose Rizal are one of the main attractions of this fort. It also has a great history.

Manila is a gorgeous and mesmerizing place. Roaming around in this city is fun itself! Try to visit all the sites we mentioned and have fun on your trip to the beautiful city of Manila.

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