Top 50 Places to Visit in Mumbai, India | Exploring The Largest City of India

On the western coast of India sits one of its most popular cities. Rich with history and culture, Mumbai is not a city to miss on a trip to India. Known as Bombay in the past, Mumbai is the capital of the state Maharashtra. It is also the financial and business capital of India. Mumbai has always been the city for dreamers. It is where people gravitate towards the most to earn a shot in the lucrative film or fashion industry.

For tourists, Mumbai holds a charm like no other city in India. Peppered with a mixture of almost every flavor that India has to offer, Mumbai is a paradise for tourists. The sprawling city is full of architectural wonders. And the diverse people are among the friendliest in India. Grab your notebook and start planning because here are 50 places to visit in Mumbai, India.

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Top 50 Places to Visit in Mumbai, India

1. Gateway of India

Gateway of India - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Holidify

An iconic landmark in the living, breathing city of Mumbai is the Gateway of Mumbai. It is one of the most popular haunts for tourists and locals alike. Rain or shine, day or night, the Gateway of India is likely to be full of people whenever you visit. Designed and built by the British in the early 1900s, the Gateway is an architectural marvel. The monument was a welcoming gesture to Queen Mary and King George the Fifth, who were to visit Mumbai in 1911. Borrowing design cues from both Muslim and Indo-Saracenic styles, it is a sight to behold. It is one of the go-to locations among the places to visit in Mumbai.

2. Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Joe Lasky – Getty Images

Juhu Beach takes the crown for one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. The beach area is popular due to the Bollywood celebrities who live around the locality. They are occasionally spotted there. Not only celebrities but also the food served up in the stalls at Juhu Beach are a food lover’s dream come true. Everything from the famous pav bhaji to the papri chat is available in the stalls at dirt cheap prices. Mumbai is a city built in the heart of the sea and nowhere is this more prominent than in Juhu beach. Boasting spectacular views of the Arabian Sea, Juhu beach is a treat for the eyes of the visitors. Juhu beach is the place for you if you feel like taking a jog and enjoying the mouthwatering street food. You may also lay on the sand, watching the sunset

3. Prince of Wales Museum

Prince of Wales Museum - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Boggy – Dreamstime

One of the best museums for art and history in southern Mumbai is the Prince of Wales Museum. The museum offers up a great display of fine craftsmanship from the region. It is both educational and delightful to watch the displays. Displays at the museum are well preserved. They aim to make people aware of the rich cultural history and craftsmanship of the region. The museum building itself is a fine example of Indo-Saracenic designs. It is a heritage building that has been perfectly conserved. The Prince of Wales museum is one of the perfect places to visit in Mumbai For a day of recreation and education.

4. Kanheri Caves

Kanheri Caves - Places to Visit in Mumbai

If you have a taste for history and adventure, Kanheri caves are the perfect tourist place for you to visit. Being one of the oldest caves in the country, the Kanheri caves is a favorite to locals and tourists. Boasting architecture of ancient India, the caves have 109 entrances. The cave formation occurred from natural basalt. It contributes to its varying textures and colors. Surrounded by trees and natural landscapes, the caves are a contrast from the chaos of the main city. It is one of the rare places to visit in Mumbai. It makes for the perfect picnic spot for your next visit to Mumbai.

5. Haji Ali Dargah

Haji Ali Dargah - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Goibibo

Home to the tomb of the famous Muslim saint Pir Haji Ali, Haji Ali Dargah is a significant religious location in Mumbai. It is also one of the most popular places to visit in Mumbai. Haji Ali dargah is a place of spiritual rejuvenation and enlightenment. It is a popular place of worship and pilgrimage for Muslims. This 400-year-old dargah is a marvel of Indo-Islamic construction. A touch of Mughal architecture is also palpable in the looks of the building. Food happens to be another attraction for the people visiting the dargah. Mughal cuisine is a must-try at this location for tourists. Set on the shores of Mumbai, this monument is truly a place to seek peace for any visitors.

6. Mahalaxmi Temple

Mahalaxmi Temple - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Namaste

The Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the oldest temples in the city. The Hindu Goddess Mahalaxmi is the prime deity for this temple. She is the goddess who brings wealth to people. Dating back to the 16th or 17th centuries, it features two other Goddesses inside. The architecture and design of the temple are simplistic. Being situated right next to the shore adds to its sense of tranquility. Souvenir shops are available in plenty outside the mosque. They serve the needs of the thousands of locals and tourists visiting the temple every day. If you are looking for a soothing spiritual experience in the heart of the chaotic city, Mahalaxmi temple is your go-to place.

7. Mount Mary Church

Mount Mary Church - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: MouthShut

Due to the diverse population of the city, Mumbai plays host to locations of religious significance of almost all religions. Mount Mary Church is no exception. The majestic looking church, built-in 1640 still holds its glory to this day. Placed atop a hill, the church faces the Arabian Sea. The church is not only a sacred house of worship. It is also believed to hold a promise of answered prayers from those who pray with their heart. The place is not as crowded as some places like the Haji Ali dargah. But it also shares the unique sense of peace and calm that emanates from religious sites. September beckons in the most opportune time to visit. It is because of the week-long celebrations the area comes to life. It is one of the most popular religious places to visit in Mumbai.

8. Film City

Film City - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Trip0liday

If you have ever watched a Bollywood movie in your life, you will know how awesome they are. Mumbai is the capital of the film industry in India. Film City in Mumbai offers up the opportunity to be able to witness behind the scenes of the reel life. Spanning across an area of 520 acres, this mammoth of a location is every film lover’s dream come true. Film City presents an experience unparalleled by any other location in Mumbai. It is advisable to take permission from the Film City authorities before visiting. One other option is to take a tour that takes tourists through Film City.

9. Siddhivinayak Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Gosahin

Siddhivinayak Temple is the perfect place to start collecting blessings. This old-world temple is the ground zero for tourists and locals. Built for the Hindu God Ganesha, it is one of the most significant temples in Mumbai. The temple has majestic interiors and beautiful ancient Indian architecture. Intricate gold designs and flowers surround The Lord Ganesha statue inside the temple. You may bump into Bollywood celebrities who frequent the place. Let go of your inhibitions and get in touch with your spiritual side at this exotic Hindu temple.

10. Madh Island

Madh Island - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Treebo

Mumbai is popular for its reputation as the city that never sleeps. Still, situated around 30 kilometers from the main city is Madh Island. It is a place that stands to change your perception of the city. If the hubbub of the main city got to you, a trip to Madh Island is your best bet to rejuvenating for the rest of the trip. Overlooking the Arabian sea, this island is a frequent destination for party-goers. If you want to party your stress away, the island is the perfect place for you to visit in Mumbai. The island comes with a beach that you may visit if you want a touch of sea breeze on your face. Private bungalows are available for rent on the island for tourists. It is best to avoid resorts.

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11. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: ISKCON Juhu

Dedicated to the Hindu Lord Krishna, the ISKCON Temple spans over an area of 4 acres. The temple Structures are modern and built with great attention to detail. The interiors are tastefully decorated with different paintings and statues. If you are a fan of the mantras, you may join in the chants. Or join the worship sessions at the temple alongside the local temple goers. The temple authorities conduct learning sessions. It is open to join or observe to learn more about Hinduism, the Vedas and the cultural practices of Indians. This temple provides a unique experience and is one of the great places to visit in Mumbai.

12. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Gerald Zinnecker – flickr

You may have visited your local shop style laundromat for getting clothes laundered. Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat gives a whole new meaning to doing laundry. Located at the heart of the Mahalaxmi area, the Dhobi Ghat offers up sights and sounds like no other. It is one of the exclusive places to visit in Mumbai. Hundreds of men and women tirelessly working away. They clean the clothes and sheets of the people of Mumbai. Their style of cleaning is a tradition that has passed on for centuries. It is the largest laundry under the open sun in the world. It has been the site of many Bollywood movies due to its uniqueness and rustic look. The Mahalaxmi Dhobi ghat is the place to start your journey into the unique world of dhobis.

13. Kamala Nehru Park

Kamala Nehru Park - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Holidify

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a visit to Kamala Nehru Park. Placed atop the Malabar Hills of Mumbai, this park lets you relax and unwind after the chaos of the city life. It is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Mumbai. The place gets its name from the wife of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. Beautiful greenery engulfs the entire park making it a very comfortable picnic spot. Chowpatty beach and Marine Drive are two views that you may enjoy from the park. The park provides ample opportunity for physical activities. You may also choose to sit back, relax on in the park benches. A yellow boot-shaped structure is one of the attractions for children in this park. If you are looking for a respite from the city, the Kamala Nehru Park is your best bet.

14. Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Mumbai Tourism

The Bandra Bandstand is perfect for you to get up close and personal with the Arabian Sea. It is a formation of rocks right by the side of the road where people are able to walk or sit, enjoying the sea breeze on their faces. Spectacular views are one of the highlights of this place. You may go alone to take a lazy walk beside the sea or take a loved one for a romantic stroll along the shore. There are many street vendors selling street food along Bandra Bandstand. Make sure to take a stroll down the promenade. It will let you have a look at the prominent sea-facing properties of Bollywood celebrities.

15. Nehru Science Center

Nehru Science Center
Source: Wikipedia

The Nehru Science Center deserves a place on your itinerary. Rich with material on scientific discovery, it is a place for a memorable day trip. Children are likely to love the many displays and demonstrations at the location. Over five hundred exhibits are available at the location to engage visitors. The place also holds historical artifacts. They provide a glimpse into the past to visitors. And the library on site is a treasure trove of scientific information. A 3D show hosted at the science center is an experience well worth having. For a day of recreation and learning, the Nehru Science Center is among the top places to visit in Mumbai.

16. Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: trawell

Located on the southern side of Mumbai, the Jama Masjid is the oldest mosque in the city of Mumbai. It is a popular place of pilgrimage for Muslims. The majestic mosque stands tall in the Sheikh Menon street of Mumbai. Locals and tourists frequent it on a daily basis. The architectural design of the mosque is spectacular, no matter from what angle you look at it. The walls sport intricate designs and carvings, inspired by Mughal designs. They also have a touch of the British colonial style. The grounds around the mosque offer a calm and soothing environment to get in touch with your inner self. The Jama masjid display Mumbai’s deep entrenchment in history and rich cultures.

17. Marine Drive

Marine Drive
Source: Marine Drive – Facebook Page

Dubbed as the ‘Queen’s Necklace’, Marine Drive is a must-visit location in Mumbai. It offers up an expanse of three kilometers long road that has stunning views of the coastline. The road is one of the top places to visit in Mumbai. This seafront road is extremely popular among locals and tourists. This is due to its star-studded residents. Popular Bollywood actors have erected their homes along Marine Drive. People flock to the location every day to catch a glimpse of celebrities. Marine Drive is the perfect place for an evening stroll along the coast of the Arabian sea. And if you decide to get a rental vehicle, you may drive along this mesmerizing stretch of road.

18. Flora Fountain

Flora Fountain - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Jeevan Balwant – flickr

Flora Fountains is the place to appreciate fine sculptures and carvings. This place is not one of the traditional places to visit in Mumbai. It features intricate sculptures and designs dating back to 1864. The Flora Fountains is one of India’s Heritage structures that has been very well preserved. It gets its name from the goddess of flowers of the Romans and is truly a sight to behold. It is in a place called Hutama Chawk which is the epicenter of many of the financial institutions of Mumbai. While you visit the Flora Fountain you may consider a visit to the Mumbai Stock Exchange nearby.

19. Water Kingdom, Essel World

Water Kingdom, Essel World
Source: Paytm

Tired of the constant Mumbai heat and the hustle and bustle of the main city? Head on over to the Water Kingdom in Essel World for an unforgettable experience. Featuring water-based rides for people of all ages, the Water Kingdom hits the nail on the head. Everything from giant slides to vast waist-deep pools awaits at this water park. Slide in and splash around the waters with friends and family. Or simply cool down and let loose in this water park that is sure to energize you for the rest of your trip. Book tickets before visiting the Water Kingdom, Essel World.

20. Antilia

Antilia - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Medium

Antilia is the most expensive private residence in the world after Buckingham Palace. It is home to Mukesh Ambani, the richest Indian in the world. The towering skyscraper has a value of around two billion US dollars. Due to its extravagance, it sticks out like a sore thumb. The architectural finesse that went into building this skyscraper is unparalleled. It took over four years to complete at the hands of American architects. If you want to feast your eyes upon an architectural wonder that houses one of the world’s richest men, a visit to Antilia in southern Mumbai is well worth the trip. It is worth mentioning that this is one of the most eye-pleasing places to visit in Mumbai.

21. Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden
Source: annopbharadwaj – Imgur

Situated right next to the Kamala Nehru Park is the hanging garden in Mumbai. Located on the western side of the Malabar hills, this place is a relief from the hustle and bustle of the main city. The garden has towering trees and ample greenery to inspire the nature lover in you. Relax and breathe in the cool, fresh air to rejuvenate yourself. You may also want to look around at the animal-shaped hedges spread throughout the garden.

22. National Gallery of Modern Art

National Gallery of Modern Art - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: sapru – flickr

The National Gallery of Modern Art is the perfect place for a day full of appreciation of art. It features artworks from both local and foreign artists. Situated in the Colaba area of Mumbai, it is a former concert hall. It was later transformed into the art gallery it is today. The National Gallery of Modern Art showcases evolving modern art. Additionally, it pays homage to traditional forms of artwork. It one of the best galleries to visit for its diverse artwork.

23. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves
Source: Ashwin Kumar – Flickr

Mumbai hosts a lot of places with historical and archeological influence. One of them is the Elephanta caves which stand to awaken the explorer in you. The caves date back to the early 5th and 6th centuries AD. It bears evidence to support that settlers inhabited the caves during the 2nd century BC. The huge cave with its rock formations stands as an intimidating sight but has a charm of the old associated with it. Artistic features are distinguishable in the cave formations from their time of formation. Furthermore, the cave has statues, pillars, and carvings that display its rich heritage.

24. Mumbai Zoo

Mumbai Zoo - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Love Food Travel

The Mumbai zoo offers up a place for an excursion for people of all ages. It is the perfect place to walk between the trees, looking at wildlife up close. The zoo features many mammals, birds, and reptiles from all over the world. Open and closed enclosures showcase the animals in their natural habitats. Tourists and locals alike explore the vast expanse of greenery.

25. Bandra Worli Seaface

Bandra Worli Sea Face
Source: Wikipedia

If you want to witness the rage of the crashing waves, the Bandra Worli sea face is the ideal place to do that. This famous promenade facing the Bandra Worli bridge is a popular haunt for tourists. People gather at this place to look at the spectacular view of the bridge at night. The sea breeze and sound of crashing waves keep them entertained. It is a great place to socialize. The location provides an experience unlike anywhere in Mumbai. It is among the top places to visit in Mumbai.

26. Prithvi Theater

Prithvi Theater - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: BookMyShow

Established by the prominent Indian actor Shashi Kapoor, Prithvi Theater is the place to go for drama. if you have an eye for drama and appreciate a good play. It ranks high among the places to visit in Mumbai. The theater has played host to numerous plays throughout the years. Many famous Bollywood celebrities took their baby steps at this iconic, historic theater. History and art emanate from the place itself when you look at how far the theater has come. Immerse yourself in a stage show full of drama and spectacular performances.

27. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Source: Ed Norton – Getty Images

Tired of the sensory overload in the city? Sanjay Gandhi National park serves as the perfect getaway. Situated outside the city, this vast national park full of nature plays host to a range of wild animals. Spanning over 104 kilometers, the location has the highest visitor density in Asia. The place is perfect for a picnic or an all-day excursion. Enjoy your time while you explore the depths of the park and get cradled in nature’s loving arms.

28. Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Anahatavoice – Shutterstock

Chor Bazaar or thieves’ market is a popular shopping area in Mumbai. It is famous for its cheap prices and wide range of choices. It is one of the uncommon places to visit in Mumbai. Even though the name is the thieves’ market, most of the things in the market are not stolen. In fact, it is the go-to place for buying antiques, trinkets, and handicrafts. The real stolen goods appear on the street sides on Friday mornings. Sellers ask for outrageous prices from unsuspecting tourists. If you are looking for the cheapest prices in Mumbai, be sure to pay a visit to Chor Bazaar on a Friday morning. Although, do brush up on your haggling skills before you go.

29. Dharavi Slum

Dharavi Slum
Source: Frederic Soltan – Getty Image

The word ‘slum’ may have negative connotations to some people. The Dharavi slum stands to change that notion. It is one of the biggest slums in Mumbai, housing thousands of people who live and work on the land. It is also one of the unconventional places to visit in Mumbai. Dharavi slum has been popularly featured in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It is now an attraction for tourists visiting Mumbai. Every day, thousands of products are made in Dharavi. These products sell in the Asian, Chinese and European markets. The inhabitants of the slum are hard workers. They contribute like normal citizens of the country. It is advisable to take a tour guide to Dharavi as the slum areas are labyrinthine and it is easy to get lost.

30. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Arian Zwegers – flickr

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or CST station is a historic train station. Situated in the heart of Mumbai. It is one of the most iconic places to visit in Mumbai. UNESCO has declared it to be one of the World Heritage Sites. The place is famous for its stunning architecture and sheer size. The Central Railways hub is at CST station. The place is a shining example of Victorian architecture in its full glory. The station sees thousands of visitors every day. Most of who are travelers passing through the station.

31. Taj Mahal Hotel Palace

Taj Mahal Hotel Palace
Source: Haunted India – Blogspot

The palatial Taj Mahal Hotel is a landmark in Mumbai that definitely deserves a visit. Historically, it is popular as the sanctuary for world leaders and celebrities. The hotel itself is a stunning piece of art. It boasts mesmerizing architecture from the Victorian and Muslim designs. It is one of the most prominent places to visit in Mumbai. The hotel is so entrenched in history that it has its own tours every week. This harbor facing, the 107-year-old luxury hotel is one of the best hotels to stay at in Mumbai. Even if you do not stay at the hotel, it is well worth a visit to the location to have a look at the place in all its pride.

32. Taraporewala Aquarium

Taraporewala Aquarium - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Goibibo

Taraporewala Aquarium is one of the oldest aquariums in Mumbai. Situated in the city’s famous Marine Drive area, the place is a popular spot for tourists and locals. It features a wide range of aquatic animals on display for visitors. Fish skeletons are also in their exhibitions. If you want to add a touch of underwater exploration to your next trip, pay a visit to the Taraporewala aquarium.

33. Colaba Causeway 

Colaba Causeway
Source: Mumbai Resort

Shop to your heart’s content at Mumbai’s famous Colaba Causeway. This famous location is host to markets that will make your shopping dreams come to life. Jewelry, home décor items, accessories, clothes, antiques- Colaba Causeway has it all. If you get tired of all the shopping, stop by at the many restaurants and bars for a quick bite. Prices are very affordable and you will get the best bargains on all the things you buy.

34. Vasai Fort

Vasai Fort - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Desmond Lobo – Flickr

Mumbai is rich in history and has been the home to settlers from around the world. The Vasai fort corroborates the story of the Portuguese who once lived and thrived on the land. It was a gateway into an impenetrable city that was larger than Mumbai. Many of the large fortified walls and structures still stand today. You’ll find a vast collection of buildings and churches inside the fort walls. This living time capsule will teleport you back to a time in history when the fort lived and thrived. For a historically enriching experience, it is one of the top places to visit in Mumbai.

35. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Bhau Daji Lad Museum
Source: Muk.khan

Bhau Daji Lad Museum is the oldest museum situated in Mumbai. It showcases sculptures, costumes, copperware and a host of other archeological trinkets. The interiors sport beautiful archways, pillars, designs, and carvings. All architecture has a tasteful mix of Victorian and Muslims designs. This museum is one of the best historical places to visit in Mumbai.

36. Global Vipassana Pagoda

Global Vipassana Pagoda - Places to Visit in Mumbai

This giant meditation hall is another sign of Mumbai’s rich cultural history. It was used for propagating the ideas of Buddhism. The pagoda looks like a giant golden bell from the outside. The structure is intricately designed both on the inside and outside. The dome reaches a height of about 29 meters and is a visual treat for visitors. The pagoda is the ideal place to visit if you want to learn about Buddhism and get in touch with your spiritual side.

37. Jehangir Art Gallery

Jehangir Art Gallery - Places to Visit in Mumbai
Source: Mumbai Tourism

The Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai is a paradise for art lovers. It hosts artwork from the most prominent artists in the country. The Jehangir Art gallery has become a regular haunt for those with an interest in the arts. Beautiful art exhibits adorn the walls of this gallery. Only the most prestigious pieces of art make it there. If you are an admirer of fine artwork, Jehangir Art gallery will be a memorable visit to you.

38. Leopold Café

Leopold Café
Source: Harold Brown

Associated with the coming of age of Mumbai, Leopold Café is a place not to miss on a trip to Mumbai. Featuring vintage-looking interiors and furniture, it is the Mecca for tourists in Mumbai. The café serves up liquor and food to the public and has been in operation for almost 150 years. Unfortunately, the place was the site of a deadly terrorist attack. During the attacks on Mumbai in 2008, armed gunmen stormed the place. Since then, the place has been re-opened and stands strong with conviction. If you want to experience the hospitality of Mumbai dwellers, Café Leopold is definitely the best place to start.

39. Essel World

Essel World
Source: BookMyShow

Essel World is one of the most popular amusement parks in India. Established in 1989, the park has evolved with the city and its people. The amusement park features a wide selection of rides for people of all ages. From winding roller coasters to a full-fledged water park, Essel World has it all. It presents the perfect opportunity to have a day full of thrills and spills with your friends or family. Book tickets before visiting Essel World.

40. Asiatic Society

Asiatic Society
Source: Rajkaran

Situated at the historic Fort area of the city, Asiatic Society is a public library. It houses journals, books and a lot of interesting historical artifacts. It is a heritage building dating back to the early 1800s when it was first established. The architecture of the building lends cues from Greek and Roman era architecture. It happens to be one of the most iconic buildings in the city. It is also one of the top places to visit in Mumbai if you have an appreciation for history and heritage.

41. Lonavala

Source: Travel O Touch

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station located close to the state of Mumbai. Grassy valleys surround the entire place. It is famous for the manufacturing of “Chikki” a type of sweet and hard candy. The Karla and the Bhaja caves are two of the ancient Buddhist shrines located there. The Bushi Dam, Tiger’s Leap and the Lonavala lake are three of the prominent tourist attractions at the location.

42. AER

Source: Notable Life

Sitting atop Four Seasons hotel in Mumbai, AER is a rooftop bar with astounding views and tasteful cocktails. Mumbai is popular for its nightlife. And you will definitely experience it in this one of a kind place to visit in Mumbai. Needless to say, the bar also has a DJ with the hottest tracks that will add dimensions to your conversation. For a taste of the local nightlife, AER is definitely a top pick.

43. Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach
Source: Goibibo

Being situated on the shores of the Arabian sea sure has its perks. Chowpatty beach is yet another beach full of life and fun. Popular on Sunday nights, this beach offers up remarkable views of the sea and good food to boot. Eat without a worry in the world at the stalls situated on the beach. Or go for a walk with your loved one, the choices are yours. Entertaining activities like horse riding, snake charming are available on the beach during peak times.

44. Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica
Source: License India

Adlabs Entertainment company in conjunction with Mattel has established one of the best amusement parks in India. This themed amusement park has rides for everyone. Twisting roller coasters and spinning rides await to give you a thrill of a lifetime. Experiencing the many rides of the park translates to a fun day out with family or friends. So, go ahead and take the leap, because this is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

45. Mumbai High Court

Mumbai High Court
Source: Poker Strategy

The Mumbai High Court may not sound like much of a place for a visit. In its favor though, the building itself is a marvel of architecture. Standing tall and imposing, the Goth building is intricately detailed with turrets and roofs with rafters. It is one of the oldest high courts in the country. Situated in the fort area, a visit to this place is worthwhile for a look at the historic building.

46. Jogeshwari Caves

Jogeshwari Caves

Named after the Hindu Goddess Jogeshwari, these caves in the outskirts of Mumbai are among the oldest Buddhist caves in India. The caves are in the shape of a temple and are religiously significant to followers of the Hindu religion. Carvings adorn the wall and the doorways of the cave. From the current state, it is clear that the caves were once very regal. Inside, there is a shrine for worship and there are idols of many deities in the surrounding halls.

47. Powai Lake

Powai Lake
Source: DNA India

If you are in the locality of Mumbai, definitely pay a visit to Powai lake. This artificial lake is one of the places in the city where you are able to unwind and relax. Natural sights and sounds surround you as you lay in the arms of nature. The cool, breezy air and the silence is a stark contrast from the noisy city. It happens to one of the unknown places to visit in Mumbai.

48. Alibaug

Source: Thrillophilia

A town on the coast of Mumbai, Alibaug resembles the perfect holiday paradise that you picture in your mind. If you don’t have time to visit Goa, Alibaug will serve as a wonderful alternative. Equipped with sandy beaches and imposing forts, Alibaug is every tourist’s dream come true. Colaba Fort in Alibaug is one of the prominent forts in the village. There are ample arrangements for accommodation at this formerly Portuguese village. Enjoy a wonderful time on the beach and explore the many sites around Alibaug for a memorable visit.

49. Poison Club

Poison Club
Source: Prague Stay

Immerse yourself in the local party scene of Mumbai at one of the hippest clubs in the city. Run by a professional musician, DJ Aqeel, this club attracts the crème de la crème of Mumbai. The music is the best part of the club. Groove to the different genres of dance music while you mix with the locals, feast on snacks and party the night away.

50. Red Carpet Wax Museum

Red Carpet Wax Museum
Source: Pretty Ladies Talk – Blogspot

If you are in the mood to snap pictures with world leaders and Hollywood A-listers, head on over to the Red-Carpet Wax Museum in Mumbai. Featuring many prominent life-like wax statues, this museum is a jewel among the places to visit in Mumbai. Everyone from Barack Obama to Michael Jackson is present at the museum. Get your camera ready and prepare for your next photo op at this awesome location in Mumbai.

Mumbai is definitely a city fit for your bucket list. We hope that you do pay a visit to this astounding city. It is full of sights, smells, sounds and tastes like no other city in the world.

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