Top 10 Places to Visit in Sen Monorom | Mondulkiri Cambodia

When planning a holiday in Cambodia, you probably imagine yourself to be surrounded only by history and ancient sites. However, let us introduce you to a whole new different side of Cambodia that not many are aware of. The side that could be a little heaven to those who want to spend their holiday immerse in nature and a world apart from the busy city. In the eastern province of Cambodia, Mondulkiri, traveler knows the capital of this city, Sen Monorom, as “the Switzerland of Cambodia”.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Sen Monorom

Sen Monorom is a charming capital of Mondulkiri, Cambodia’s largest province. The thick forest that does not include only the rice paddy and palm tree covers the area surround Sen Monorom. With its tremendous waterfalls and green wavy hills towards misty and horizon, this area allows travelers to be wholeheartedly with the Mother Nature. Besides the relaxing atmosphere and slow pace of life, there are many things we can do or visit to make our holiday even more enjoyable in Sen Monorom.

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Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary

Source: Cambodia Bird Guide Association

Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary is a stunning rainforest, which is the home of over 60 endangered animals and plants on the global red list. This wildlife sanctuary allows traveler to experience a unique wildlife-spotting tour all year round. You will be able to trek deep into the core of the sanctuary and observe the animal in their natural habitat at the same time. A bird lover should consider going there on the cooler and dryer seasons when the birds are most active. Traveler can also choose to stay overnight and go camping at the Jahoo Gibbon Camp. The overnight trip allows you to relax in the open lounge with the sound and the beauty of nature. Plus, the view of the sun goes down over the jungle is truly magical.

Phnom Doh Kromom  -Sen monorom

Source: Travel Notes

Wat Phnom Doh Kromom located at the northeast corner of the airstrip. It is one of the lovely places to relax after a tiring day in Sen Monorom. This place has the best sunset over Sen Monorom especially the panoramic views of the hills below the mountain. Besides, this area is inhabited by the Bunong minority, which gives the visitor the opportunities to immerse themselves in the interesting indigenous culture of Bunong Community.

Bousra Waterfall

Source: Pinterest “”

Bousra waterfall is located about 35km from Sen Monorom. In Mondulkiri, this place has the most beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is divided into 3 stages and accompanied by the indigenous forest. Bousra Waterfall has a scenic and pristine setting that offers a magnificent and photogenic sight. With effective waste management, this place is free from the great piles of trashes. The beauty of the forest plus the mind comforting sound from the bird will make your jaw drops.  Even the view on way to this place is breathtaking, you will get to spot coffee and pepper plantations. Back to the waterfall, it is natural and safe to swim. People normally love having a picnic there and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere under the shady trees. You can also choose to go and experience the culture of the minority people or enjoy the zipline if you want to have more adventurous activities.

Romanear Waterfall  -Sen monorom

Source: ttnote

Another waterfall to visit in Sen Monorom is Romanear Waterfall. It is located about 10.5 kilometers from the provincial town. This stunning waterfall secluded drop deep within a thick forest. With its peaceful and quiet atmosphere, Romanear is a perfect chill-out spot to enjoy the beauty of the rolling hills and subtropical forests. Romanear waterfall is low and wide and contains swimming holes, which is convenient for the visitors to swim around. This place can be a little hard to find, so we suggest you bring a local guide with you.

Romanear II Waterfall

-Sen monorom
Source: ttnotes

Romanear II waterfall also known as the second Romanear Waterfall is located nearby the first Romanear Waterfall. It is by a pepper plantation near the main road between Sen Monorom and Snoul. This second waterfall is pretty much similar to the first one. However, it is still worth for you to give it a try, as every waterfall is unique in its own way.

Dak Dam Waterfall  -Sen monorom

-Sen monorom
Source: Cambo Tours & Travel

Dak Dam waterfall is about 25km from Sen Monorom. This waterfall is also remote and unknown to many, as normally only local people visit it. It also is hard to locate it with the aid of a local guide. Nevertheless, it is a charming waterfall hidden by the forest and thick ferns. Dak Dom waterfall is an ideal place for families to swim and frolic during a picnic with small pockets of water at the base.The park above the waterfall is also worth walking around. It has several interesting trees and plants including some huge vines you can use as swings.

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Kouprey Roundabout

-Sen monorom
Source: Bousra eco-park

Kouprey Roundabout is a popular photo stop for tourists in Sen Monorom. It has the statue of Kouprey, which is a wild ox that was once Cambodia’s national animal. Kouprey has an enormous but very narrow body, long legs and a humped back. This wild ox is believed to be extinct and was last seen in 1998, making this roundabout a good place for photography of this animal.

Monorom Falls  -Sen monorom

-Sen monorom
Source: travel notes

Monorom falls also known as Damnak Sdech Waterfall is located 5km from Sen Monodom. It set in the middle of secondary forest and industrial plantations like rubber, coffee and cashew. However, unlike the few above, this one is easily accessible even without a local guide. Monorom fall has three stages with a pool at the base that is perfect for swimming. There is also a broad space that suitable to laze around on a hot afternoon.

Bunong Village  

-Sen monorom
Source: “Keith Kelly”

Bunong village is a village of the minority, Bunong, in Sen Monorom. The trip to Bunong village allows you to learn more about these people include its culture and tradition. They have homestays in the village, which you get to spend a night with the villagers who will warmly welcome you into their houses. Bunong people are known for being warm and relaxing. You will also get to dine with the family you stay with and taste their dishes, rice wines, and listen to their music.Trip to Bunong village can be often with waterfalls or an ethical elephant interaction tour.

Elephant Valley Project  -Sen monorom

-Sen monorom
Source: Elephant Valley Project

Spending in this place is a highly unique experience and the first of its kind in Cambodia.Elephant Valley project is the largest elephant sanctuary in Asia with over 1 500 hectares of forest, rover, grassland, and bamboo groves. These elephants have been well treated. Unlike the other places, this place does not allow you to ride the elephants. However, you can roam around the sanctuary with them. You get to learn the elephant’s behavior and observe them in their element. The tour in Elephant valley has transportation and lunch included. You can also choose an overnight tour which includes a stay in spacious bungalows tucked into the jungle on a ridge overlooking the valley. As a reminder, this place does not overwork their elephants and let it room freely, so it is always a better idea to book it first than showing up unannounced.

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Sen Monorom is a special place for traveler to create a bond with nature. This place has the most healing atmosphere and a gentler pace of life. With the dirt roads, grassy rolling hills, valley Rivers, and tropical forests, you will surely feel relaxed and fall in love with this small town. Plus, the little adventurous activities such as forest trekking with elephants, swimming in the deep jungle, and living with Bunong people will leave a deep impression in your heart. Not to mention that the temperature in Sen Monorom is always less hot than the others. You will be able to enjoy your holiday here to the fullest. Come to Sen Monnorom, you will open your eyes to a whole new.

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