Prey Korng Kang (Koh Kong)

Prey Korng Kang (Koh Kong)

If you happen to be on a visit to the Koh Kong province, then take a wild trip through Prey Korng Kang. It is the ultimate place to be for anybody who is feeling adventurous to the core. Koh Kang itself is a unique part of Cambodia that features an uncluttered and remote part. 

Once you are there, the environment will make you unhinge your shoulders and unwind your stress. With beautiful spots to see, take pictures of and the amazing Khmer people to converse with, you will want to take an extended vacation here. 

Start writing on your excuse letter to work about extending your leave because we’re here to make you drool about traveling to Koh Kang and deeper into Prey Korng Kang in Cambodia. 

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About Koh Kong

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The Koh Kang province is very important to Cambodia and has an outstanding contribution to its ecosystem. It is the land of seas, filled with beaches and amazing greenery for as far as the eyes can visit. This Asian province has open skies and vast water bodies that are inviting to anyone. 

Koh Kong is a wonderful part of Cambodia. You will have an unforgettable trip if you ever plan a visit there. Amid all the mount biking, trekking, walking through mangroves forests, Koh Kong brings happiness to any tourist’s heart.

You can have a look through this wonderful province by renting a motorbike. On its southeast side, you will find a giant protected wildlife sanctuary. It is full of mangrove forests and different bodies like canals and estuaries. These are where the tides come in and rivers come down out of the mountains into the ocean.

Packing for the Trip

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During daytime you can expect the weather to be humid. As it is a tropical region that you would be visiting, you don’t want to overdress. 

You should also keep in mind that you would have to take long walks. Walking through the mangrove forest would require you to be in lightweight attire. You should pack a sweater and a light jacket for the evenings. They’re comparatively colder than in day time. 

If you’re visiting in the rainy season, pack a raincoat or rain jacket with a hoodie. For taking boat rides along the coastal line, you would be safe from the rain.

A Walk through the Mangrove

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A very beautiful place worth visiting is the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary. It has a highly recommended mangrove walkway. To take a walk through its mangrove, you have to pay for a ticket. The pathway they have built makes you feel at one with the massive mangroves surrounding you. 

It is a wide mangrove forest where animals seek shelter. Since there are large marine spaces, this Mangrove forest being the largest there is in Koh Kong, it is also home to crabs. 

Although the walkway seems to be never-ending, however, it is a very cool experience. There is so much to explore that your eyes keep wandering for more as you keep going forward. 

Although it is a great destination for most Cambodian visitors, Prey Korng Kang is not crowded. You will see a lot of tourists but it won’t disrupt your own space or make you want to leave.

Clutch on to your backpack and tread in light steps as you indulge your soul in the nature surrounding you. This walk would take you to places, often out under the open sky where you would witness clearer water and occasional watch-towers. If you climb on to one of these towers, you will get a fantastic view. Overall it is a great mangrove tower visit.

Find Dolphins!

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Why would anyone miss the opportunity to be with dolphins? Cambodia has dolphins that can be located mainly at the Peam Krasaop Wildlife and Mangrove Sanctuary in Kah Kong.

It would be a happy experience for those wanting to dwell in the depths of Cambodia. 

Experience Koh Kong in Fishing

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If you find yourself boating one fine afternoon, it could spike your interest in fishing. Test your fishing skills while enjoying a lunch break. The water bodies of Koh Kong are filled with loads of fish. 


Even if you don’t know how to or have poor fishing skills, you can always have a guide with you on board. They will teach you how to throw in a line for putting out bait. Overall if your fishing experience goes well, you can enjoy a meal if you know the process.

Other Miscellaneous Activities

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There is always so much to do at Prey Korng Kang. Tourists love to stick around at this beautiful place. It is a much different scenario from what you get to see elsewhere. 

Being in its nature is like finding yourself. You can meditate if you’re feeling spiritual. If you’re traveling with a pack they can take pictures while you sit there and relax. 

Speaking of which, if you’re into photography, don’t forget to take your camera with you! You can vlog your trip if you want as well. 

Besides tours and trips, you can take up the chance to trek along the mountainous regions. If you aren’t into trekking and want a faster tour, go biking in the beautiful evergreen mountains or by the rocky streams. 


The coastline is beautiful. You can also swim in the brilliant waters of Prey Korng Kang and feel refreshed. 

Stay at the Prey Korng Kang Resort

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When the day is done and darkness has settled on the waters of Koh Kong, you would go straight to the comfort of your staycation. Prey Korng Kang offers that to you in its nearby hotels. 

Now you know which place to put in top priority when you’re touring through Koh Kong. 


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